Sunday, June 22, 2014

TriMonroe Tri

Congratulations to Finish Strong's Lane Barron who made a splash at the TriMonroe held at Monroe, Washington on June 21. TriMonroe is one of four venues that offers athletes between the ages of 13 and 19 the chance to race in the Elite draft-legal format and earn a spot on the starting line of the USAT Youth Elite or Junior Elite National Championsips. This race featured the best youth trathletes in the US and Canada. Lane finished 8th out of 69 competitors and 3rd overall for the bike leg.

Finish Strong's Lane Barron had a good race at Monroe, Washington Tri  finishing in 32:07 and taking 8th place out of 69 of the best youth triathletes in the US and Canada!

Lane's results:
Swim 05:00.30 05:00.30
Bike  16:01.60 23.26 mph
Run  09:36.50 05:58.07/mi
total time 

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15K Trail Race

Congratulations to Finish Strong's Katerina Savelieva, Claudia McMeeken, and Aisha Hassan for racing the 15K Trail Race in Huntsville State Park on Saturday, June 21.  Katerina placed 3rd in her AG. Aisha's motto at this race was, "Respect the Hills ya'll!"

Aisha, Claudia, and Katerina looking triumphant at 15K Trail Run at Huntsville!

Gatorbait Tri - Olympic Distance

Finish Strong Coaching's father-daughter duo, Mike and Becca Novelli, had a great day at the Gatorbait Tri (Olympic Distance) held in Boerne, Texas on Saturday, June 21.  Becca came in 1st in her AG and 2nd overall female in the Olympic distance race.  Mike: won his AG in 2:26.  Both qualified for national's.

1st AG 2nd female overall Rebecca NOVELLI  02:26:32 overall
Splits:  26:30 swim 1:45 sec/100m; 1:13:39 bike (19.6 m/hr pace) ; 44:16 run (7:30 min/m)

1st AG 9th overall  Michael NOVELLI  2:26:45 overall
Splits:  28:18 swim 1:53 sec/100m;  1:14:46 (19.3 m/hr);   41:33 (7:02 min/m)

Any pics?

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gator Bait XTERRA Trail Run

Gator Bait Xterra Trail Run to be held June 22 at 8:00am at Huntsville State Park. The heavily-wooded park adjoins the Sam Houston National Forest and encloses the 210-acre Lake Raven. You will have a great pavilion/picnic area overlooking a lake at the finish. Two distances (5K & 15K) to choose from.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

REV3TRI Virginia

Congrats to Finish Strong's Alan Jones who kicked off his vacation with an Olympic distance triathlon in Williamsburg, Virginia on Sunday, June 15.  Alan reports, "The course was great, you swim in the James River and then biked around historic Jamestown, the bike was littered with technical turns, several rolling hills... obviously not Houston...and then finished up the run all around William and Mary's college campus, which 2/3 was a hilly packed gravel trail run.  Conditions were awesome, 60 degrees and sunny no wind at gun time. No excuses!"

Alan Jones 40-44 Male 02:27:12.903
Alan's splits were:  00:26:13 Swim, 1:06:17 Bike (22.63 mph); :50:18 run (8:04 /mi)

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Boulder 70.3

Finish Strong Coaching's Bret Strong and Susan Hardwick-Smith competed in the inaugural Boulder 70.3 race.  The race drew 1544 participants.

Bret's splits were: 41:13 swim, 2:54:32 bike; 2:27:41 run.  Overall 6:09:53  (50-54 AG)

Susan's splits were 41:06 swim, 3:04:22 bike; 2:05:25 run  Overall 6:00:25 (45-49 AG)

Not only did we have our athletes competing, we also had one member of our team, Mike Flake, who was recently hired by Ironman to help setup and manage the run course.

Susan Hardwick-Smith (right) faces a chilly morning at Boulder 70.3

Bret relaxing after Boulder 70.3 with daughter, Ella.

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Pflugerville Sprint Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong's Will Blackbird who competed in the Pflugerville Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, June 15 along with over 700 others.  Will fought windy conditions and finished 12th in his AG in 1:19:04.  Well done!

Will and Molly take on the windy Pflugerville Sprint Tri!
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sylvan Beach Tri

Congrats to Team Finish Strong for winning 1st place in the team effort at Sylvan Beach Tri on Sunday, June 15th.  Sylvan Beach Tri is a sprint distance with a 500 yd swim, 15 mi bike and 3 mi run. Finish Strong was represented well by Lars Finager (overall winner), Emily Finager (female overall winner), Dana Lyons (AG winner and 11th overall), Dale Claudel (AG winner in duathlon), Kari Gilley (2nd in AG), Ann Erickson (1st in AG and oldest competitor), Pia Grossman (AG winner), Sharon Morin, Troy Cromier, and Julio Morales (duathlon). Coach Kim Mac Namee snapped some photos shown below.

Ann Erickson is competing again!  Don't let her age fool you. She's one fast gal!

Dana tearing out of the water - T1.

Dana wins his AG!

Team wins the coveted first place team award and giant check for $300!  

Kari Gilley - 2nd place in her AG!

Pia Grossman with her AG award!

Here are the results:
 1 1st overall Lars Finanger 34 7:42.1 swim 34:59.1 25.7MPH 17:22.1 5:47/M  1:01:05.0

1 8th overall   Emily Finanger 35 8:24.4 37:31.0 24.0MPH 20:57.5 6:59/M      1:10:03.3

2 Kari Gilley 38 12:31.8 40:31.6 22.2MPH 21:55.5 7:18/M 1:16:31.5

12 Liah Olson 35 17:25.5 59:56.0 15.0MPH 30:46.4 10:15/M 1:53:35.3

7 Charles Lussier 40 11:14.5 44:00.5 20.5MPH 22:45.9 7:35/M 1:20:07.3

1 Pia Grossmann  48        12:13.2    47:03.6                             22:02.   7:21/M        1:23:46.0

9 Troy Cormier 46           10:33.8   44:35.0   20.2MPH           24:33.9   8:11/M       1:22:01.6

8 Sharon Morin 52         18:08.5 55:10.9 16.3MPH 28:20.1 9:27/M 1:44:22.4

1 11th overall Dana Lyons  56 11:08.2   37:51.3 23.8MPH 1         20:09.8     6:43/M     1:10:43.9

4 Phillip Deprang 63          12:55.4 47:09.8 19.1MPH 25:28.3 8:29/M 7.9 1:28:08.1

1 Ann Erickson  72         13:20.0 47:46.3 18.8MPH 1 25:05.4 8:22/M 1:30:24.8


1 4th overall Dale Claudel 43 12:37.0 6:19/M 38:58.4 23.1MPH  21:11.5 7:04/M     1:14:46.0
7 Julio Morales  41                   13:03.4  6:32/M       48:11.3 18.7MPH    23:04.8    7:41/M     1:29:14.0

For more on tri results, go to 1 M
For more on du results, go to

Sunday, June 8, 2014

USA Triathlon Long Course Nationals

Congratulations to Finish Strong's Shannon Crowe, Zach Miller, and Michelle Howard who competed at the USA Triathlon Long Course National Championships held in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 8. Race Distances: Swim: 1.2 Miles - Bike: 56 Miles - Run: 13.1 Miles

Zach had a great race with a 4:45:03 finishing 5th in his 20-24 AG and 88th overall. This was a personal record for Zach by over 13 minutes for the half distance achieving personal best in each of the three legs - 3 min swim PR, 3 min bike PR, and 4 min run PR.

Zach finished 5th in his 20-24 AG in 4:45:03
Swim 00:33:45 1:44 m/sec
Cycle 02:32:08 22.1 m/hr
Run   01:36:30 7:22 min/m

Shannon finished 7th in her 40-44 age group in 5:11:45.
Swim 00:39:04 2:01 m/sec
Cycle 02:44:07 20.5 m/hr
Run         1:44:44 7:59 min/m

Michelle finished 17th in her 50-54 AG in 6:12:54
Swim 00:44:48 2:19 m/sec Cycle 03:10:14 17.7 m/hr Run 02:10:42 9:58 min/m

Both Zach and Shannon secured a spot on Team USA and are looking forward to going to Worlds in Sweden next summer.

Zach enjoys PR at USAT Nationals Long Course!  On to Worlds in Sweden!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tejas Tri

Nine Finish Strong Coaching athletes had a good showing at Tejas Triathlon held on Sunday, June 1st, including podium finishes by Taylor Riall and Kari Gilley.
Taylor Riall, Kari Gilley, Steve Hardy and Scott Pinkston pose for their post-race photo!

Taylor Riall took 3rd in her AG at Tejas Tri!
3rd in AG Kari Gilley 38 14:13.5 1:29.8 1 30:24.7 23.7mph 0:53.0 3 21:12.6 7:04/M 1:08:13.7

3rd in AG Taylor Riall 43 2 11:38.5 1:38.4 4 32:20.4 22.3mph 1:09.1 5 23:26.2 7:49/M 1:10:12.9

21st in AG Chris Hirsekorn 36 38 15:59.5 1:35.8 20 33:15.4 21.7mph 1:08.6 15 22:20.5 7:27/M 1:14:20.1

19 in AG Charles Lussier 40 21 11:59.7 1:36.6 39 33:08.7 21.7mph 1:03.1 11 21:34.0 7:11/M 1:09:22.2

31st in AG Aren Caley 42 43 13:57.1 1:46.2 29 32:12.4 22.4mph 1:23.8 27 23:22.4 7:47/M 1:12:42.1

36th in AG Michael Flake  40 39 13:29.1 1:38.2 41 33:25.7 21.5mph 1:20.8 39 24:40.2 8:13/M 1:14:34.3

10th in AG Steve Hardy 48 10 12:03.2 1:39.0 9 30:31.0 23.6mph 26 24:54.4 8:18/M 1:09:07.7

19th in AG Scott Pinkston 46 3 10:40.0 1:42.0 22 32:58.5 21.8mph 1:19.3 28 25:33.2 8:31/M  1:12:13.2

7th Clydesdale Brian Waldrop 45 3 13:05.8 1:51.7 7 34:08.9 21.1mph 1:25.8 8 32:26.8 10:49/M 1:22:59.1

For more on results, go to:

Escape from Alcatrraz

Finish Strong Coaching Tim Vibrock and Kent Morris competed at the Escape from Alcatraz 2014 triathlon.

2000 Triathletes ready to swim at Escape from Alcatraz!

Tim Vibrock 50-54 AG  - 13th in division -- 36:04 swim; 1:00:21 bike; 2:55 sand ladder; 1:04:01 run
Overall time - 2:48:08

Kent Morris 50-54 AG - 19th in division - 40:37 swim; 58:57 bike; 2:57 sand ladder;  59:57 run
Overall time -  2:51:03

There were 230 people in Tim and Kent's AG - so both finished in top 10%.  Kent beat his time from two years ago by 20 minutes!

Looking forward to hearing first-hand reports from our athletes!

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