Friday, January 24, 2014

HARRA Runner of the Season

Recently, rankings were posted for those who competed in the age-graded HARRA Runner of the Season program.  Finish Strong Coach Kim Mac Namee finished 2nd, W 40-49 division and Nora Wilson finished 4th among women 50+.  Participants have to compete in three of the 5 races that include the marathon.  If more than three races are run, the top three scores count. 

Below is the link to the HARRA final standings:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Houston Marathon and Half Marthon

Congrats to all the Finish Strong athletes who ran the Houston marathon and half marathon on Sunday, January 19th. We had 47 athletes competing  - 21 in marathon and 26 half marathon.

No pre race jitters for Bill Glaser or Kevin Baker.  They both BQ (qualified for Boston).  Kevin PRed by over 19 minutes!

Some of the Finish Strong group gathering for the pre-race photo at 6am at the George Brown Convention Center.

Coach Kim Mac Namee checking her watch as she enters the finishing chute.  She finished in 3:00:49.  First in her division and another BQ.

Celebrating their victory -- Jeannette, Sara and Illeana!
Sara and Ileana nearing the finish!

John Tortorici finishing his first marathon event.  Ask him about Oprah!

Kevin Baker - 3:06:59 - huge PR!  BQ!
Casey Clark - 4:00:56 - ran with Judith and Phillip
Judith Clark - 4:01:00
Phillip Deprang - 4:01:19
Stephen Clouthier - 4:13:29
Kenny Copeland - 3:49:30
Troy Cormier - 3:54:45
Christelle Gigant - 3:28:37 - BQ!
Bill Glaser - 3:13:08 - BQ!
Jim Harrington - 3:43:00
Michael Loudis - 3:43:33
Kimberly Mac Namee - 3:00:49- 1st in her 40-44 division!
Ron Mccauley - 3:36:09
Claudia Mcmeeken - 5:08:32 - 1st marathon!
Pam Meaux - 3:29:06 - 3rd in her 50-54 division!
Roger Mercier - 7:08
Zach Miller - 3:44:48
Sharon Morin - results not posted
Kenneth Page - 3:54:51
Cesar Patino - 4:36:35
John Tortorici - 4:05:33 - 1st marathon!
Nora Wilson - 3:45:25 - 6th in her 55-59 division!

 Half Marathon:
Randy Barron - 2:04:33
Carolyn Barron - results not posted (I thought I saw you finish @ 2:04?)
Jed Beck - 2:00:16
Gabe Beltran - 1:41:49
Jesus Carias - DSQ (he was injured and ran half instead of full)
Ileana Carroll - 2:13:07
Lars Finanger - 1:14:48 - 6th in his 30-34 division!
Mike Flake - DSQ (he ran half instead of full)
Susan Hardwick-Smith - 1:48
Mitch Hall - 2:01
Jeannette Hagelskaer - 2:08:03
Lisa Hill - 1:40:13
Christine Hobeika - 1:44:06
Matt Horak - 1:47 - PR by 6 minutes!
Michelle Howard - 1:56:38
Gordon Irving - 1:45:30 - negative split!
Ed Kennedy - 1:59:40
Dana Lyons - 1:42:28 (training run)
Jessica Menendez - 1:39:59
Chris Normyle - 1:49:10
Katherine Powell - 2:13:36
Rip Reynolds - 1:27:31 - 8th in his 45-49 division!
Brandon Sager - 1:24:48
Sara Vanderford - 2:13:08
James Vulgaggio - 2:08:22
Brad Wainwright - 2:43:12

Phoenix Rock N Roll Marathon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Kathleen Crea who ran the Phoenix Rock N Roll Half Marathon in 2:29 with a friend.  Kathleen reports, "The course was not flat as I was lead  believe! Beautiful weather though."

Kathleen Crea shows her finisher's award for the Phoenix Rock N Roll Half Marathon!

Saturday, January 18, 2014


 Finish Strong Coach Richard Mac Namee competed in the ABB 5K race in Houston on January 18.  He placed 24th Overall in 18:56 (6:05min/mile).  Well done!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bandera 50K Trail Run

Finish Strong's Ronnie Delzer, Julio Morales and Minnie Huyn completed the difficult Bandera 50K/25K trail race this past Saturday, January 11.   Ronnie placed 7th overall and 1st in his 30-34 AG at the 50K distance in 4 hours 46 minutes.  Julio enjoyed the 50K distance rather than the 100K and vowed to make it to each aid station within one hour for next year's event.  Minnie had a blast and completed the 25K trail run in 4 hour 12 minutes.

Ronnie reports, "This was a very technical course with 3800' elevation gain and the most challenging race I've ever done.  It did not go as planned as I showed up to the starting line with my chip missing.  I had to go back to my car and then the race organizer's tent to get a new chip.  That resulted in me running an extra 1.5 miles before the race began at an effort that is faster than my race pace.  I missed the start of the race by little over a minute and had to pass everyone to catch up with the lead group before we got on single track trails.  I made it all the way to third overall, unaware at the time, within the first 4-6 miles.  I tried to get into a relaxed pace but I couldn't with the constant elevation changes.  First 13 miles of the race I was above my lactate threshold.  I had to make a decision to either completely burnout (which probably already happened) or focus on finishing the race.  Since this was a one loop course I chose to slow down and make it to the finish line.  Attached some pictures..."

Ronnie Delzer fast on the trail!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Upcoming Ladies' Night for Runners at Luke's Locker

Check out Luke's Locker Ladies Night coming on January 15 from 5-7pm.  Special shopping discounts, raffle, and refreshments offered.

Friday, January 3, 2014

USAT SMW Conference and Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon Coming Soon...

USAT South Midwest Region Conference, 
Awards Banquet, and Frost yer Fanny Duathlon, the
South Midwest Duathlon Championship
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, February 7, 8, & 9, 2014

Hilton Shreveport
104 Market Street
Shreveport, Louisiana
Host:  USAT South Midwest Region, Matt Brown, & Sports Spectrum

Start the 2014 multi-sport season  by attending the annual South Midwest Region Conference which includes a general membership meeting for all USAT SMW members; Coach and Race Director Clinics; a venders Exposition; and an incredible Awards Banquet on February 7, 8, & 9, 2014 culminating in the annual Frost yer Fanny Duathlon; the South Midwest Region Duathlon Championship.

Navigate the various menu choices above to register for the clinics and awards banquet.  Please make every effort to attend the South Midwest General Meeting on Saturday, February 8 at 4:00.  This will be your opportunity to meet and greet the South Midwest Region council, express your opinions and concerns on USAT policies, or just learn about the exciting things in store for the 2014 season!
Compete in one of the earliest and most competitive events in our region, the USAT South Midwest Region Duathlon Championship at the Frost yer Fanny Duathlon on Sunday, February 9, 2014
Vote for your Favorite Races!

At this year's awards banquet we will be awarding your favorite races as voted on by you! We will be offering awards to the favorite triathlons (small, medium, and large) and favorite duathlons (small and large).  Voting for this award is not open but return to this site later (will be announced on the SMW web site and Facebook page) to enter your choice for your favorite races.

Go to for more info.