Tuesday, September 28, 2010

USAT Nationals Olympic Tri

Team FSR Kent Morris raced the USAT Nationals Age Group Olympic Tri on Saturday, September 25 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This is a 1500 meter swim, 24.9 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run course. The bike and run course are very hilly and the competition is fierce.

Kent finished 36th in his 50-54 AG and 623rd overall with an overall time of 2:32:09.

Kent's swim was 1:55 per 100 yards. He reported that his bike chain dropped when shifting and got jammed requiring him to stop and dig it out. Even so, Kent finished the bike in 1:09. His final run had him paced at 7:42 per mile.

Great job, Kent!

Redman Half Ironman

The 6th Annual Redman Half Ironman was held on Saturday, September 25 in Oklahoma City, OK. Team FSR athletes Buck Snyder, Steve Hardy, Scott Pinkston, and Will Blackbird took on the challenging course.

Here are their results:

Finishing in 9th place in his uber tough 35-39 AG, Buck Snyder had a PR completing the race in 5:02:02. He had a 35:05 swim/2:46:40 bike (despite his bike seat dropping 2" after hitting a bump)/and a crazy fast 1:35:40 half marathon run.

Steve Hardy took 9th place in his 40-45 AG with an overall time of 5:38:51. Steve swam a solid 36:55/with a strong 2:47:50 bike/and hung in there to finish the run in 2:11:25.

Also in the 40-45 AG was Scott Pinkston. He came in 12th with an overall time of 5:44:02. Scott's splits were 33:04 swim/2:56:44 bike/ and 2:10:23 run.

Will Blackbird took 5th place (YES!) in his 45-49 AG with an overall time of 5:28:34. Will swam a 35:11/biked a 2:45:45/and ran a 2:04:24 half marathon.

Congrats on taking on this difficult race! If anyone has pics, I'll add to the post.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Meat Pie Tri

The Eighth Annual Meat Pie Tri took place Sunday, September 26 on the downtown riverbank in Natchitoches. This race served as the South Midwest Regional State Triathlon Championship and attracted athletes from Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. The race covered a one-half mile (800 yards) swim in Cane River Lake, a 20 mile bike ride and a 5K run. Sheila Taormina, three-time Ironman Champ, competed along with over 400 athletes including TEAM FSR's Dana Lyons, Rodrigo Abascal, and Marshall McInnis.

Dana won the Grand Master's title and came in 8th overall. His splits were 15:37 swim/50:12 bike (23.9mph pace)/18:12 run (5:52 per mile pace) for a total time of 1:25:44.

Rodrigo came in third in his 15-19 AG and 48th overall. His splits were 13:15 swim/59:02 bike (20.3mph pace)/21:35 (6:58 per mile pace) for an overall time of 1:35:23.

Marshall came in ninth in his 40-44 AG and 54th overall. His splits were 13:44 swim/56:32 bike(21.2mph pace)/24:03 run (7:45 per mile pace) for an overall time of 1:36:36.

Afterwards, the race served up the famous and totally decadent deep-fried meat pies to participants. It's a Natchitoches delicacy!

Houston Olympic Tri & Du

Team FSR and Finish Strong coached athletes abounded at the local Memorial Hermann Houston Olympic Tri and Du on Sunday, September 26. The new FSR tent was displayed at the race and created a nice spot of shade for participants after the race. A big thanks to Irasema (Rodrigo's mom) for capturing above photos of some of the FSR athletes crossing the finish line.

Here are the results:

Jesse Balboa 2:50:49.6
Carolyn Barron 2:59:26.7
Clint Bryant 2:31:21.4
Casey Clark 2:34:03.0
Michael Collins 2:24:42.0 - 5th in AG
Chad Degges 2:43:37.6
Ronnie Delzer 2:23:58.4 - 6th in AG
Phillip Deprang 2:54:33.5 - 6th in AG
Jody Gaddy 3:25:14.2
Greg Gibbons 2:24:57.2 - 6th in AG
David Kayda 2:32:44.2
Bill Mack 3:02:10.4
Cindy McManis 3:06:02.3 - 4th in AG
Sharon Morin 3:08:03.6
Chris Normyle 2:50:25.1
Josh Scott 2:43:49.9
Patrick Sexton 2:25:06.2
Stephen Tschirhart 2:43:56.4

In the long course duathlon, Finish Strong Gavish Mago took first in his age group and Rip Reynolds was overall master's winner!

Gavish Mago 2:02:57.9
Rip Reynolds 2:06:51

Congrats to all!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Half Ironman Training Camp

Finish Strong Coaching hosted a Fall Half Ironman Training Camp at La Torretta Lake Resort on Lake Conroe on September 10-12. On Friday evening, participants gathered for interactive discussions on nutrition and hydration and other considerations for going long from Coach Dana Lyons.

On Saturday, everyone enjoyed spectacular weather as they biked the 56-mile Iron Star course with sag support. The route included some beautiful hilly roads that traverse along the scenic Sam Houston Park. A relaxing swim and lunch followed.

Participants were given special attention by Dr. Jude Guillory who provided RenuviPro Performance Therapy. After lunch, several workshops on bike fit, workouts, heart rate and power based training were conducted by Coach Dana Lyons. The day ended with an easy run for those interested.

On Sunday morning, everyone was up bright and early to run the Iron Star Half Ironman course. Afterwards, Coach Tim Monk gave an open water swim clinic and participants swam a portion of the Iron Star course in Lake Conroe. Everyone enjoyed chatting over a lunch break and then wrapping up the weekend with a hands-on transition clinic.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Avia Tri

Team FSR's Jim Harrington took on the Avia Tri in Austin on September 6. The conditions were hot, humid, and rainy, but Jim had a great race. he finished in 2:26:28 and took 7th in his age group. His splits were swim 25:00; bike 1:08:21, run 48:10. Despite heavy rain conditions for the bike, Jim managed to shave off 28 seconds from his time last year.

Congrats, Jim!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summertime Blues Tri

Finish Strong Kent Morris, and his daughter, Brittany, along with Team FSR Craig Wakefield and Scott Reaves raced Summertime Blues in Freeport on Labor Day - September 6. The race was a 500yd swim/15 mi bike/ 3 mil run.

Brittany finished 2nd in her AG. Kent finished first in his AG and 11th overall. Kent's splits were swim-10:04, bike-40:42 (22.1mph), and run-21:00(7:00 pace.

Craig Wakefield came in 6th in his 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:17:20. Craig was 2nd fastest out of the water in 7:08. He biked a 46:43 (19.3 mph pace) and ran 21:55 (7:18 pace).

Scott Reaves was off to a fast start -- third out of the water for his 35-39 age group. Unfortunately, he flatted on the bike. Even so, he managed to finish the race ahead of two others in his age group.

Congrats to all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beneezy Purple Monkey 5k

Team FSR Kristin Collins won her age group at the Beneezy Purple Monkey 5K held Saturday, September 4. Way to go, Kristin!