Monday, September 29, 2014

Ironman Malaysia

Congrats to Finish Strong Coaching's Jerry Palmer who competed in Ironman Malaysia on Saturday, September 28. This Ironman is touted as a truly Malaysian cultural journey through tropical, hilly and demanding terrain of Langkawi Island. The ocean swim started from a sandy beach on Legenda Park with a two-loop triangle out to Eagle Point and back. A two-loop bike course headed out of Kuah town on to an anti-clockwise loop from the Southeast up around Gunung Raya mountain and into the northwest. Athletes returned to Kuah town for the run: four loops that wind through Legenda Park, market places and the local stadium before returning to cross the line at Dataran Lang—where the giant eagle sculpture creates a formidable backdrop for this already imposing finish line.

Jerry reports, "Got my money's worth out of it. Beautiful day - hard course. In the end all that counts is the finish and the journey."


Another Ironman finish for FSR athlete - Jerry Palmer!

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Katy Firethorne Sprint Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong's Alan Jones, Richard Mac Namee and Sharon Morin for their fine performances at Katy Firethorne Sprint Tri held on Sunday, September 29.  The race was a 500 meter swim, 13 mile bike, and 3 mile run.  Richard won his AG and took 3rd overall; Alan took 2nd in his
AG and fifth overall, and Sharon took 5h in her AG.
Alan (pictured above in middle) takes 2nd in AG and 5th overall!

Here are results with splits:

Richard Mac Namee 1st in AG; 3rd overall -- 6:41.2 swim/32:38.8 bike (23.9MPH) 19:47.7 run  (6:36/M) overall time 1:01:15.8

Alan Jones 2nd in AG; 5th overall -- 7:58.8 swim/32:20.8 bike (24.1MPH); 21:58.1 run (7:19/M) overall time 1:04:17.0

Sharon Morin 5th in AG -- 13:50.3 swim/44:02.3 bike (17.7MPH)/28:08.7 run (9:23/M) overall time 1:29:38.3

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Kerrville Sprint, Quarter and Half Ironman Triathlon

Congratulations to Finish Strong Coaching's Gordon and Michelle Irving, Susan Hardwick-Smith, Manuel Abascal, and Dana Lyons for competing in the September 27-28 Kerrville Triathlon.  All the triathlon swims were held in the Guadalupe River.  Gordon started the weekend off by competing in the sprint distance race on Saturday.  Despite rainy conditions, Gordon had a fine race finishing in .  On Sunday, Michelle competed in the quarter IM distance race.  She finished in 3:13:04.  The bike course included some rough tar and chip roads and a 2 loop run with an ugly hill. Manuel Abascal, Susan Hardwick-Smith and Dana Lyons all competed in the half IM distance race.  It was a 2 loop bike course and 4 loop run course. Manuel finished in 6:07:34.  Susan set a 23 minute PR by finishing in 5:33:56.  Dana won his AG in 4:49:57.  Congrats to all our athletes!

Manuel completes his Kerrville 1/2 IM!

Michelle did quarter IM and Gordon sprint tri!

Susan enjoyed a brilliant PR. 

Dana won his AG!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Galveston 5150

Congrats to sixteen FSC triathletes who competed in Sunday, September 21st Galveston 5150 - 12 in the Olympic distance triathlon and 4 in the Lonestar Sprint race.  Taylor Riall and Susan Hardwick-Smith both won their AGs.  Lisanne Rogers had a podium finish taking 3rd in her AG Travys Townson took 4th in his competitive AG and 21st overall.  Randal Bolt took 1st in his AG in the sprint race.  Charles Lussier took 3rd in his AG in the sprint.  Way to go, Team!

Travys Townson - 2:26:21 - 4th in his 35-39 AG and 21st overall
Troy Cormier - 2:34:26 - 7th in his 40-44 AG and 51st overall
Taylor Riall - 2;36:09 - 1st in her 40-44 AG
John McGowan - 2:42:13 - 40-44 AG
Susan Hardwick-Smith - 2:43:00 - 1st in her 45-49 AG
Lisanne Rogers - 2:54:41 - 3rd in her 45-49 AG
Gabriela Coates - 3:12:18 - 35-39 AG - 2nd Olympic tri!
Charlie Schuber - 3:19:48 - 55-59 AG
Sara Hartley - 3:23:54 - 45-49 AG
Alberto Agostini - 3:38:33 - 55-59 AG
Matthew Schultz - 4:02:14 - 55-59 AG
Kathy Morris - 4:03:54 - Athena - 1st Olympic!

Sprint race:
Charles Lussier - 1:16:11, 3rd in his 40-44 AG
Randal Bolt - 1:41:42; 1st in his 60-64 AG
Janet Luna - 1:55:00; 45-49 AG
Keith Sacchieri - 1:59:57; 50-54 AG

John McGowan and Gaby Coates in the wee morning hours before the start of Galveston 5150.

Taylor Riall won her AG at Galveston 5150 race.

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OBX Sprint Tri

FSC's Zach Miller was overall winner of the OBX Sprint Tri held in the Outer Banks of South Carolina on Sunday, September 14.  Zach finished the fastest in the field in 1:08:29.  His swim was 11:10.7; bike was 36:24.8; and run was 19:15.9.  Nicely done!
 Zach Miller (and his sister Rachel) celebrate Zach's win at OBX Sprint Tri on September 14th.

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Omaha Half Marathon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Cheryl Perry who enjoyed a new personal best at the Omaha Half Marathon meeting her goal time of 2:15.  Way to go, Cheryl!

Great day for a PR for Cheryl Perry!

Spring Lake Tri in San Marcos

Finish Strong Coaching's Kenneth Page, Liah Olson, Rosario Alexandre, Gloria Shrewsbury (and her niece, Olivia Cantu), Kathleen Crea, Sara Vanderford, Adnan Afzal, Chris Hirsekorn and John Tortorici all competed at Spring Lake sprint tri held in San Marcos on Saturday, September 20.  Chris won his AG.  John took 3rd in his AG.  Gloria came in 4th in her AG.  Olivia came in 2nd in her AG. Kathleen took 3rd in her AG.  Sara took 4th in her AG.

Finish Strong Coaching team at San Marcos.  Photos courtesy of Rebecca Akin. 

John reports, "We jad a great time in San Marcos. The swim was one of the best ever in crystal clear water. Bike was 14 miles, the first 6 were straight uphill, and the second half was rolling hills. The run was BRUTAL, with the first mile uphill going into mile 2 with a 40-50% grade, but then mile 3 was downhill on a trail. Super hard for a sprint but a perfect day!"

Chris Hirsekorn - 11th overall, 1st in 35-39 AG  1:15:55 overall

John Tortorici -  14th overall, 3rd in 40-44 AG  1:17:19 overall

Adnan Afzal - 1:33:49 overall  45-49 AG

Ken Page - 1:31:08 overall 50-54 AG

Olivia Cantu - 1:42:00 overall 2nd in 19-24 AG

Liah Olson - 1:49:18 overall 6th in 35-39 AG

Rosario Alexandre - 1:44:54 overall  6th in 40-44 AG

Gloria Shrewsbury - 1:29:24 overall, 4th in 45-49 AG

Sara Vanderford  - 1:35:27 overall, 4th in 50-54 AG

Kathleen Crea -  1:37:55, 3rd in 55-59 AG

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ironman Maryland

Congrats to Finish Strong's Zach Miller who took 3rd in his 18-24 AG at Ironman Maryland on Saturday, September 20.  Zach finished in 10:00:30.  Fantastic!

Great day for Zach Miller at Ironman Maryland!

Zach's splits were:
Swim: 1:07:17
Bike 5:16:46
Run 3:32:17
Overall 10:00:30

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Upcoming MADD 5K Race in The Woodlands on October 4

All runners are invited to an upcoming 5k race and family fun walk in The Woodlands on October 4 at Northshore Park. The 5k MADD dash and fun run benefits Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Register today at:

Marshman Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong's Alan Jones who won his age group and finished 13th overall at the Marshman Triathlon located in his hometown of Downingtown, PA.  Alan reports, "We had great conditions, sunny 50 degrees.  The bike was very hilly up and down with lots of out of the saddle climbs.  The run was only 2 miles but the 1st mile was straight up a hill and a great fast 1 mile down hill to the finish!"
Alan Jones tops the podium in his 40-44 AG!

Alan's splits: Swim 0.25 Mile in 06:34; Bike 12.5 Mile in 36:18; Run 2 Mile in 13:57
Overall time: 58:28

For more results, go to:

Monday, September 1, 2014

Towne Lake Triathlon - Sprint and Olympic

Happy Labor Day!  Thirty-three Finish Strong Coaching athletes headed to Cypress, Texas to compete in the Olympic and Sprint distance Towne Lake Triathlon.  23 in the Olympic race and 10 in the Sprint race. We had 10 podium finishers and several PRs.  Susan Hardwick-Smith, Ellen Kurtz-Hammond, Geoffrey Zubay, Ed York, and Phillip DePrang won their AGs.  Other podium finishers were Jeannette Hagelskaer, Kathleen Crea, Pamela Paling, Kathy Morris, Casey Clark, and Frank Halter.  This was Sharon Davis'and Carl Holts' first Olympic distance race.  And huge PR for James Vultaggio.

Here are the Olympic results:
Female AGs:

35-39 AG
15 Gabriela Coates 3:10:01.7
17 Sharon Davis  3:16:02.6 - 1st Olympic

40-44 AG
17 Nancy Decker Lent 2:58:27.5

45-49 AG
1 Susan Hardwick-Smith 2:38:10.5
2 Jeanette Hagelskaer     2:44:19

50-54 AG
4 Sara Binau  2:58:30.2
7 Ileana Carroll 3:10:15.6
8 Sara Vanderford 3:13:13.4
10 Sharon Morin   3:18:57.5

55-59 AG
1 Ellen Kurtz-Hammond    2:59:42.3
3 Kathleen Crea               3:22:35.9

Male AGs:

35-39 AG
21 James Vultaggio       2:42:56.7 - PR!

40-44 AG
6 Alan Jones             2:22:35.5
16 Geno Zicarelli     2:31:51.1
22 Gabriel Belforti    2:36:27.5
32 Jesus Carias        2:42:33.1

45-49 AG
1 Geoffrey Zubay    2:11:17.5
26 Manuel Abascal 2:49:56.3
29 Carl Holt             2:52:49.8 - 1st Olympic

50-54 AG
1 Ed York 2:24:28.1
13    Scott Farrand     2:53:49.6
14  Robert Bailey       2:56:16.3
15   Kyle Hanna        2:57:08.4

The results from the Sprint tri:
Female AGs:

45-49 AG
2 Pamela Paling 1:18:33.3
20 Janet Luna 3:58:33.1

4 Kathy Morris 1:35:13.5

Male AGs:

40-44 AG
2 Casey Clark 1:00:12.2
7 Charles Lussier 1:05:21.9

55-59 AG
5 Kenneth Page 1:19:24.2

60-64 AG
1 Phillip Deprang    1:11:51.5
2 Frank Halter        1:17:34.6

15 Brian Waldrop 1:33:48.0

For more results, go to:

Hy-Vee Ironkids National Championship

Congratulations to Lane Barron for his 5th place overall finish in the senior division at the HyVee Ironkids National Championship on Saturday, August 30 in Des Moines.  The race was a 300 meter swim,  8 mile bike, and  2 mile run.   Lane, 15, swam in 3:58 (1:20/100 meter pace); 19:49 bike (23.8 mph); and 12:16 run (6:08/mi).  Way to go!

For more on results, go to:

Hy-Vee 5150 National Chammpionship

The Hy-Vee 5150 National Championship was held in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday, August 31.  The race was changed to a sprint due to flooded roads.  Finish Strong Coaching was well represented by Dana Lyons, Taylor Riall, Kari Gilley, and Carolyn Barron.  Dana finished 1st in his AG in 1:08:15.  Taylor finished 7th in her AG in 1:16:53.  Kari finished 8th in her AG in 1:17:33.

Taylor Riall dives in ahead of her competition at Hy-Vee National Championship.

Dana - 15:13 swim, 29:51 bike, 20:08 run - 1:08:15 overall
Taylor - 14:46 swim, 34:49 bike, 23:43 run - 1:16:53 overall
Kari -    17:33 swim, 32:12 bike, 22:15 run - 1:17:33 overall

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