Monday, January 14, 2013

3M Austin Half Marathon

The 3M Austin Half Marathon was held on 1-13-13.  Racing the event was Finish Strong's Lisanne Rogers.  Lisanne finished the 13.1 mile race in 1:45:35.  Way to go!

Disney Marathon and Goofy Challenge

Disney World hosted its half marathon on Saturday and marathon on Sunday this past weekend - January 12 and 13.  Finish Strong's Chris Weir decided to take the Goofy Challenge and compete in both races.  Chris finished the Disney Half Marathon in 1:33:36 on Saturday and the Disney Marathon in 3:23:19 on Sunday.  According to Chris, "I took it easy in both and enjoyed the races."

Finish Strong's Jesus Carias and Eric Yollick chose to run the Disney marathon on Sunday.  Jesus achieved a personal record by finishing the marathon in 3:38:01.  Eric Yollick finished his marathon in 6:08:34.  Congratulations, runners!!  The marathon took the runners through all 4 of Disneys' theme parks ending in Epcott Center.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Houston Marathon and Half Marathon

Congratulations to 50 Finish Strong athletes who braved the conditions and raced the Houston Marathon or Half Marathon on January 13, 2013. Overcoming wet, windy conditions, 19 Finish Strong runners competed in the marathon and 31 competed in the half marathon.  Finish Strong Coach Kim Mac Namee won the female master's division of the half marathon with a time of  1:25:50.  Pam Meaux won her age group in the half.  We also had several athletes competing at the marathon or half marathon distance for the first time and many PRs. 

Special thanks to Manuel Abascal for getting this group photo!

Houston Marathon
Jane Archer Foley 3:29:43
Kevin Baker 3:33:40
William Blount 4:19:20
Kristin Collins  4:07:04
Mike Csikos 3:24:25
Paul Daly 4:08:32
Irasema De Aquino 4:40:16
Bill Glaser 3:19:12  BQ
Jim Harrington 3:36:18
Abraham Hernandez 3:55:00
Minnie Huynh 5:53:33
Julio Morales 5:18:21
Leandro Morales 3:14:25
Quinci Morales 4:15:22
Courtney Myers 5:00:09
Taylor Riall 3:36:32 12 min PR BQ
Brandon Sager 2:52:52
Riley Young 4:30:02

Houston Half Marathon
Manuel Abascal 2:03:13
David Barnes 1:34:06
Will Blackbird 1:50:42
Kim Brown 1:59:07
Casey Clark  1:52:54
Judith Clark   1:53:02
Rich Cooper 1:57:12
Ronnie Delzer 1:17:57 6th in AG
Phillip DePrang @ 2:00
Lindsay Erck 3:27:14
Max French 1:33:46 12 years old!
Alfonso Garcia 2:41:53
Andreas Grossman  1:54:19
Pia Grossman 3:09:25
Lisa Hill 1:43:49
Alan Jones 1:38:27
Juanita Lamb 3:23:07
Kim Mac Namee 1:25:50 1st Masters
Ron McCauley 1:37:53  PR
Cindy McManis 1:51:15
Pam Meaux 1:37:19 1st in AG
Jessica Menendez 1:42:53
Dan Michalk 1:40:36 PR
Chris Normyle 2:02:06
Cesar Patino 2:00:17 1st time
Karen Peery 2:28:30
Katherine Powell 2:17:13
Anne Powell 3:27:14
Cory Richard 2:17:59
Morgan Rontczak 2:41:06
Tara Sagebiel 2:57:33
Susie Schreiber 1:55:04
Aubrey Young 2:05:02

 Starting line -- and they're off!

 Ron McCauley in FSC shirt at mile 6.

 Taylor Riall at mile 25.6 looking good! Despite wet conditions.
 Cesar Patino shows off his 1st half marathon award!