Monday, April 28, 2014

Kemah Olympic and Sprint Tri

Congrats to the Finish Strong athletes who took part in the Kemah Olympic and Sprint triathlons on Sunday, April 27th.  Despite windy, swim conditions, our athletes prevailed with 6 podium finishes.  Shannon Crowe, Lyuba Castillo, and Kent Morris all earned a spot at the Escape from Alcatraz championships by finishing 1st or 2nd in their AG at the Olympic distance tri. Lisanne Rogers also had a podium finish in the Olympic and Jeannette Hagelskaer scored extra points for the team by finishing 4th in her AG. Dana Lyons won the Grandmaster's award in the sprint and Taylor Riall won her AG.

Shannon Crowe (1st), Lyuba Castillo (2nd) in their AG!  Both win Alcatraz spots.

Lyuba, Shannon, and Lisanne Rogers celebrate their podium finishes in the Olympic distance race.

Kent Morris tops the podium and earns an Alcatraz spot.
Felix Hagemann is all smiles post-race!

Olympic Results:

Shannon Crowe - 10th female overall; Winner of 40-44 AG - Qualified for Alcatraz
Splits: 30:00.7 swim/ 1:11:25.0 20.8mph bike; 46:19.7 run Overall time 2:31:38.3

Kari Gilley - 19th female overall;  5th in 35-39 AG
36:47.1 swim/ 1:08:56.0 21.6mph bike; 47:57.8 run Overall  2:38:19.6

Lyuba Castillo - 20th female overall; 2nd in 40-44 AG - Qualified for Alcatraz
Splits: 30:42.3 swim/ 1:18:12.2 19.0mph bike/ 46:31.5 run Overall 2:39:09.4

Lisanne Rogers - 3rd in her 45-49 AG
Splits: 30:49.2  swim/ 1:22:04.2 18.1mph  bike/ 52:30.5 run Overall 2:51:21.4

Jeanette Hagelskaer  - 4th in 45-49 AG
Splits: 31:45.1 swim/ 1:19:46.3 18.7mph bike/ 55:19.2 run  Overall 2:52:48.8

Kent Morris - 1st in 50-54 AG - Qualified for Alcatraz
Splits: 30:25.7 swim/ 1:05:59.7 22.6mph bike/ 44:11.0 7:08/M run Overall 2:24:33.5

Felix Hagemann - 15th in  M 40-44
Splits; 28:10.5 swim/ 1:10:07.2 21.2mph bike/ 48:12.5 7:46/M run Overall 2:31:17.4

Troy Cormier 15th in 45-49 AG
Splits: 28:11.0 swim/ 1:12:38.9 20.5mph bike/ 51:24.4 8:17/M run  Overall 2:36:10.8

Charlie Schuber 7th in M 55-59 AG
Splits: 32:33.9 swim/ 1:15:31.8 19.7mph bike/ 55:09.8 8:54/M run Overall 2:48:02.3

Dana Lyons wins Grandmaster's for the spirnt distance tri.

Taylor and Ira compete in the sprint.  Taylor wins her AG!

Sprint Results:
Taylor Riall - 1st in her 40-44 AG
Splits: 11:45.4 swim/ 38:14.7 19.6mph bike/ 24:53.6 8:02/M run Overall 1:19:14.7

Irasema De Aquino - 13th in her 40-44 AG
Splits: 17:47.8 swim/ 54:23.5 13.8mph bike/ 32:41.6 10:33/M run Overall 1:51:35.5

Dana Lyons  - Grandmaster's winner
Splits: 11:29.3 swim/ 32:03.7 23.4mph bike/ 20:29.7 6:36/M run Overall 1:07:40.1

Aki Laine 6th in his 35-39 AG
Splits; 14:11.2 swim/ 35:40.7 21.0mph bike/25:10.2  8:07/M run Overall 1:19:30.9

Charles Lussier 16th in his 40-44 AG
Splits: 13:30.1 swim/ 39:23.4 19.0mph bike/ 24:09.8 7:47/M run Overall 1:21:40.3

Michael Flake 18th in 40-44 AG
14:14.9 swim/ 40:14.7 18.6mph bike/ 24:13.2 7:49/M run Overall 1:22:45.3

Manuel Abascal 18th in 45-49 AG
Splits 13:23.1 swim/ 42:58.7 17.5mph bike/ 32:03.6 10:20/M run Overall 1:33:33.4

Kathy Morris 5th in Athena
Splits 16:41.6 swim/47:11.2 16.7mph bike/12:46/M run Overall 1:48:27.2

For more results, go to:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Run The Woodlands 5K

Finish Strong's Kevin Baker and Katerina Savelieva ran Luke's Locker Run The Woodlands 5K on Saturday, April 26. Kevin reports, "A great race for Kat just over 26min and I felt good at 18:53 1st place. My 5th race weekend in row."  Great racing!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Trail run on April 27

News from Our sponsor, Luke's Locker...  The Woodlands store is hosting a trail run and trail clean up THIS Sunday, April 27th at Jones State Forest. The 3 mile run will start at 7 am and trail clean up will take place after run or at 7:45 am for those not wanting to run/walk. Luke's Locker will bring the bags and gloves for trail clean up. We will also have coolers of water and bananas.

We also have a promo going on this week in honor of Earth Day. If you bring in footwear or apparel to donate/recycle you receive a $10** Luke's Locker gift card. **One gift card per person, per visit.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Boston Marathon

Boston marathoners enjoyed a good day of racing today.  Finish Strong Coaching was represented by 7 athletes:  Brandon Sager (2:55:26), Sara Jones (3:28:50), Ute Hagemann (3:29:09), Jane Foley (3:36:35) Kristen Gohlke (and her dad, Greg) 3:42:07,  Christelle Gigant (3:48:38), and Nora Wilson (4:16:36).  Phillip DePrang's results clocked him at 2:04:34 at the half marathon point.  Looking forward to hear more about everyone's race!!

A proud moment for these beautiful Woodlands runners who took on the Boston Marathon!
Christelle's 8th time at Boston marathon!

Nora reports, "The whole experience after last year's events, was very meaningful. Boston had everything so well coordinated, as usual, that the runners were pampered from start to finish. The National Guard was everywhere, including some residents' rooftops in Hopkinton. They were armed to the teeth. Bomb-detecting dogs were all over the athlete village yet everything went smoothly for the athletes. The crowds were more excited than ever. It was, as Stephen Smith put it, like the Wellesley "screaming tunnel" throughout the Newton Hills and on to the finish. In the last few miles, more National Guard, bomb squads, Boston Police and firefighters lined one side of the streets, with spectators behind them, with a fence in between. It was an amazing experience. I learned this morning that last year, Boston hospital had the first victim in surgery 18 minutes after the first bomb went off. Incredible!"

Nora Wilson has another Boston Marathon accomplished!

Christelle reports, "To wrap up my amazing time in Boston, I will share the words of David McGillivray - BAA Race Director, at the post-marathon, mile 27 celebration last night, as these words truly say it all: "Today you didn't just run a marathon... you came here, you ran, and you raised the spirit of this city, this state, this entire nation! And showed the world how strong we really are!!! Today we reclaimed Boston street, our city, our nation. Thank you to all of you"

Jane Foley reports, "I have been training on a small compound in a Third World country in heat and humidity. Most of my long runs were around a 0.4 mile loop of my compound. If I ran outside it was with a car following me to make sure I was safe. I have had to overcome regular power cuts in our small ill equipped gym, training alone, lack of sports nutrition (I used dried fruit) and a compound full of residents who refer to me as 'the crazy one'! It is a testament to Dana's training that, even under these conditions, he still managed to get me race ready.."

Well done!

Run for Hope 5K//10K at Market Street

The Run for Hope 5K/10K was held on Saturday, April 19 at Market Street in The Woodlands.   Once again, Kevin Baker took 3rd overall and 1st place in his 30-39 AG and set another personal record breaking 40 minute mark with a time of 39:08 in the 10K.   Bill Glaser took 6th overall and 3rd in his 40-49 AG in 40:10.  Katerina Savelieva took 7th in her 40-49 AG in 54:38. Jeanette Hagelskaer finished 10th in her 40-49 AG in 56:42. Shirley Santangelo came in 4th in her 50-59 AG in 56:57. Katherine Powell came in 5th in her 50-59 AG in 56:58. Mitch Hall finished in 57:50.  

Tim Monk took 3rd overall in the 5Kin 18:39 and his daughter, Hannah, won the women's 5K event in 21:09. Ron McCauley was 10th overall and 2nd in 40-49 AG in 20:50. 

The proceeds of the race went to Love Fosters Hope, a non profit organization bringing hope and healing to children and teens in foster care.

The Easter Bunny congratulates Kevin Baker on his race!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

10K Trail Run

Finish Strong Coaching's Amanda Cruise won her age group at the 10K trail run on April 12. Amanda reported, "This course was very intense. We ran hills, ditches, mud, sand you name it. Not an ordinary trail run. I had fun but slowed down and payed attention to avoid injury. I managed to still take 1st in my age group!"  Way to go, Amanda!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids Tri in Houston Winner

Finish Strong Coaching's Lane Barron was the winner of the Kids Tri held on April 13 in Houston.  Lane raced in the Senior Boys Division.  His overall time was 26:21 for the sprint race.  He swam a 2:42 (1:21/m), biked 16:08 (21.6 mph pace), and ran the final mile in 5:30.  Wow!

Lane Barron wins the Senior boys division at the Kids Tri in Houston on April 13.

For mrore results go to:

Gun TimeChip TimeBibFirst NameLast NameQuick
Search for
The WoodlandsTXX Class SR Top Fin111577381United States18039332:421:21/M0:59116:0821.6mph0:5825:305:30/M

Lifetime Fitness Tri Tempe, AZ

Finish Strong Coach Richard Mac Namee won his age group and finished 14th overall at the Lifetime Fitness Tri in Tempe, Arizona held on Sunday, April 13.  Richard reports, "All went well.  No issues with my leg so I think I am back to what I call proper racing – at last.  I raced in the Sprint (750m Swim 14m Bike and 3.5mile Run) and placed 14th Overall which included a “Pro Field” and a “Collegiate Field” and won my Age Group." 

Richard Mac Namee wins his AG at Lifetime Fitness Tri in Tempe, AZ.
For more detailed results go to,

Ironman New Orleans 70.3

Finish Strong Coaching's Ed York raced the Ironman New Orleans 70.3 race on Sunday, April 13.

Also competing as a pro was Finish Strong Coaching home stay Ukrainian pro Olesya Prystayko.

Prystayko, Olesya UKR 11 13 69 00:29:48 02:30:41 01:36:21 4:40:26 3160

Any pics?

For more results, go to:

MS 150

Congrats to Finish Strong athletes Chris Normyle, Sharon Morin, Shannon Crowe, Jason Langridge, Tami Fincher, Pia and Andreas Grossman for partipated in the 30th Annual BP MS 150 weekend bicycle ride from Houston to Austin.  The ride supports multiple sclerosis research and helps fund programs and services that have a direct impact on the quality of life for those living with the disease. Great achievement for a worthy cause!

Napa HITS Series Half Ironman

Finish Strong's Steve Hardy took on the Napa HITS Series Triathlon on April 12 at Lake Berryessa, CA. Steve participated in the half Ironman distance and finished in 6:15:50 and claimed top ten for his 45-49 AG.  Well done!

Steve and Ana Hardy ready for post-race celebration in beautiful Napa Valley.

Steve looking powerful on the bike at NAPA Valley Tri.
 Steve Hardy 00:40:37 swim  03:16:34 bike 02:13:16 run 06:15:50 overall time

For more results, go to

Diva Half Marathon in Galveston

It's very fun to watch a huge group of women (mostly dressed in pink and some in tutus) run the Diva's Half Marathon in Galveston on April 13.  Finish Strong's Lara Font celebrated her birthday on race day with a 12th place overall finish and received her tiara, rose, and champagne at the finish line (as did all finishers.)  Michelle Howard, Jennifer Forsberg, and Anna Lyons also participated.  Way to go, gals!

Anna in 4th overall at 4 mile mark.

Jennifer Forsberg (left) celebrates with her friend.

Lara Font celebrates her birthday at Diva's Half Marathon!  She deserves the tiara!

For detailed results, go to 

12279LARA FONTSUGAR LANDTX44Female1:42:06


Blue Bell 5K

What could be more fun then enjoying a well earned Blue Bell ice cream after running the 5K/10K race on April 12th in Brenham?  FSC athletes agree.  Ileana Carroll, Kathleen Crea, Carolyn Barron, Katherine Barron, Kim Bowden and Heather Lininger  -- all enjoyed their morning!

Ileana and Kathleen enjoy their post-race spoils after the 5K!!

For results of the race, go to:

Texas10 Huntsville

Katerina takes 3rd in her AG!
Another AG win for Kevin Baker!
Congrats to Finish Strong athletes Kevin Baker, Katerina Savelieva, Aisha Hs, Nora Wilson, Ellen Kurtz-Hammon, and Rip Reynolds who ran the Texas10 Huntsville race.  Lots of awards won by our team!

Another AG win for Nora Wilson.  Then on to Boston!
Aisha looks good  posing on the podium!

Kevin Baker - 1st in his AG again! (another glass trophy for his collection) - 1:06:22
Katerina Savelieva - 3rd in her AG (plus she won $50 raffle)
Aisha Hs - 1:38:18
Rip Reynolds - 1st in his AG - 1:08:39
Nora Wilson - 1st in her AG again!
Ellen Kurtz-Hammond - 3rd in her AG 1:37:20.4

For more detailed results, go to :

Upcoming Social Boston Run at Luke's Locker on April 16

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Congratulations to Finish Strong athletes who competed at the TriAggieland sprint triathlon in College Station on Sunday, April 6.  Ed York had a fantastic race and finished 1st in his AG and 10th overall with a time of 1:01:00.  Danny Hannon took 2nd in his AG and 16th overall finishing in 1:03:52 .  Kathy Morris finished 5th in her AG in 1:33:51.  Way to go!  Any pics?

For more results, go to

Monday, April 7, 2014

Big D Half Marathon

Congratulations to one of FSC's newest member, Amanda Cruise, who raced the Big D in Dallas on Sunday, April 6.  Amanda ran a 1:44:50 and took 5th in her age group.  Way to go, Amanda!  

Amanda Cruise looking great after her Big D race!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ironman Texas 70.3

Strong winds and cool temperatures greeted those who participated in Ironman Texas 70.3 event on Sunday, April 6 in Galveston.

Coach Dana wins his AG at IM TX 70.3

Dana and Pam Ferguson - ready to swim!
Debbie Martin, Sara Vanderford, Gloria Shrewbury, Pamela Paling, John Tortorici look fabulous after finishing.

John Tortorici, John McGown, Zach Miller looking fierce!

Mike Loudis!

Frank and Pamela!

Finish Strong Coaching was represented by 26 hardy individuals.

Here are overall results:
Tim Monk - 4:27:28
Dana Lyons - 4:34:46 - 1st in 55-59 AG
Felix Hagemann - 5:03:22 - 1 1/2 hour PR!
Troy Cormier - 5:07:17
Alan Jones - 5:12:20
Zachary Miller - 5:12:59
Chris Wendt - 5:13:01
Jason Langridge - 5:26:22 - PR
Pamela Ferguson - 5:33:26
John Tortorici - 5:38:38
Chris Hirsekorn - 5:39:27
Geno Zicarelli - 5:43:35 - PR by 40 minutes!
John McGowan - 5:53:24 - PR
Scott Pinkston - 5:55:51
Mike Loudis - 5:57:13
Abraham Hernandez - 6:11:36
Michelle Howard - 6:13:38
Gloria Shrewsbury - 6:21:14
Danny Ratliff - 6:21:23
Pamela Paling - 6:22:45
Debbie Martin - 6:26:28
Sara Vanderford - 6:41:45
Denise Shannon - 6:56:13
Frank Halter - 7:02:15
Kari Gilley did the bike portion in a relay "Da-Lisch" and biked 2:28:58.
Travys Townson - (39:19 swim, 2:24:09 bike, DNF run)

Women's Pro Triathlete (FSC homestay visitor from Ukraine)
Olesya Prystayko - 7th women's pro - 4:25:52

Olesya takes 7th among pro women!

Check out lots more photos courtesy of the lovely Irasema, 

For more results, go to: