Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Memorial Hermann Sugarland Tri

The Memorial Herman Sugarland Sprint Tri was held on Sunday, June 26. Five Team Finish Strong Racing athletes were on hand to compete in the 300 meter swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run sprint triathlon. The team collected one 2nd place, two third place, and one 4th place AG awards.

The Barron kids had their usual brilliant performances. Hannah Barron came in 2nd in her 10-14 AG with a time of 1:04:25 - a mere 4 seconds behind the 1st place finisher. Hannah had the fifth fastest swim 6:06, the fastest bike 30:42 (19.5 mph pace), and the third fastest run 25:50 (8:37 per mile pace).

Lane Barron, age 12, came in 3rd in his 10-14 AG with a time of 1:01:26. Lane's splits were 5:32 swim, 28:50 bike (20.8 mph pace), and 25:21 run (8:27 per mile pace).

Katherine Barron, age 16, also came in 3rd in her 15-19 AG with a time of 1:02:27. Katherine swam the course in 6:12, biked the course in 29:37 (20.3 mph), and ran 25:26 (8:29 per mile pace).

Inspired by his kids (and his wife, Carolyn, who recently completed her first Ironman), Randy Barron competed in his very competitive 40-44 AG. Randy clocked a 10:10 swim, 29:49 bike (20.1 mph pace), and 28:12 run (9:24 per mile pace) for an overall time of 1:11:27.

Jack Chapman enjoyed a 4th place finish in his 50-54 AG with a time of 58:16 just 1:41 behind the leader in his AG. Jack swam 5:46, biked 26:40 (22.4 mph), and had the second fastest run in his AG at 23:00 (7:40 per mile pace).

Congrats to all for a great race!

Y Freedom Tri

Team Finish Strong Racing member Mary Kerschbaum competed at the Y Freedom Tri held on June 26 at the YMCA in Pearland. The distances for this sprint triathlon are a 300 meter pool swim, 11 mile bike, and 3 mile run.

Mary came in 8th in her 50-54 age group with an overall time of 1:15:58. Her splits were 7:34 swim, 33:03 bike, and 33:37 run. Mary posted the second fastest time in her age group for her bike. Way to go!

Ironman Coeur d'Alene

Team Finish Strong Racing's Michael Collins added yet another Ironman finish to his impressive Ironman resume. This one was Ironman Coeur d'Alene held on Friday, June 24 in Idaho. Michael started the morning off with a two-loop swim in beautiful, but chilly Lake Coeur d’Alene. Michael swam the frigid waters in 1:30:37 averaging 2:23 per 100 meters. After he recovered from the swim, Michael went on to his strongest event -- the bike. Unfortunately, he was plagued with three separate mechanical difficulties. He worked hard to make up for the time he lost for flats and repairs and ended up clocking 6:21:41 on the bike course (17.61 mile/hour pace.) Michael finished strong on the run with a 4:11:24 marathon and an overall time of 12:16:03. His wife, Kristin, was there to cheer him on to yet another Ironman finish!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Iron Kids Round Rock

Hannah and Lane Barron took 1st place and 2nd place in their AGs at Iron Kids Round Rock this weekend!

Escape from Alcatraz

Team Finish Strong Racing athlete Linda Trinkle qualified and raced at Escape from Acatraz Triathlon in San Francisco on June 5. This daunting 1.5 mile swim, 18 mile bike, and 8 mile run is not for the feeble.

Linda competed and took 14th out of 57 in her 40-44 AG. She escaped from Alcatraz island by swimming the 1.5 miles to reach mainland in 42:03. Next she biked a hilly San Francisco course in 1:04:42 (16.7 mph pace). She finished the day by running the last 8 miles in 1:07:39 (8:28 per mile pace) for an overall time of 3:05:19.

Ask Linda about getting bumped during the swim by a sea lion!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sylvan Beach Tri

Josh Scott claims his 2nd place AG award at Sylvan Beach Tri.

Six Finish Strong Racing athletes participated in Sylvan Beach Tri or Du held on Sunday, June 12 in La Porte, Texas. The triathlon race distance was 1000 meter open water swim, 30k bike, and 8k run. The duathlon race distance was 2 mile run, 30k bike, and 8k run.

Rodrigo Abascal came in 1st in his 15-18 AG. Rodrigo had the fastest swim in his AG at 1713. The fastest bike in his AG at 51:44 (21.6 mph) and the second fastest run in his AG at 37:01 (7:31/mile pace) for a total time of 1:47:24.

Josh Scott took 2nd in his 35-39 AG and achieved a new PR at this distance by finishing the race in 1:42:43. He got out of the water 6th overall and first in his age group by 2 seconds. He had the fastest transition in his AG at 41 seconds and headed out on the bike. His bike time was 48:48 (22.9 mph pace) - fourth in his AG. Josh finished strong with fastest run in his AG at 35:11 (7:09 per mile pace).

Tommy Sustala took 3rd in his 40-44 AG with a time of 1:36:25. Tommy had the fastest swim in his AG at 14:48; the second fastest bike 43:20 (25.8 mph); and the 7th fastest run 35:51 (7:17 per mile pace).

Manuel Abascal finished 14th in his 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:59. Manuel's splits were 22:23 swim, 53:50 bike (20.7 mph), and 40:51 run (8:18 per mile pace).

Kirk Langford took 21 minutes off his time from last year - 9 minute improvement on the bike, 8 minutes on the run, plus 4 minutes on transitions. Kirk also had the fastest swim in his age group clocking just 17:23. His bike time was 1:00:25 (18.5 pmh) and his run was 1:01 for an overall time of 2:21.

Charlie Schuber took 6th in his 50-54 AG! He had the fastest T1 and T2 in his age group. Charlie swam the course in 24:50, biked 58:00 (19.2 MPH), and ran 43:58.6 (8:56/m) for a total time of 2:08:24.

Congrats to all the Finish Strong Racing triathletes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tejas Triathlon 2011

Steven Clouthier enjoying the bike portion of the race.

Irasema finished strong at Tejas Triathlon!

Rodrigo Abascal took 3rd in his AG!

Kirk Noyes and Steven Clouthier celebrate post-race.

The 11th annual Tejas Triathlon was held on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 in Sugarland, Texas. Nearly 800 triathletes competed in this awesome sprint distance race with a 600 yard swim, 11 mile flat and fast bike, and a shaded 3 mile run. Among those competing were Finish Strong Racing members Irasema De Aquino, Rodrigo Abascal, Kirk Noyes, Craig Wakefield, and David Holsey.

Here are the results:

Irasema De Aquino came in 17th in her 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:29:51. Her splits were 15:42 swim, 39:31 bike, 30:59 run.

Ira's son Rodrigo Abascal finished 3rd in his 15-19? AG. Rodrigo finished in 1:01:03. His splits were 8:52 swim, 30:09 bike (25.9mph pace), and 20:41 (6:54 per mile pace) run.

Kirk Noyes came in 25th in his ridiculously competitive 35-39 AG to finish in 1:09:30. He swam the first leg in 11:53, biked the second leg in 33:42 (23.1 mph), and finished strong with a 21:49 (7:16 per mile pace) run.

Craig Wakefield came in 4th in his 40-44 AG. He was the fastest swimmer in his AG posting a time of 8:40. He biked the course in 27:21 (28.5 mph pace). He ran the final 3 miles in 21:20 (7:07 per mile pace) for an overall time under 1 hour - 59:09.

Also competing in the 40-44 AG was Stephen Clouthier who finished in 1:10:24. His splits were 11:03 swim, 31:21 bike (24.9 mph pace), and 25:31 (8:30 per mile pace) run.

David Holsey took 5th in his 65-69 AG with a time of 1:23:15. David had the fourth fastest swim in his AG at 13:54. The fifth fastest bike in his AG at 38:58 (20 mph). David finished strong with the third fastest run in his AG in a time of 27:31. Good to see David back from injury and racing again! (Photos courtesy of Scott Pinkston.)

CapTex Tri - Olympic

Congratulations to Team Finish Strong Racing members Rodrigo Abascal, Jackie Lewis and Cindy McManis who took on CapTex Olympic Tri in Austin on Memorial Day. Irasema De Aquino competed in the CapTex sprint tri.

Rodrigo took first in his AG completing the race in 2:31:21. His splits were 23:34 swim, 1:15:57 bike (19.6 mph), and 47:01 (7:34 per mile) run.

This was Jackie's first Olympic distance race and she placed 10th in a very competitive 40-44 AG. Jackie swam the first leg in 31:34, biked 1:24:59 (17.5 mph pace), and ran a speedy 55:57 (9:01 per mile pace) to finish in 2:58:41.

Cindy improved over 9 minutes from last year's race even with very windy conditions on the bike. Cindy came in 12th in her 50-54 AG. Her splits were 31:28 swim, 1:24:54 bike (17.5 mph pace), and 1:03:32 run (10:14 per mile pace) to finish in 3:08:14.

Irasema De Aquino competed in the CapTex sprint race. She came in 34th in her AG.

Way to go!!

Check out who is leading the race in FSR gear on the advertising photo for Sylvan beach - Scott Pinkston! Scott actually did get out of water first and held on for 2nd place. The guy pictured right behind him passed Scott on the run.