Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beach 2 Battleship Ironman

Congratulations to Finish Strong's Zach Miller who finished off his triathlon season with an amazing race at Beach2Battleship Ironman in Wilmington, North Carolina last weekend.  This was Zach's first full Ironman distance race and he finished in 11:23:02 capturing 2nd in his age group and 83rd overall.  Zach's splits were 1:00:04 swim; 5:51:23 bike and 4:22:24 marathon.

Zach on the podium with his 2nd AG finish at Beach2Battleship Ironman.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Marine Corps Marathon

Congratulations to Finish Strong's Roger Mercier who finished his 5th consecutive Marine Corps Marathon.

Marine Corps Marathon - Marathon
Male / 66
View All Male 65 - 69 Results


Austin 70.3

Eight Finish Strong Athletes competed in the Austin 70.3 race on Sunday, October 27.  Y'all rock!

Danny Watterson   41:13 swim   3:17:03 bike  2:17:16 run  - 6:27:35 overall
Brandi Watterson   48:06 swim   3:21:19 bike  2:00:35 run -  6:20:05 overall
Danny Ratliff          45:01 swim    3:06:31 bike  2:21:41 run  - 6:29:53 overall
Lisanne Rogers      36:59 swim    3:14:30 bike   1:58:05 run - 6:01:33 overall
Sara Jones            41:59 swim     2:57:35 bike   1:38:12 run - 5:25:19 overall
John McClellan     44:06 swim     3:02:50 bike    2:06:51 run - 6:00:59 overall
Chandler Feldman  47:24 swim    3:31:06 bike    2:33:20 run - 7:08:05 overall
Leah Jenkins          41:59 swim    3:15:19 bike    1:56:36 run -  6:05:36 overall

Sara Jones finished 14th ag and was 18th fastest woman on the run amongst all age groupers. 

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Ironman 70.3 Miami

Congrats to Finish Strong's Shannon Crowe and Michelle Howard who both set PRs at Ironman 70.3 Miami held on Saturday, October 26th.   Shannon placed 3rd in her AG in a time of 5:04:02.  Shannon's splits were 36:18 swim; 2:39:24 bike and 1:44:35 run.  Michelle finished in 5:49:34.  Her splits were 42:30 swim; 3:03 bike; 1:56 half marathon.

Shannon Crowe and Michelle Howard enjoy PRs at Ironman Miami!

Shannon places 3rd in her AG!
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Race for the Halo 5K

Congrats to Finish Strong's John Tortorici who finished 9th place overall in 23:40 at Race for the Halo 5k at Deussen Park on Saturday. John reports, "Time wasn’t all that impressive, but I did do an 11.5 mile run before the 5k."  Way to go!

John Tortorici kicks it to finish 10th overall at Race for the Halo 5K!

Houston Half Marathon

Congratulations to Finish Strong athletes who ran the Houston Half Marathon on Sunday, October 27 in very rainy conditions. After the start of the race was postponed by an hour due to the weather, the Houston half took off in drizzle and light rain.  There were some flooded patches along the course, but overall, the footing wasn't too bad.  Pam Meaux won her age group by over 3 minutes, securing her entry to the Houston Marathon as a local invited elite runner.  Nora Wilson also won the her age group with over 3 minutes on her nearest competitor.
Pam Meaux wins her AG at the rainy Houston Half Marathon.

Here are more result highlights:
Pam Meaux won her female 50-54 age group in a blazing 1:34:54
Nora Wilson won her female 55-59 age group in a speedy 1:43:56
Jesus Carias finished in 1:40:23 (7:24/mi) pace.
Hector Gonzalez finished in 1:42.
Matt Horak raced his fastest half this year finishing in 1:54.
Sharon Morin finished in 2:05.
Rolando Sierra finished in 2:02:09.
Sue Fuller finished in 2:05:14.

Way to go, runners!

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USA Track and Field National Championship

Finish Strong Coach Kim Mac Namee raced in the USA Track and Field (USATF) 15k National Championships on Saturday, October 26th in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She finished in 57:45 (6:11min/mile) and placed 3rd Masters Overall and 2nd in Group 40-45.

Kim at finish line after USATF 15K National Championship -- placing 3rd among masters!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Try Andy's Tri

Congratulations to Alan Jones and Jim Grant for winning the relay race at Try Andy's Tri on Sunday, October 20.  Alan swam and biked and his friend Jim Grant ran. Alan's completed the 300 m swim in 4:14, then biked the 10 mile course in 24:24.  Jim finished up the race with a 21.52 3 mile run. The next best finisher was 10 minutes behind. This was a pr for both in all three legs!  Way to go!

Winners of Try Andy's Tri sprint relay!

Olesya Prystayko

Olesya Prystayko, professional triathlete from the Ukraine, is gearing up for Ironman Florida held in Panama City, Florida on November 2.  Olesya has spent the past six months training and competing at Ironman and half Ironman events throughout the United States and Canada.  See below for race results.  She is currently training here in The Woodlands, Texas. Oleysa is an extraordinarily dedicated athlete who is working toward her goal of qualifying as a professional  for Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Olesya Prystayko - pro triathlete - getting ready for Ironman Florida race.

25/08/20136Ironman Whistler, PRO10:11:36
18/08/201312Ironman Tremblant, PRO10:17:19
28/07/20136Ironman Calgary 70.3, PRO04:26:41
23/06/20138Ironman Coeur d’Alene,  PRO09:58:50
08/06/20135Ironman Boise 70.3,  PRO04:47:51
18/05/20139Ironman Texas, PRO10:08:49

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Du the Bear

Finish Strong's Julio Morales competed in back-to-back events this weekend.  On Saturday, October 12th Julio ran the 10 for Texas and on Sunday, Julio competed in the Du the Bear duathlon.  Julio finished 11th in the 40-44 AG in a time of 1:04:36.  His splits were 13:14 for the first 2 mile run; 32:47 for his 10 mile bike; and 14:28 for the final 2 mile run.  Way to go, Julio.  Pics?

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Oktoberfest Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong's Carolyn Barron and Meril Moen who competed in the Oktoberfest Tri (turned Du when the swim was cancelled) on Sunday, October 13.  Carolyn scored her first AG win with at time of 1:15:23.  And Meril won his AG and came in 5th overall in 1:00:41.  Well done!

Carolyn Barron wins her AG at the Oktoberfest Tri.

Results will later show Meril at the top of the podium after male master's spot is awarded to Jack Alexander.

Space City 10 Miler

Finish Strong Coach Kim Mac Namee won female master's and 3rd female overall with a time of 1:03:45  at the Space City 10 Mile race held in Clearlake on October 13. And Nora Wilson won her AG in 1:21:33 -- her closest competitor was over 6 minutes behind her.  Despite hot, muggy temperatures, Kim and Nora both prevailed.  Way to go!

Nora needs to expand her trophy case for her growing collection of AG wins!!

Chicago Marathon

Finish Strong's Brandon (and Colleen) Sager, Bret Strong, Andreas Grossman, and Cesar Patino had a great day at the Chicago marathon on October 13.  Brandon beat his goal time of 2:50 by finishing in 2:49:27. Andreas posted a 3:52:50.  Bret crossed the finish line in 4:23:59. And Cesar finished in 4:34:08.  Way to go!

Bret enjoys post-race support from family - Angela, Luke and Ella! Bret finished in 4:23:59

Great day for Brandon and Colleen Sager! Brandon ran a 2:49:57.  Colleen's first post-baby marathon - 4:59:09.  Very impressive!!!
Cesar Patino excels at Chicago Marathon in 4:34:08.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

10 for Texas

Congratulations to the 70 Finish Strong athletes who competed at 10 for Texas - 10 mile run race in The Woodlands on Saturday, October 12.  Despite the sauna-like conditions, we had a great turn-out and good results from our athletes.

Here are the results:
Race Name Ten for Texas
Race Date 10/12/2013

Aki Laine                  1:23:17
Alfonso Garcia          1:59:54
Alison Nixon          1:43:06
Arran Keith          1:14:00 (10th)
Brad Wainwright 1:58:00
Bridget Sylvester 2:22:52
Carli Fuentes         1:47:48
Carmen Kelleher 1:40:21 (6th)
Casey Clark         1:19:00
Chantal Requier 1:31:22
Charles Lussier         1:23:54
Chip Mcbride         1:36:22
Chris Weir         1:10:20 (5th)
Christine Hobeika 1:21:38 (4th)
Cindy Mcmanis         1:38:07
Claudia Sam         2:00:25
Courtney Myers 1:48:21
David Barnes         1:29:38
Deb Lyons         1:24:00 (3rd)
Ed York                 1:15:54 (4th)
Gloria Shrewsbury 1:37:24
Gordon Irving         1:34:16
Ileana Carroll         1:53:15
Jack Chapman         1:12:21 (1st)
Jeanette Hagelskaer 1:37:55
Jed Beck                 1:49:41
Jennifer Allen         1:49:28
Jennifer Heath         1:44:13
Jennifer Rowe         1:27:53
Jennifer Wertz         2:04:32
Jesse Balboa         1:17:35
Jessica Menendez 1:17:18 (9th)
Jesus Carias         1:15:47
Jim Harrington         1:18:36
John Tortorici         1:33:26
Julio Morales         1:19:37
Kari Gilley         1:24:10
Katerina Savelieva 1:40:45
Katherine Powell 2:00:04
Kathleen Crea         1:51:44
Kevin Baker         1:09:32 (5th)
Kim Bowden         2:31:00
Kristen Gohlke         1:21:02 (7th)
Kristin Collins         1:26:29
Laith Kosa         2:28:11
Leigh Jenkins         1:20:47 (3rd)
Manuel Abascal 1:41:25
Mike Flake         1:33:06
Mitchell Hall         1:44:40
Olesya Prystayko 1:11:17(4th)
Pam Meaux         1:13:12 (1st)
Paul Allan                 1:15:48
Paul Daly                 1:26:56
Phillip Deprang         1:28:13 (4th)
Pia Grossmann         2:10:21
Rip Reynolds         1:07:06 (3rd)
Ron Mccauley         1:19:14
Ronnie Delzer         2:03:00
Sara Jones              1:15:19 (4th)
Sara Vanderford 1:53:14
Sarah Pietraszek-Mattner 1:35:34
Scott Farrand          1:24:41
Sharon Free          2:12:14
Shirley Santangelo  1:44:06
Staci Palermo          1:41:00
Stephen Barrass  1:26:04
Stephen Clouthier  2:07:39
Tami Fincher          1:44:20
Tiffany Fazeli          1:40:35
Travys Townson  1:07:24 (4th)
Xochitl Carias          2:02:51

Total Females 1269
Total Finishers 2152
Total Males 883
Finish Strong's Mike Menster, Chris Weir, and Kevin Bacon running like a wolf pack!

The race begins -- Paul Daly captured on camera! 
Chantal Requier!
Jed Beck!
Karen Satterfield and Kim Bowden.
Chris Weir and Mike Menster lead the pack!

Mike Menster and  Rip Reynolds enjoy podium finishes.

Deb Lyons - 3rd in AG!

Pam Meaux claims top spot in her AG!

Rip, Mike, Dana, and Jim at the awards!

Susie Schrieber and Jim Griffis!

Pia Grossman and Jeannette Hagelskaer!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Toyota Rockwall Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong coached athlete, Becca Novelli, who competed at the Toyota Rockwall Tri on Saturday, October 5.  Becca finished 4th in the Collegiate Division.  Way to go, Becca!

Becca Novelli tearing up the course!

Monster Mash 5K

Finish Strong's Christelle Gigant, Heather Lininger, Kim Bowden, and Karen Satterfield raced the Monster Mash 5k on Saturday.  Christelle won her AG and came in 2nd overall!  Mom-and-daughter duo Kim and Heather donned their "Green Lantern" garb to go with the race theme.  Kim reported having a negative split. Way to go, gals!
Heather, Kim, and Karen pose at Monster Mash 5K!

Lifetime Tri in Dallas

Finish Strong's Michael Novelli competed in the Lifetime Tri in Dallas on Sunday, October 6.  Mike finished second in his 55 to 59 age group with an overall time of  2:25:22.  Mike's splits were 27:25.30 swim, 1:09.02 bike, and 43:25.04 run.  According to Mike, "It was a fun race!"  Any pics?

Tough Mudder

On Sunday, October 6th, Finish Strong's Steve Hardy competed in the Tough Mudder in Baytown.  It was a 12 mile course with over 30 obstacles involving lots of mud, ice water, scaling walls, and electric shock. Steve reports, "Running between the obstacles felt like running with 2 pound ankle weights due to the mud caked on the shoes.  The memorable obstacles were crawling under a wooden frame with dangling live electric probes (low amps, but 10,000 volts) and yes i got zapped.  Running through 50 feet of 35 degree ice water to my chest and having to diver under a divider mid way through. And the final obstacle of running through a 100 foot long wooden frame with lots of live wires, hay bales and mud pits.  I only got zapped once during that but never slowed down and never went down.  Took one to the jaw.  I successfully completed every obstacle except walking across a wobbly 50 foot balance beam over water with mud caked shoes.  Took over 3 hours to complete but a lot of fun.  This is an untimed event built on teamwork so the only goal is to complete the course."   Love the before and after shot below!

Steve Hardy is one Tough Mudder!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blue Ridge Bike Ride

Finish Strong coached athletes, Kim Brown Horwedel her dad, Patrick Brown, are taking on the Blue Ridge Bike Ride.
Day 1 of Blue Ridge Ride!

Kim writes, "Day 1 went really well. I felt incredibly well prepared, although to be fair, it was a pretty easy day. Today we are heading out for a long steep uphill climb all morning. 20 miles, 3,000 feet altitude increase before lunch. So this will be the test! We are riding very nice trek road bikes, and wow does that make a difference compared to my hybrid! Dad is loving it, too, both the riding and the road bike. I see a Christmas present in his future. You really helped him a lot - this is a trip he has dreamed about for a while, and you helped make it enjoyable and successful for him. Thank you, Kim"