Monday, October 27, 2014

Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon

FSC's Amanda Cruise had a great race in Santa Rosa California with Ryan Hall and Sara Hall at the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon.  Amanda placed 7th of 333 in AG and 15th overall girl out of 1665! Amanda had a PR of 1:37:38! Amanda declares, "I have fallen in love with running all over again after this weekend!"

Amanda Cruise (L) with pro runner Sara Hall at Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon!

Austin 70.3

On Sunday, October 26, five Finish Strong athletes competed in the Austin 70.3.  Jesus Carias, Art Fresquez, Nancy Decker, Amber Swan, and Sara Hartley (did the bike leg on a relay with her sister). Nancy reports, "The Austin 70.3 was definitely a hilly course and the run was super hot.  The roads on the bike were in terrible condition but it was my favorite part of the race."   Congrats to all for completing this amazing feat!

Here are the results:

Amber Swan 51:05    3:21:00      2:03:41 6:30:43 overall
Nancy Lent    45:13   3:07:38     2:16:37 6:17:41 overall
Art Fresquez   34:24   3:00:33    2:45:42 6:33:22 overall
Jesus Carias    40:41   3:08:39    1:58:50 6:00:24  overall

Amber Swan and and Nancy Lent with Austin  Ironman 70.3 banner!
Jesus Carias broke 6 hours at Austin 70.3

For more results, go to:

Miami 70.3

Shannon Crowe and Michelle Howard represented Team FSC very well at the Miami 70.3 held on Saturday, October 26.  Shannon came in 2nd in her AG and qualified for the world championship.  And Michelle finished under 6 hours!

Shannon and Michelle - no pre-race jitters here!

Shannon displays her invitation to the World Championship race!

Crowe, Shannon 2 27 42:56 swim 2:37:48 bike 1:47:02 run 5:11:58
Howard, Michelle 7 46:19 swim 3:00:09 bike  2:05:12 run     5:57:58

Very impressive!

For more on results, go to:

Marine Corps Marathon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Jesse Balboa, Roger Mercier, and Jeanette Hagelskaaer for competing in the Marine Corps Marathon held on Sunday, October 26 in Washington, D.C.  Jesse, 41,  finished his race in 3:47:42 (8:41/mi pace).  Roger, 67, finished in 5:30:03 (12:35/mi pace).  And Jeanette, 47, crossed the finish line in 4:25:41 (10:07/mi.)  Nicely done.

Jesse reports, "Marine Corps Marathon done - what an event! Marines run the whole show from packet pick up, to security, to on-course motivation, to post-race nutrition handouts. OORAH!"

Jeanette Hagelskaaer at Marine Corps Marathon!

Roger at mile 26 with just .2 to go!

Jesse proudly wears his finishing medal at the end of the Marines Corp Marathon!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pearland 5K Monster Mash

Finish Strong Coach Richard Mac Namee raced and won overall male at the Pearland 5K Monster Mash on Saturday, October 25.  Richard ran the 5K in 18.39.4 / 6.01 min/mile.  Even though Richard won a cash award for his win, he gave it back to the race organizers for the charity.  Richard is a true winner!

Richard Mac Namee, overall male winner of Pearland 5K Monster Mash!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Xterra Wetsuit Discount

With the season winding down and the water cooling off, now is a great time to get a Xterra Vector Pro or Vortex wetsuit for that late-season race and/or winter training.  Get the Vector Pro Fullsuit for only $230, or check out the Vortex Fullsuit for $149!  Remember to use your discount code CO-STRONG at checkout to take advantage of these wetsuit deals!

Call Andrew at (858) 256-7323 to order Lava Pants for only $85 through October 31st.  Also, he still has a few used wetsuits to clear out to make room for new inventory.  If you have any questions about sizing or availability, please give him a call!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Try Andy's Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong folks who competed at Try Andy's Tri held in Sugarland on Sunday, October 19.  Carolyn Barron and her daughter, Katherine, finished on the podium.  Carolyn came in 3rd in her 45-49 AG in 1:07:05.8. Katherine won her 15-19 AG in a time of 58:42.4.  Keith Sacchieri and his son, Jacob, also competed.  Keith finished in 1:18:40.5 in his 50-54 AG.  Jacob finished in 1:12:34.9 in his 20-24 AG.  FSC Swim Coach Jack Alexander won his 60-64 AG finishing in 51:30.5.  Lars Finanger raced as a pro and finished in 46:19.0.

Thumbs up from Jacob and Keith Sacchieri!

Podium finishes for both Carolyn and Katherine!

For more results, go to:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Showdown Half Marathon

Congrats to FSC's Daniel Fleming who won his AG at The Showdown Half Marathon on October 12. Daniel narrowly missed a PR, running 1:26:34 good for 5th place overall and 1st in his age group (25-29).  Woo hoo!

Take home pay for Daniel Fleming at Showdown Half Marathon!

Monday, October 13, 2014

US Open Tri

Finish Strong's Becca Novelli, Anna Lyons, Tiffany and Chris Hirsekorn all competed in the U.S. Open Triathlon on Sunday, October 12 in Rockwall, TX.  Chris finished 6th in his AG 35-39, Olympic Distance, time: 2:25:33. Becca Novelli came in 2nd in her 20-24 AG and 5th female overall in the Olympic distance in 2:10:25.

Tiffany won her AG in the Super Sprint!!  AG 35-39, time: 1:09:03.

And our daughter, Anna Lyons, competed in her first triathlon and came in 3nd in her AG and 5th female overall in the sprint.  AG 15-19> 1;15:52 time.

Chris reports, "Great race, perfect weather!"

Tiffany and Chris Hirsekorn compete at the U.S. Open Triathlon.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Monster Mash 10K

Congrats to Finish Strong's Christelle Gigant who won the Monster Mash 10K held Saturday, October 11 held at Sam Houston Race Park in Houston.  Christelle Gigant came in 2nd in her competitive 35-39 AG and 3rd female overall in a time of 46:33.9.  Christelle averaged 7:30/M. Nicely done!

Christelle 3rd female overall at Monster Mash 10K!!results/cgxx

Ironman Championships - Kona!

We tracked Finish Strong's Kent Morris at the Ironman World Championship held on Saturday, October 11 in Kona, Hawaii.  Windy conditions prevailed making the lava rock bike course even tougher.  Yet, Kent prevailed finishing in 12:37:15.

Kent Morris - 1:26:36 swim; 6:27:45, run 4:31:14 run (10:21/mi) total time 12:37:15

What an amazing feat!  Kent, you are an Ironman!

For more results, go to:

Chicago Marathon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Lara Font and Joseph Tokarz for competing in Sunday, October 12th Chicago Marathon.  Lara Font completed the 26.2 mile race in a time of 3:33:10 and 8:08/mi pace. This was a PR for Lara.  She reports, "No problems finishing.  Felt great!"  Joseph finished in 3:58:49 - smashing his 4 hour goal!  Way to go, team!

Lara Font had a great marathon and raised over $11,000 for Down Syndrome Awareness.

For more results, go to:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

10 for Texas

Wow!  What a turnout by Finish Strong Coaching at 10 for Texas -- The Woodlands 10 mile race - held on Saturday, October 11.  94 FSC athletes showed up and all finished strong!

Special thanks to John Tortorici who took finishing shots of everyone wearing a FSC shirt.  (If you don't have one, please email  Check out his site with hundreds of pictures at

Best team around!

Also, many thanks to Dutch Thomson for taking care of us post-race with his expertise in neuro-kinetics and fascial stretching therapy.

Dutch Thomson works his magic on Coach Dana.

Here are results:

MEN - by AG

Zach Miller - 1:15:53 - 5th in his 20-24 AG
Sheng Chou - 1:22:39 - 21st in 25-29 AG
Matt Kovacs - 2:00:01

Eduardo Garzon - 1:18:37 - 30-34 AG
Anthony Caldwell - 1:40:24 - PR by over 10 minutes!

Kevin Baker - 1:07:19 - 7th in 35-39 AG
Travys Townson - 1:10:20 - 9th in 35-39 AG
Razvan Dumitru - 1:14:53
Aki Laine - 1:16:25
Cesar Patino - 1:26:05
John Lambie - 1:34:34

Leandro Morales - 1:06:24 - 3rd in 40-44 AG
Gabriel Belforti - 1:07:46- 5th in 40-44 AG - PR by over 2 minutes!
Michael Menster - 1:08:06 - 7th in 40-44 AG
Alan Jones 1:11:11 - PR by 2 minutes!
W. Dale Claudel - 1:11:27
Buck Snyder - 1:15:43
Mike Loudis - 1:15:56
Dan Michalk - 1:16:33 - PR!
Jesse Balboa - 1:16:35
Stephen Barrass - 1:17:22
Kenny Copeland - 1:17:53
Casey Clark - 1:17:53
Geno Zicarelli - 1:20:18
Mohamad Abdalla - 1:22:48
Abraham Hernandez - 1:23;51
BJ Bergeron - 1:28:10
Robert Neely - 1:28:43
Juan J. Arrieta - 1:42:26
Senthil Kumar  - 1:43:53

Rip Reynolds - 1:07:03 - 7th in 45-49 AG
William Glaser - 1:08:16 - 8th in 45-49 AG
Geoffrey Zubay - 1:09:44 - 10th in 45-49 AG
Ron McCauley - 1:12;15
Edson Jones - 1:17:41
Carl Holt - 1:20:22
Charles Knific - 1:22:16
Andreas Grossman - 1:23:18
Adnan Afzal - 1:28:02
Gordon Irving - 1:29:40
Jeff Goodwin - 1:35:59
David Knight - 1:39:30
Stephen Clouthier - 1:42:15

Jim Harrington - 1:17:03 - 7th in 50-54 AG
Ed York - 1:17:47 - 9th in 50-54 AG
Scott Farrand - 1:20:53
Bret Strong - 1:25:47
Kyle Hanna - 1:34:37
Edwin Beck - 1;38:56

Skip Moschell - 1:10:47 - 2nd in 55-59
Dana Lyons - 1:16;31 - 8th in 55-59
Alberto Agostini - 1:24:17
Ken Page - 1:25:24
Chris Normyle - 1;35:09
Hector Lopez - 1:42:49

Phillip DePrang - 1:24:17 - 6th in 60-64 AG
Frank Halter - 1:31:49
Maurice Kelleher - 1:35:27
Phil Marquez - 1:40:43


Sofia Afzal - 2:19:45 - 1-14 AG
Nadia Afzal - 2:06:39 - 15-19 AG

Bethany Kovacs - 1:59:54 in 25-29 AG

Amanda Cruise - 1;17:20 - 6th in 30-34 AG
Gabriela Coates - 1:26:52 - 4 min PR!
Jessica Caldwell - 1:28:54 - 12 min PR!

Emily Finager - 1:10:31 - 1st in 35-39 AG (8th female overall!)
Rebecca Aiken - 1:26:08
Judith Clark - 1:32:06
Sarah Moore - 1:37:07
Sharon Davis - 1:50:22

Amber Swam - 1:23:06 - 19th in 40-44 AG
Nancy Lent - 1:23:11 - 20th in 40-44 AG
Katerina Savelieva - 1:30:48
Rosario Alexandre - 1:35:32
Laura Junek - 1:38:11
Sarah Mattner 1:38;13
Aisha Nasir - 2:16:09

Jennifer Rowe - 1:16:36 - 3rd in 45-49 AG
Jeanette Hagelskaer - 1:27:39
Gloria Shrewbury - 1:34:06
Pamela Paling - 1:34:43
Ligia Felsen - 1:38:11
Michelle Irving - 1:40:41
Morgan Ashworth - 1:47:42
Vicky Gordon - 1:55:39
Pia Grossman - 2:06:31

Deb Lyons - 1:24:40 - 3rd in 50-54 AG
Sharon Morin - 1:28:25 - 9th in 50-54 AG
Sara Vanderford - 1:36:15
Cheryl Perry - 1:45:48
Isabelle Rivelli - 2:01:35

Debbie Martin - 10th in 1:34:19 - in 55-59 AG
Carmen Kelleher - 1:35:43
Shirley Santangelo - 1:36:16

For more on results, go to:

Monday, October 6, 2014

National Aquathon

The 2014 USA Triathlon Aquathlon National Championships took place October 5 as part of the El Reno Route 66 Aquathlon in El Reno, Oklahoma.Congrats to Carol Mitsuda Bagnall for competing in this 1500 meter swim and 10K run championship race.

Twin Cities Minneapolis Marathon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Nancy Lent who had an incredible time at Twin Cities Minneapolis marathon on Sunday, October 5th.  Nancy finished in 3:48:59!!  Any pics?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pensacola Beach Santa Rosa Island Tri

Congrats for Finish Strong's Kathleen Crea and Gloria Shrewsbury for their excellent race at Pensacola Beach Santa Rosa Island Tri held on Saturday, October 4.

Gloria reports, "Super fun race day. 600 swim in the Gulf was so warm. 18 mile bike was flat but challenging because of 18 mph wind both ways. Run was easy. Great way to end the season!"

Gloria and Kathleen displaying their medals after Santa Rosa Island Tri.

For results, go to:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ironman Chatanooga

Congrats to TEAM FSR's Scott Pinkston for completing Ironman Chatannoga!

Stage Coach Line 100 Ultra turned 55K

Due to severe thunderstorms, hail, and flooding, the Stage Coach Line 100 Ultra race was cancelled. Julio Morales was bitterly disappointed as it was to be his first 100 mile race.  Instead, Julio and brother, Leo, were only able to run the first 34 miles (55k) of the 100 mile course.  This was the highest part of the course (8,840ft) above sea level. Leo finished in 6 hours 46 minutes; Julio finished in 7 hours 2 minutes.

Julio reports, "Although I didn't get in my first 100 miler, it was nice to run through the woods and over the mountains of northern Arizona with my big brother.. life is good."

Julio and Leo Morales seize the day at Arizona 55K trail/mountain run.