Monday, November 28, 2011

Ironman Cozumel

Finish Strong triathlete Greg Gibbons proved his mettle at the recent Ironman Cozumel where he finished in an amazing 10:52:26. Greg swam the 1.2 mile course in 1:03:14. He biked a solid 5:30:14. And finished the day with a 4:08:49 marathon. Well done, Greg!

GE Run Through the Woods

Over fifty Finish Strong athletes and their families were enjoying Thanksgiving morning by taking part in the fun GE Run Through the Woods 5 mile, 3 mile teen race, and 1 mile children's race in the Woodlands.

Here are the results:

11-14 Girls
4 Hannah Hill 37:40.0 7:32/M
5 Avery Davis 37:40.7
9 Pilar Glaser 39:38.9
74 Gwendolen Jones 48:30.4

15-18 Boys
84 Jackson Gordon 44:47.7

25-29 Female
1 Chelsea Estes 33:24.3 6:41/M
2 Sara Hudgens 34:37.2 6:55/M
5 Sabina Lorca 37:52.9
121 Amanda Fails 57:12.4

25-29 Men
3 Brandon Sager 28:34.7 5:43/M
5 Chris Weir 30:27.7 6:05/M

30-34 Women
14 Judith Clark 38:40.3

35-39 Women
3 Chantal Requier 35:28.9
84 Kim Neveu 47:58.8

35-39 Men
25 Scott Lowrey 35:18.2
80 Cory Richard 42:56.2
140 Javier Noyola 53:40.7

40-44 Women
2 Lisa Hill 36:10.3 7:14/M
8 Kristin Collins 39:22.8

40-44 Men
3 Michael Menster 30:04.5 6:01/M
5 Casey Clark 31:58.1
8 William J. Glaser 32:58.9
20 Alan Neely 36:27.3
44 Stephen Clouthier 39:26.8

45-49 Women
4 Sharon Morin 36:37.9
56 Janet Luna 50:58.2

45-49 Men
3 Rip Reynolds 31:59.2 6:24/M
4 Ed York 32:03.6
5 Christopher Hill 32:10.9
9 Edson Jones 34:15.1
17 Kyle Mays 35:59.0
20 Charles Knific 36:21.7
24 Kim McElligott 37:00.3
36 Steve Hardy 38:37.0
55 Bret Strong 40:35.4

50-54 Women
2 Pam Meaux 34:56.9
5 Susan Schreiber 39:56.6
7 Deb Lyons 40:58.5
39 Katherine Powell 49:23.7
48 Sharon Free 50:57.7

50-54 Men
1 Dana Lyons 29:46.6 5:57/M
2 Skip Moschell 31:44.6
28 Charlie Schuber 39:51.4
36 Chris Normyle 40:48.6
80 Kirk Langford 45:45.8

55-59 Men
63 Mark Tefft 49:43.0

60-64 Men
4 Phillip Deprang 36:09.2

18 Richard Cooper 42:13.7
25 Brian Waldrop 45:02.6

Great job!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ironman Arizona

Finish Strong Racing's Michael Collins competed in his 12th Ironman when he took on his 6th Ironman Arizona on November 20 in Tempe. His wife, Kristin, was there to cheer him on to his finish in his new personal record of 10:37:13! Michael finished 35th in his 35-39 AG. His splits were 1:28:01 swim, 5:09:31 bike (super strong - 21.7mph pace!), and 3:51:17 (8:49/mile pace) run.

Michael has raced Ironman Arizona every year since its inception in 2005. This year recorded his fastest time ever for this race. Here's his times from previous years.

11:10:22 in 2010
10:48:47 in 2009
11:07:57 in 2008
12:04:20 in 2007
12:11:29 in 2006
12:36:15 in 2005

Congratulations, Michael!!

Malibu Marathon

Sabina Lorca, a regular at Finish Strong Coaching's Tuesday Night Track, recently completed the Malibu marathon in 3:56:23. This is just 2 weeks after she completed the Marine Corps marathon. Congrats, Sabina!

Marine Corps Marathon

Finish Strong Coaching's Roger Mercier, Sabina Lorca, Jack Reed, raced the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 30. Roger improved his time by 37 minutes from last year to finish in 4:48 - a new PR. Sabina finished in 3:56. Jack had a great race finishing in 3:25.

Roger reports, "After sunrise, the conditions were ideal with clear skies, minimal wind, and temp during the run approximately 40 degrees F. Nice!"

Way to go!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rock and Roll San Antonio Marathon and 1/2

San Antonio hosted its annual Rock N Roll Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday, November 14. Finish Strong athletes Matthew Murphy and Frankie Ascagni were among the thousands who completed 13.1 distance race.

Matthew Murphy finished his half marathon in 2:08:06. Francesco "Frankie" Ascagni finished in 1:47:22. He raced with his boss and our friend from CB&I Dan Kinsey and his son, Brandon, who finished together in 2:04:16.

Congrats to all!

Monday, November 14, 2011

26.2 Metric Marathon

Finish Strong Coaching athletes were in abundance at the 26.2 Metric Marathon held on November 13. Dustin Harris, Brandon Sager, and Pam Meaux won their age groups. Others put in fine performances, too.
Here's the results:
Dustin Harris won his 20-24 AG in 1:52:19.
Brandon Sager won his 25-29 AG in 1:49:17.
Michael Menster took 5th in his 40-44 AG in 1:52:24.
Robert Simmons took 9th in 40-44 AG in 1:57:39.
Leo Morales, took 11th in 40-44 AG in 2:02:39.
Quinci Morales took 2nd in females 19 and under in 2:28:06.
Julio Morales took 19th in his 35-39 AG in 2:12:40
Edson Jones finished 18th in his 45-49 AG in 2:14:23.1.
Skip Moschell took 5th in his 50-54 AG in 2:00:36.
Pam Meaux won her 50-54 AG in 2:06:24.
Congratulations to all our Finish Strong athletes!

Team Red, White, and Blue Veterans Day 5K/10K

Several Finish Strong athletes raced the local Team Red, White and Blue Veterans Day 5K/10K on Saturday morning, November 12. Both the 5K and 10K races started and finished in Northshore Park in The Woodlands.

Bill Mack ran the 5K in a time of 23:25. He finished first in his age group and was 9th place overall.

Energizer Night Race 11K on 11/11/11

On 11/11/11 Finish Strong Racing's Steve Hardy ran the 11K (6.8 mi) Energizer Night Race for a Brighter World at the Sam Houston Race Park. Steve's finish time was 51:14 for an average pace of 7:32. Age groups were 10 yr groupings so Steve ran in the 40-49 group and came in 22/71 in his AG (he would have been 9th in a normal 45-49 AG) and 116/736 overall. Congrats, Steve!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oilman 2011

Oilman 2011 Half Ironman saw some wonderful performances from Finish Strong Coaching athletes, including plenty of podium finishes, some PRs and some first-time half Ironman distance finishes.

Linda Trinkle claimed the overall master's female winner finishing in an amazing 5:08:05. Linda's splits were 41:29.8 swim, 2:33:35.5 (22.7 mph pace!), and 1:48:32.3run (8:17 pace). Wow!

Chelsea Estes, 2nd for her 25-29 AG in 5:38:47. Chelsea made it look effortless as she finished her splits in 32:29.3 swim, 3:08:31.7 bike (18.5 mph), 1:52:47.3 run (8:37 pace).

Brandi Watterson, took on her first half Ironman and placed 13th in her 30-34 AG in 6:18:05. Brandi's splits were 44:20.0 swim, 3:24:55.8 bike (17.0 mph), 2:02:14.9 (9:20 pace).

Finish Strong tri of Ronnie Delzer, Scott Peterson, and Gavish Mago did an outstanding job in their 30-34 AG. Ronnie took 3rd place finishing in 4:58:37. His splits were 39:17.4 swim, 2:43:30.7 bike (21.3 pace), and a speedy 1:31:46.1 run (7:00 pace).

Scott Peterson was 7th with a time of 5:08:35. Scott splits were 36:08.3 swim, 2:51:38.9 bike (20.3 mph pace), and 1:35:59.9 run (7:20 pace).

Gavish was right behind Scott to finish in 8th place with a time of 5:14:48. Gavish's splits were 46:10.8 swim, 2:49:11.4 bike (20.6 mph pace), and 1:34:26.9
(7:13 pace).

In the 35-39 AG, Chantal Requier took 2nd place finishing in 5:31:56. Chantal swam 33:28.8 (fastest in her AG), 2:55:33.3 bike (19.8 mph), and 1:58:34.4 run (9:03 pace).

Jane Foley placed 8th in her AG at her first half Ironman. Jane swam 38:49.3, biked a 3:13:03.3 (18.0 pace), and finished the day with a 1:56:27.1 half marathon run (8:53 pace) to finish in 5:53:53.

In the men's 35-39 AG, David Kayda came in 15th. David swam a 40:34.3, biked a 3:00:09.8 (19.3 mph, and ran 1:46:44.1 (8:09 pace) for a total time of 5:34:30.
Kirk Noyes came in 34th in the same AG. Kirk swam the course in 42:20.8, biked a 3:15:03 (17.8 mph), and finished with a 2:12:52.8 run for a completion time of

Richard "Gordy" Bunch also competed in the 35-39 AG. Gordy's splits were 51:38.5 swim, 3:13:55.1 (17.9 mph) bike, and 2:42:56 run to finish in 7:00:12.

In the 40-44 AG, Guillermo "Willie" Ocejo took 4th place. His splits were 37:18.6 swim, 2:49:19.9 bike (20.6 mph), and 1:36:09.3 run (7:20 pace) to finish in 5:06:51.

Winston Cervantes took 11th place. His splits were 44:01.4 swim, 2:46:07.3 bike (20.9 mph), and 1:58:56.8 run (9:05 pace) to finish in 5:34:10.

Stephen Clouthier, Abraham Hernandez, and Louis Neveu also competed in the 40-44 AG. Stephen swam a 38:53.4, biked a 3:06:14.4 (18.7 mph) and ran a 2:23:59 (10:59 pace) to finish in 6:16:09.

Abraham Hernandez' splits were 1:03:05.6 swim, 3:23:22.1 bike (17.1 mph), and 2:16:40.2 half marathon. His overall time was 6:48:38.

Louis Neveu's splits were 43:49.4 swim, 3:21:35.9 bike (17.3 mph), and 3:10:47.2 run. His overall time was 7:31:53. This was the first time Louis and his wife, Kim, competed in this half Ironman distance.

In the 45-49 AG, Sharon Morin claimed 7th place. Sharon posted a 47:22.3 swim, 3:45:10.1 bike (15.5 mph), and second fastest run in her AG at 1:55:04.4 (8:47
pace) for an overall time of 6:35:15.

Jim Harrington won his 45-49 AG with an overall time of 5:14:50. Jim swam a 36:42.4, biked a 2:46:19.5 (20.9 mph), and finished strong with a 1:51:07.2 run (8:29 pace).

Cindy McManis also won her 50-54 AG with a finishing time of 6:31:57. Cindy had the fastest swim 40:08.7 and the fastest bike 3:11:52.2 (18.1 pace) in her AG. She held on with a final half marathon run leg of 2:33:49.

Mary Kerschbaum took 3rd in the same AG with an overall time of 7:28:21. Mary swam a 51:15.9, biked a solid 3:36:57.1 (16.0 pace), and finished with a 2:51:11 run.

In the men's 50-54 AG, Bruce Smart took 13th with an overall time of 6:15:10. He swam a 41:49.2, biked a 3:14:31.5 (17.9 mph), and ran 2:11:13.

Craig Daniell took on his first half Ironman at age 62. He fought hard and finished in 7:58:33. He swam the course in 1:17:42.3, biked 3:37:22.4 (16.0 mph), and ran 2:48:47.

Also taking on her first half IM distance was Kim Neveu who took 5th in her Athena category. She swam a 47:50.3, biked a 3:51:17.6 (15.0 mph), and ran a 2:57:09.6 to finish in 7:45:22.

Competing on relays were Finish Strong Tommy Sustala, Dana Lyons, and Scott Pinkston.
The team of "Dots to FSR" won the male relay. Team member Chris Sustala swam a 26:46, brother Tommy biked a 2:27:27 and Dana Lyons ran the final leg in 1:25:30 for a total time of 4:22:46.

Scott Pinkston swam the first leg for his relay team. (What was your team name, Scott?)

Great job, everyone! Check Finish Strong Coaching facebook for more pictures.