Tuesday, June 30, 2015

ITU World Championship

Congrats to Michelle Howard who represented Finish Strong Coaching as part of TEAM USA at ITU World Championship on June 27 in Sweden.  Michelle finished in an overall time of 8:51:33.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pool Swim locations for Summer

Here is the pool schedule for the rest of the summer.

Monday 7-8pm;
6/28-7/27 @ Alden Bridge
8/3-8/31 @ Creekwood

Wednesday 7-8pm;
6/3-7/29 @ Bear Branch
8/5-8/31 @ Creekwood

Saturday 6:30-7:30am;
6/3-6/27 @ Alden Bridge
7/4 – NO SWIM
7/11-8/29 @ Forestgate

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sylvan Beach Du and Tri

Sixteen Finish Strong athletes represented the team well at the Sylvan Beach Du and Tri on Sunday, June 14 in La Porte, TX.  Competing in the duathlon were Dana Lyons (1st in AG and 6th overall), Sara Portilla (2nd in AG), Julio Morales (6th in AG), Gordon Irving (8th in AG) and Keith Sacchieri (7th in AG).  Competing in the triathlon were Ann Erickson (1st in AG), Sharon Morin (7th in AG), Kathy Morris (3rd in AG), Charles Lussier (7th in AG), Troy Cormier (7th in AG), Alan Ramsey (9th in AG), Stephen Clouthier (11th in AG), Jeff Goodwin ( 12 in AG), Bret Strong (5th in AG), Ken Page (8th in AG), and Phillip DePrang (5th in AG),  The team came in 4th overall.

Here's results:
Dana Lyons 1:14:39
Sara Portilla 1:26:25
Julio Morales 1:29:59
Gordon Irving 1:34:01
Keith Sacchieri 1:42:35

Ann Erickson 1:37:27
Sharon Morin 1:52:32
Kathy Morris1:53:28.8
Troy Cormier 1:21:53.6
Charles Lussier 1:23:46
Alan Ramsey 1:24:39.0
Stephen Clouthier 1:28:45.0
Jeff Goodwin 1:28:47.4
Bret Strong 1:27:39.1
Kenneth Page 1:47:15.0
Phillip DePrang 1:28:49.2



Ironman 70.3 Eagleman

Congrats to Finish Strong's Jim Harrington who raced the Ironman 70.3 Eagleman on Sunday, June 14 in Maryland.  Jim had a great race finishing in 6:06.

Here are Jim's splits:

Harrington, JimUSA4747600:40:2402:37:4102:44:3406:06:30
For more results, go to:

Boulder 70.3

Congrats to Finish Strong's Taylor Riall, Rodrigo Abascal, and Susan Hardwick-Smith for racing on Saturday, June 13 at Boulder 70.3.

Taylor finished 22nd in her AG in an overall time of 5:54:52.  Taylor's splits were 37:35 swim, 2:57:40 bike, and 2:12:16 run.  Taylor reported that sections of the run course were gravel and slick.  She had a bad fall but pressed on to complete the race.

Rodrigo finished 19th in his AG in an overall time of 5:57:23.  Rodrigo's splits were 35:32 swim, 2:46:33 bike, and 2:30:27 run.  Rodrigo's parents and girlfriend, Amanda, were there to cheer him on to finish his fourth 70.3 race!

Susan finished 24th in her AG in an overall time of 6:07:18.  Susan's splits were 43:24 swim, 2:54:25 bike, and 2:16:40 run.

Way to go, Team!!

Rodrigo ready for swim

Rodrigo on bike course

Rodrigo on the run.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

T-Gator Sprint Triathlon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Troy Cormier who won his 45-49 age group at the T-Gator Sprint Triathlon in Lake Charles held on Sunday, June 7.  The race distances were 500 meter swim, 15 mile Bike and 2.5 mile run. See below for Troy's splits.  Way to represent the team!  Any pics?

For more on race, go to: 


Houston Marathon Race Registration

Chevron Houston Marathon registration is open. .

Finish Strong Coaching offers a group marathon/half marathon program for Houston Marathon and Half Marathon that begins October 17 (one week after 10 for Texas).  Do you want to start training with a group earlier?  Sign up for our 10 for Texas program that begins July 18 thru race day on October 10th. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Escape from Alcatraz

Some 2,000 athletes took to the chilly waters off Alcatraz Island early Sunday morning, June 7 and swam a mile and a half, biked another 18 miles and topped that off with a 7.5-mile run.
Two hours and two minutes later, the leaders of the annual Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon sprinted to the finish, with American Eric Lagerstrom edging out reigning champion Andy Potts by two seconds. Ashleigh Gentle of Australia won the women’s race in two hours, 13 minutes and 43 seconds.

In all, the event featured 21 professional athletes and thousands of triathlon enthusiasts from 40 countries. The oldest participant was 76 years old, the youngest 16. The average age was 41, and 76 percent were men.

Among those competing was Kent Morris finished finished in 2:44:47, a PR by almost 7 minutes. Kent placed on the podium by finishing 3rd in his 55-59 AG.  Way to go, Kent.  The race announcer said it best, "You’ve done it. You’ve escaped!”