Sunday, August 25, 2013

Clear Lake Olympic and Sprint Tri

Eight Finish Strong athletes competed at the Clear Lake Triathlons on Saturday, August 25.  Alison Nixon and Jesse Balboa competed in the sprint race.  Alison came in 4th in her 35-39 AG and Jesse came in 10th in his 40-44 AG.

Competing in the Olympic distance race were Susan Hardwick-Smith, Manuel Abascal, Chris Normyle, Bryan Bandeko, Alan Jones and Sara Jones.  Susan came in 4th in her 45-49 AG, Bryan came in 4th in his 45-49 AG, Manuel came in 11th in his 45-49 AG, and Chris Normyle came in 11th in his 50-54 AG.

Susan Hardwick-Smith placed 4th in her AG in the Olympic distance race.

Competing in a mixed relay were Alan and Sara Jones and their friend Michael Spencer.  Michael swam, Alan biked and Sara ran.  Their relay team took 2nd!  (See photo below.)

Alan Jones, Michael Spencer, and Sara Jones take 2nd in Olympic mixed relay!
Way to go, team!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Congrats to Finish Strong's Pia Grossman and Jeanette Hagelskaer for a job well done at Tri Girl on Sunday, August 18.  Jeanette was a podium girl - placing 3rd in her AG.  Woo hoo!

Pia Grossman and Jeanette Hagelskaer rock at Tri Girl!

Calgary 70.3

Congrats to Finish Strong's Don Cole who competed at the 70.3 in Calgary on July 28th.  Don finished in 5:26, 9th in his AG.  Attached is a photo of Don and his sister a few meters before the finish line. Don says, "She was on a relay team and she caught me 4km before the finish."

Don Cole nearing finish at Calgary 70.3 race!

Volunteer and/or race the open at Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights cross-country meet will be held on Friday, August 30th at Bear Branch Fields off Research Forest.  FNL begins with an open race at 6:30pm, then follows with the high school invitational cross-country meet.

Please consider running the open 2 mile race at 6:30pm (cost is $5 to benefit TWHS Girls XC Team). You sign up to run at Bear Branch fields that evening between 5:30-6:15pm.  We would also love you to  volunteer to help out at the race.

The link to help volunteer is below:

Thanks!!  Any questions?  Contact Deb Lyons at

Monday, August 12, 2013

USAT National Oympic Distance Championships

The USAT National Oympic Distance Championships Race was held in Milwaukee on Saturday, August 10th.  Cindy McManis, Lisanne Rogers, Tim Vibrock and Kent Morris all participated.  Overall times listed below.  Some serious competition at this race, FSR athletes held their own.

Cindy McManis with her bike in the transition area.

Tim Vibrock 50-54 AG - 2:15:03
Kent Morris - 50-54 AG - 2:17:39
Lisanne Rogers - 45-49 AG - 2:44:45
Cindy McManis - 50-54 AG - 2:58:29

River Cities Tri

FSR husband-and-wife duo Kent and Cathy Morris and newbie Jan Kaiser competed at River Cities Tri in Shereveport, LA on August 3.  The race is held at Cypress Black Bayou Recreation and Conservation Park. It is a sprint distance (800 meter swim, 18.2 bike, and 5k run).  Kent finished 2nd in his 50-54 AG with an overall time of 1:29:26.  Kent reports that Kathy also stayed strong and finished the race.  (Unfortunately, I can't find her results.)  New to the sport, Jan Kaiser also raced and finished in 2:39:34.

For more details, go to:

FSC Postcard from Istanbul, Turkey

Bill Blount sporting his FSC shirt in Turkey!

"Here is a picture of me in my FSC shirt in Istanbul, Turkey. I am standing in front of the Blue Mosque built between 1609 and 1616, one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey. We visited during Ramadan when Islamic devotees must refrain from all eating and drinking (including water) between sunrise and sunset  every day for a month. Nearly every day we spent in Istanbul, I ran near this mosque. After Ramadan ended I shared a park with Turkish runners who did post run Yoga stretches on top of a hill I ran up and down. By the way, Istanbul has about 18,000,000 people in its metro area.  Best wishes, Bill Blount"

Bridgeland Tri

Injured Travys Townson doesn't quit, but finishes the race!
On August 3, Thirty-nine Finish Strong athletes were among the 1150 athletes who competed in the Bridgeland Tri held in Cypress, TX .  Coach Dana Lyons was the overall age group winner (only elites or pros beat him) and was awarded the master’s winner.  Meril Moen won the grand master’s award.
Ronnie Delzer, Dana Lyons, and Meril Moen.
Alan Jones on the run!

The FSC athletes who competed (in no particular order) include:

Kirk Langford
Rodney Cole
Steve Hardy - 8th in AG
Danny Ratliff
Alan Jones 12th in AG
Bryan Bandeko - 7th in AG
Jesse Balboa
Jesus Carias
Manuel Abascal
Sara Vanderford - 6th in AG
Scot Farrand
Meril Moen (grandmasters winner)
John Tortorici
Pia Grossman - 12th in AG
Andreas Grossman
Mike Flake
John McGowan (PR!)
James Vultagio (PR!)
Tommy Behe
Jed Beck
Laith Kosa
Matt Horak
Susan Hardwick-Smith
Taylor Riall - 8th in AG
Tim Thurman
Alison Nixon - 13th in AG
Chris Normyle
Ronnie Delzer - 6th in AG
Chris Wendt - 10th in AG
Casey Clark
Michael Everett
Kathleen Crea - 7th in AG
Illeana Carroll - 8th in AG
Travys Townson
Arran Keith
Rip Reynolds 11th in AG
Art Fresquez
Dana Lyons (overall AG winner and master's winner)

For more on results, go to

Tons more photos of team taken by the lovely Ira at this link: