Monday, October 18, 2010

Ironman 70.3 Austin

Longhorn Ironman 70.3 Austin took place in Austin, Texas on October 17. With 50 qualifying spots for the 2010 Ironman World Championship 70.3, this was a highly competitive race. The course included a 1.2 mile freshwater swim in Decker Lake at Walter E. Long Park. The bike was a 56 mile spectacular, scenic one-loop course through rolling Texas ranches. The 13.1 mile run course meandered through Walter E. Long Park, along the shores of Decker Lake and through the Travis County Expo Center grounds.

Competing in the race from TEAM FSR were Ed York, Marshall McInnis, Scott Peterson, Josh Scott, Patrick Sexton and soon-to-be coached athlete Winston Cervantes.

Ed York, 48, had a phenomenal race. Ed came in 5th in his crazy competitive 45-49 AG and 120th overall. He posted a 34:41 swim, 2:22:54 bike, and 1:38:35 half marathon for an overall time of 4:42:07. He just missed securing a spot in the world championship, but not for lack of effort. This race was a PR for Ed.

Marshall McInnis, 41, also had a fine race. He came in 122nd in his age group and 927th overall. Marshall swam a 32:14, biked a 2:52:12, and ran a 2:19:40 for an overall time of 5:53:00.

Scott Peterson, 29, finished with an overall time of 5:01:27. Scott came in 27th in his age group and 254 overall. His splits were 32:58 swim, 2:41:02 bike, and 1:41:53run.

Josh Scott, 36, completed the event in 5:35:30 coming in 119th in his age group and 645th overall. Josh ran a 32:46, biked a 2:47:26 and ran a 2:10:32.

Patrick Sexton, 40, came in 31st in his age group and 247th overall. Patrick's splits were 32:13 swim, 2:31:04 bike, 1:52:12 run for an overall time of 5:00:45. He averaged 8:33 per mile pace on the final half marathon.

Winston Cervantes who participated in Finish Strong Coaching Half Ironman camp completed the Austin 70.3 in 5:46:39. Winston, 42, came in 107th in his AG and 826th overall. His splits were 44:17 swim, 2:45:57 bike, and 2:08:49 run.

Congrats to all the half ironman athletes!!

Try Andy's Triathlon

The 18th Annual AMICA Try Andy's Tri was held on Sunday Oct 17, 2010 in Sugarland. The race included a 300-meter straight-shot lake swim/ 10-mile flat, fast bike/3-mile neighborhood run. TEAM FSR youth represented the team well.

Hannah Barron, 13, came in second in her 10-14 age group. She clocked a 5:17 swim, followed by a 30:17 bike (19.8mph pace), and the fastest run in her age group at 21:59 run (7:20 pace). Hannah's overall time was 1:00:25.4.

Hannah's older sister, Katherine, 15, took first in her 15-19 age group. Katherine was fastest in her age group for all three legs. She swam a 5:14, biked a 29:42 (20.2mph pace), and finished the final run in 23:47 (7:56 pace). Katherine's overall time was 1:00:39.5.

Younger brother, Lane, 11, came in 4th in his 10-14 AG. Lane swam a 6:34, biked 27:50(21.6 mph pace), and ran 24:08 (8:03 pace). His overall time was 1:00:40.7.

Rodrigo Abascal, 17, came in 2nd in his 15-19 AG. Rodrigo swam 4:13, biked a 25:00 (24 mph pace), and ran the final leg in 19:38 (6:33 pace) for an overall time of 50:43.9.
Finish Strong coached athlete David Molthen also did extremely well. Dave came in 3rd in his 45-49 AG with an overall time of 52:21. His splits were 4:47 swim, 25:41 bike (23.4 pace), and 20:18 run (6:46 pace).

Great job!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chicago Marathon

The Chicago marathon with over 45,000 participants and an enormous number of spectators was held on October 10, 2010. Team FSR Gavish Mago and Kristin Collins were there.

Despite hotter than expected weather conditions, Gavish had a great race just 4 seconds shy of a personal best. The heat made the last few miles painful, but Gavish pressed on and finished strong.
Gavish clocked in at 2:56:37 placing 570 overall and 101 in his division.

Kristin completed this beastly marathon in 3:49:53. Her time for the first half was 1:52:34. She placed 219 in her division. Congrats to Kristin and Gavish!

Du the Bear Duathlon

Abascals, Barrons, and Lyons teamed up for a wonderful showing for Team FSR on Sunday, October 10 at Du the Bear Duathlon in West Houston.

Dana came in 2nd overall and claimed the master's title in 47:37. His first run was 11:04 (5:32 pace), followed by a 24:31 bike (24.5 mph pace) and 11:01 final run (5:31 pace - achieving a negative split.)

Hannah and Katherine Barron both won their age groups. Hannah, age 13, won the female 14 and under group with an overall time of 1:00:55. Hannah cruised through the first run with a 13:51 (6:56 pace), held on with a 32:16 bike (18.6 pace), and did a negative split on the final run with a time of 13:17 (6:39 pace).

Katherine won the female 15 to 18 age group by clocking a 1:02:15 duathlon. Her splits were 15:23 (7:42 pace) run, 31:05 bike (19.3 pace), and a very strong finish with a negative split 14:47 (7:24 pace).

At only 11 years of age, Lane Barron took on older boys and placed 4th in the 14 and under age group. Lane ran a 13:51 (6:56 pace); biked a 30:04 (20.0 mph); and finished with a 14:12 (7:06 pace) final run.

The Barron parents got in on the action, too. Carolyn finished 6th in her 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:04:57. Carolyn ran a fast 16:32 (8:16 pace), biked a solid 30:22 (19.8 pace), and finished her last run in 16:55 (8:28 pace).

Husband Randy put in a solid performance finishing 1:01:22. His first run was 14:08 (7:04 pace), biked a 29:32 (20.3 pace), and ran the last leg in 15:30 (7:45 pace).

The Abascal family was well represented by Rodrigo and his dad, Manuel. Rodrigo took 4th in the 15-19 AG with an overall time of 54:12. His first run was 11:53 (5:57 pace), his bike was 27:42 (21.7 pace) and his final run was 13:39 (6:50 pace). And this was one day after he ran the ten-mile Ten for Texas race!

Manuel finished in stayed under one hour with an overall time of 59:11. He ran 14:15 (7:08), biked a 28:50 (20.8 pace), and ran 14:42 (7:21 pace).

Great job!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten for Texas

Ten for Texas race participants enjoyed beautiful weather in The Woodlands on Saturday, October 9. We had a huge turnout among Finish Strong athletes.

Chip time - Women
01:12:52 Christelle Gigant
01:25:11 Judith Clark
01:25:39 Jennifer Severns (pictured above!)
01:29:47 Henri Van Wyngaarden
01:42:14 Irasema De Aquino
01:55:28 April Davis
01:19:49 Lisa Hill (Hits her goal!)
01:27:44 Jackie Lewis
01:28:17 Staci Bouthillette
01:28:47 Laura Gaddy
01:34:14 Shani Monk (Newly "tattoed"!)
01:50:01 Christina Nordstrom

01:12:55 Sharon Morin (2nd in AG!)
01:46:40 Donna Bloh
01:23:36 Susan Schreiber (4th in AG)
01:23:36 Deb Lyons (PR!)
02:09:01 Diane Novak
01:51:18 Janet Luna

01:45:42 Jennifer Allen
01:49:58 Laurel Cutter
01:39:35 Courtney Myers
01:37:38 Alison Paff
01:40:15 Clare Winstanley

Chip time - Men
01:08:33 Rodrigo Abascal (2nd in AG)
01:00:49 Ronnie Delzer (2nd in AG)
01:21:58 Joshua Scott
01:23:35 Jon Yarborough (PR! 4:47 faster than last year)
01:02:15 Michael Menster (3rd in AG)
01:06:49 Timothy J. Monk
01:10:13 Clint Bryant
01:10:17 Casey Clark
01:09:30 Rip Reynolds
01:10:46 William Glaser (10 minutes faster than last year!)
01:15:33 Manuel Abascal
01:14:33 Jody Gaddy
01:23:43 Jeff Thomson (4 sec/mile faster than goal!)
01:23:47 Max Bachrach
01:05:16 Drew George (2nd in AG! 2 min faster than last year. Pictured above.)
01:12:23 Jim Harrington
01:13:11 Kyle Mays
01:21:43 Kim McElligott
01:22:57 Bret Strong
01:28:47 Richard Cooper (Rich had negative splits!)
01:21:51 Chris Normyle
01:22:20 David Smart
01:18:33 Phillip Deprang
01:30:39 William Blount
01:29:23 Roger Mercier

Way to go!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Iron Kids National Championships

On Sunday, October 3, Lane, Hannah and Katherine Barron, Junior triathletes, competed at the Iron Kids National Championships in St. Petersburg, FL.
Katherine and Hannah did the same distances - 300m swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run. Katherine placed 3rd out of 11 in her 15 year old age group. She swam 6:14 (2:05/100 pace); biked a 23:12 (20.7mph pace); and ran 16:44 (8:22 pace) for an overall time of 47:52. Hannah placed 6th out of 22 in her 13 year old age group. Hannah swam 5:58 (1:59/100 pace); biked 23:15 (20.6mph pace); and ran 16:10 (8:05 pace).

Lane placed 12th out of 47 competitors in the 11 year old age group. The distance for his event was 150m swim, 4 mile bike, and 1 mile run. He swam 2:50 (1:53/100pace), biked 11:45 (20.4 mph), and ran 8:00 for a total time of 24:32.

Way to go Barrons!!

USAT Long Course Tri Championships

On Sunday, October 3, Finish Strong Coach athletes Dana Lyons, Kent Morris, and Tommy Sustala were in a field of over 700 competitors at the USAT Long Course Halfmax Tri Championship in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The triathlon turned into a duathlon when race directors learned of the dangerous e coli count in the bay.
Dana came in 19th overall and won his 50-54 AG qualifying him to participate in the World Championships held in Las Vegas in 2011.
Here are the results:

Dana Lyons 2:21:05 (23.8 mph pace) bike; 1:27:32 (6:41 per mi pace) run, overall time 3:51:59

Kent Morris 2:27:20 (22.8 mph pace) bike: 1:55:36 (8:50 per mile pace) run, overall time 4:26:42

Tommy Sustala 2:21:34 (23.7 mph) bike; 1:43:30 (7:55 per mile pace) run, overall time 4:09:56