Wednesday, May 28, 2014

10 for Texas - Sign up for race and training before prices go up!

Sign up for the 10 for Texas race.  Prices go up June 1st!  Also, this race always sells out quickly!

Here's link to register:

Also, sign up for group training with Finish Strong Coaching here under the payments tab.  Training begins in July!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Silverlake Tri

Silverlake Sprint Tri (400m/9m/3mi) was held Sunday, May 25th in Pearland.  Finish Strong Coaching was very well represented by Alan Jones (1st in AG), Kathy Morris (3rd in AG), Casey Clark (2nd in AG) and Phillip DePrang (2nd in AG).  Also representing FSC was Jack Alexander who was male master's winner at the sprint race and 3rd overall.

Kathy Morris, Casey Clark, Alan Jones and Phillip DePrang take on Sliverlake Tri!

Alan Jones wins his AG and 6th overall!  Alan had the second fastest bike of the day!

Kathy Morris takes 3rd in her division.

1 Alan Jones 43 3 8:06.4 2 1:50.2 1 22:38.4 23.9MPH 1 0:57.3 1 20:47.5 6:56/M 54:19.9

2 Casey Clark 43 2 8:03.3 1 1:46.7 4 26:19.7 20.5MPH 2 1:11.4 3 22:07.7 7:22/M 59:28.9

3    Kathy Morris 50 4 12:20.9 3 2:58.0 3 30:35.9 17.7MPH 2 1:31.4 5 33:46.0 11:15/M 1:21:12.4

2 Phillip Deprang  63 2 9:50.8 2 2:11.3 2 27:13.6 19.8MPH 1 0:51.1 2 22:58.4 7:39/M 1:03:05.4

1 3 Jack Alexander 2 60 1 6:53.5 1 1:52.8 1 23:12.7 23.3MPH 1 1:08.2 1 19:23.5 6:28/M 52:30.8

For more results, go to:

Run The Woodlands - Honoring Veterans

Luke's Locker hosted its bi-monthly Run The Woodlands 5K on Saturday, May 24 in honor of those servicemen and women who have served our country.  Among the participants were Kevin Baker (18:35) and 25:28 for Katerina, 21:34 for Lara Dunlap-Font, and a comeback from injury run for Aisha.  Great morning to run and honor veterans!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ironman Texas

Congratulations to 21 Finish Strong athletes who competed in Ironman Texas on Saturday, May 17th here in The Woodlands. Athletes, volunteers, and spectators enjoyed less hot and humid conditions than usually prevail for race day.  

Here are the results:

Barron, Carolyn                    15:33:05
Beltran, Gabriel                      14:41:38
Clouthier, Stephen                    12:02:24 - PR!
Fresquez, Art                            12:27:53
Hernandez, Abraham 1st IM    15:06:58
Howard, Michelle 1st IM    13:43:36
Hoover, Angel 1st IM    16:00:28
Ariza, Fernando 1st IM    14:40:29
Jones, Sara            12:06:33
Monk, Timothy                            10:03:46
Morales,Quinci 1st IM    16:01:56 -- Youngest IM TX 2014 finisher!
Page, Kenneth                       15:10:55
Ratliff, James "Danny"                   14:16:54
Shannon, Denise 1st IM    16:32:56
Shrewsbury, Gloria 1st IM    15:30:37
Tortorici, John                            14:49:51 - Raised most $ for IM Foundation!
Townson, Travys            10:43:46 -- 54 minute PR!
Vanderford, Sara     1st IM finish 16:16:03 - Completed with fractured ankle!
Wendt, Chris                            12:16:26
Zubay, Geoffrey                   11:02:25

Adnan Afzal started the race but unforunately didn't make the swim cut-off time.

Also, our friend and pro triathlete from the Ukraine, Olesya Prystayko, raced with a broken toe:
Prystayko, Olesya                        9:46:21.


Thumbs up from Travys at start of the race!



Gloria and Angel

Sara Jones - ready to go!

Stephen and Chris plot their swim.






Aisha helping at the water station.

Gloria with Coach Dana

John  with Coach Dana

Sara with her medal!

Sara V finishing the run with a fractured ankle!
Travis with 54 minute PR!!!

For more results, go to

Lots more photos and video are also posted on Finish Strong Coaching FB page.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pro/Coach Panel on Triathlons at Memorial Hermann Ironman Sports Medicine Institute

Triathletes and Coaches Special event!

Pro triathlete Kelly Williamson and her husband (and coach) Derick Williamson (Durata Training), as well as local triathlete coaches Dana Lyons (Finish Strong Coaching) Karen PM (Outrival Racing), and TJ Fry (Southcoast Endurance) held a dynamic triathlete panel at the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in The Woodlands on Wednesday, May 14. Great time networking with other triathletes and Q&A with the panel.

Kelly Williamson has quietly racked up an impressive array of victories and podium finishes over the last several years.  A pure runner at heart, Kelly has proven herself to be a formidable competitor at any distance. In 2011, Kelly finished 2nd in the inaugural Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas race and is racing it again this year. She had her best season to date in 2012 after racing professionally for 10 seasons, which included a 1:14 half marathon at 3M to kick off the year, followed winning the US Pro Championships at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas 70.3, winning San Juan 70.3, Muncie 70.3, and finishing 2nd at Panama 70.3 and the 70.3 World Championships. Kelly and Derick are co-founders of Austin-based Durata Training and reside in Austin, Texas with their Australian Cattle Dog, Amico, and their 25-lb cat, Corgi.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Texas 10 Plano

Congratulations to Finish Strong Coaching athletes Kevin Baker (won his AG), Katerina Savelieva (2nd place in 5 mile race), and Nora Wilson (won her AG). All enjoyed podium finishes at Texas 10 Plano race held on Saturday, May 10. Kevin reports, "More hills and wind than expected but we fought through it and enjoyed the beautiful course with horses running in the pasture along side the runners, wild flowers, and sun shining."

Nora won her AG in 1:26 flat.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Youth Elite Tri in Richmond

Congrats to Finish Strong Coaching's Lane Barron who enjoyed a Top 5 finish in Richmond -- first youth elite draft legal triathlon in a 4-race USAT national series.

Ironman Texas Race Director Advice

ATHLETE GUIDE NIGHT!!! Please pass the word around!!
Bike Lane, Thursday, May 8 at 6:30PM

Scott Langen, Race Director and a few others will be on hand to answer questions regarding all the items outlined in your GUIDE which can be found online!

Come hear it from the Race Director himself, don't wait to read it the night before!!Perform and Bonkers will be available!! Registration, timing, locations, cut-offs, etc!! Come meet your friends for a TXIM night before the BIG DAY!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Sixty-three Finish Strong triathletes and at least 26 Finish Strong volunteers took part in the CBI Triathlon hosted by the Woodlands Township on Saturday, May 3rd.  It was a beautiful day with cool temperatures and an abbreviated bike course (10 miles) due to construction. Our athletes had some impressive finishes, personal records, and great comebacks.

Tim Monk and Chantal Requier won the male and female master's.  Seven others enjoyed AG wins: Jack Alexander, CJ Stewart, Michael Novelli, Ute Hagemann, Kristin Gohlke, Ann Erickson, and Kathy Morris (Athena).  Five others enjoyed podium finishes:  Kent Morris, Zach Miller, Lyuba Castillo, Phillip DePrang, and Sara Jones (relay).

Our wonderful first time triathletes included Pam Meaux, Janet Luna, Heather Lininger, Brook Novelli and Ellen Kurtz-Hammond.  And nice comeback from Sharon Morin!

Alan Jones ready to swim!
Sara Jones relay team takes 3rd.  Nicely done!
Way to go, Finish Strong Team!
Dynamic duo of Brook and Mike Novelli.  Brook's 1st tri and she was 4th in her AG.  Mike won his AG!
Chantal Requier wins women's masters!
Tim Monk wins male master's!
Zach Miller places 2nd in his AG!
Ute Hagemann wins her AG!

Pamela and Frank report "CBI was not our first, but the confidence we had on the swim was over the top thanks to all we learned from Finish Strong."

Timothy Monk Male Master's winner, 6th overall         53:38
Jack Alexander 1st in 55-59 AG, 12th overall    55:40
Cj Stewart, 1st in 50-54 AG, 15th overall          56:18
Kent Morris, 3rd in 50-54 AG, 17th overall          56:37
Scott Peterson,  5th in M 30-34 AG,  20th overall 57:04
Zachary Miller, 2nd in 20-24 AG, 21st overall       57:05
Ed York,  4th in AG,  30th overall                         57:37
Michael Menster 4th in AG, 36th overall                58:11
Alan Jones 6th in AG, 38th overall                         58:17
Felix Hagemann 7th in AG, 42nd overall                58:41
Jim Harrington, 5th in AG, 48th overall                  59:21
Michael Novelli, 1st in AG, 50th overall                59:28
Daniel Hannon  9th in AG, 62nd male overall        1:00:39
Chantal Requier, F Master's winner, 3rd F overall 1:00:49
Aki Laine , 13th in AG, 68 M overall                     1:01:05
Chris Hirsekorn 15th in AG                                   1:01:16
Michael Everett , 8th in AG, 88th M overall           1:01:58
William Blackbird, 8th in AG                                1:02:51
Ute Hagemann,   1st in AG,  9th F overall             1:02:55
Jesus Carias 20th in AG                                       1:03:04
Lyuba Castillo, 2nd in AG, 10th F overall             1:03:50
Casey Clark, 22nd in AG                                    1:03:57
Geno Zicarelli 23rd in AG                                    1:04:19
Bryan Bandeko , 14th in AG                                 1:04:35
John McGowan 26th in AG                             1:04:40
Steve Hardy, 19th in AG                                      1:05:43
Bret Strong, 13th in AG                                       1:05:49
Dale Claudel 32nd in AG                                     1:06:11
Gabriel Belforti, 35th in AG                                 1:06:34
Charles Lussier 36th in AG                                  1:06:52
Phillip Deprang   3rd in AG                                  1:07:16
Kristen Gohlke   1st in AG, 25th F overall           1:08:04
J. Scott Reaves 48th in AG                                 1:09:11
Fernanfo Ariza 49th in AG                                  1:09:36
Manuel Abascal 31st in AG                                 1:10:02
Scott Farrand 24th in AG                                1:12:00
James Vultaggio 62nd in AG                             1:12:09
Michelle Irving  8th in AG 54th F overall           1:12:36
Frank Halter 4th in AG                                     1:12:40
Kenneth Page 18th in AG                          1:13:44
Jeanette Hagelskaer 9th in AG 63 F overall       1:13:52
Pamela Paling 10th in AG, 64 F overall     1:13:54
Gloria Shrewsbury 11th in AG,  65 F overall     1:13:58
Gordon Irving 47th in AG                                 1:14:49
Pam Meaux  6th in AG 78th F overall               1:15:18
Ann Erickson 1st in AG, 80th F overall             1:15:32
Robert Bailey 35th in AG                               1:15:55
Ellen Kurtz-Hammond 2nd in AG,  95th  F       1:16:51
Sara Vanderford 8th in AG 100th F overall       1:16:57
Edwin Beck 37th in AG                                    1:17:04
Brian Waldrop 5th Clydesdale                          1:17:44
Sharon Morin 11th in AG                                  1:19:47
Adnan Afzal  63rd in AG                                   1:21:21
Private Profile  50th in AG                          1:23:22 Brad, is this you?
Pia Grossmann 23rd in AG                                1:23:49
Brook Novelli  4th in AG                                   1:24:43
Kathy Morris 1st Athena                          1:24:52
Irasema De Aquino 46th in AG                          1:26:49
Heather Lininger 24th in AG                              1:30:13
Janet Luna 28th in AG                                       1:32:37
Alfredo Gonzalez 42nd in AG                            1:40:00

Relay Team
We Ain't Bluff'n Sara Jones 3rd            1:01:27
Carolyn Barron (can't find your team?)

Also, shout out to all the Finish Strong Coaching volunteers - Bill Glaser, Ronnie Delzer, Kim Mac Namee, Ron McCauley, Mike Flake, Bob Bailey, Kari Gilley, Sarah P-M, Jesse Balboa, Kathleen Crea, Stephen Clouthier, Dana Lyons, Deb Lyons,  Ana Sofia Ariza, David Warren, Angel Ybanez, Paul Allan, Gina Beauchamp, Andreas Grossman, Olesya Prystayko, Tim Vibrock, Cara Hafer, Elaine Page. Jennifer Forsberg, Matt Horak, Ileana Carroll and others.  This race would not have gone so smoothly without you!

For more details on results, go to:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crawdad Dash 5K and Mud Run

On May 31st, at The Oil Ranch in Hockley, TX Founders Baptist Church will be hosting a 5K Race and Mud Run open to all Northwest Houston communities. For only $40 you choose between a 5K competitive race or a 5K obstacle/mud run! Afterwards you can enjoy all you can eat Crawfish and a t-shirt to commemorate the event! All proceeds from the race will go towards youth Summer Camp Scholarships! Race starts at 10:30 am. For more information visit: