Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bill Crews 5K Remission Run

Finish Strong athletes did great at the Bill Crews Remission Run (5K) on Saturday, January 28. Kudos to Tuesday Night Track regular, Tammy Grado, who claimed the top female master's spot with a time of 23:52 at a 7:42/mile pace. Tammy is still on cloud nine from her amazing PR and win!

No stranger to the podium, Brandon Sager, placed 2nd in his 25-29 men with a time of 17:25 (5:37/mile) pace. (See photo: Brandon is at the starting line wearing Finish Strong t-shirt.)

Suzanne Devore took first in her 40-44 AG in a time of 24:02.

Winston Cervantes placed 2nd in his 40-44 AG in a time of 19:57.

Katherine Powell and Mary Kerschbaum took 5th and 6th in their 50-54 AG. Katherine held a 8:48 pace to finish in 27:17. Mary was close behind to finish in 28:01.

Special recognition to Finish Strong Coach Susie Schreiber for all her work behind the scenes to help make this race a success.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coach Kim Schultz-Hager joins Finish Strong Coaching

Finish Strong Coaching is pleased to announce that Kim Schultz-Hager has joined our coaching staff. Kim is a fabulous coach and athlete who brings a wealth of knowledge to benefit triathletes, duathletes, and runners of all ages and abilities. Kim is a USAT Certified Coach Level 1, USAT Youth and Junior Certified Coach, and USATF Level 1 Certified Coach. Kim has qualified and competed in multiple Ironman Hawaii World Championships, including 2011. She qualified for the 2004 US Olympic team for women's marathon by running a 2:47 marathon. She's recently captured first in her age group for many triathlon and running races including some local favorites such as 2009 Ten for Texas 1:02:53 and 2007 Houston Half Marathon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Olympic Trials Winner with Finish Strong's Shannon Crowe

Meb Keflezighi, winner of the men's U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, is pictured above with Finish Strong Racing's Shannon Crowe and her daughter. The U.S. Olympic Martahon Trials were held here in Houston on Saturday, January 15. Meb won the title in the men’s race with a finish in 2 hours 9 minutes 8 seconds.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Disney Marathon and Half Marathon

Finish Strong Racing's Danny and Brandi Watterson celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary by participating in the Disney marathon on January 8. Danny took on the Goofy challenge and ran both the half marathonin 2:15:57 on Saturday followed by the marathon on Sunday. The couple enjoyed the photo opportunities of running through the Magic Kingdom for 26.2 miles together on Sunday in 4:33:34!
Way to go!

Houston Marathon and Half Marathon

January 15 was a great day with cool temperatures -- perfect for running the Houston Marathon or Half Marathon! Sixty-one Finish Strong athletes marked the day with stellar performances in both the marathon (37) and half marathon (24). Eight athletes qualified for the Boston marathon, three athletes placed first or second in their AG, and several enjoyed their best personal record.
Marathon results:
Jen Anthony 3:26:11 - Boston Qualifier!
Casey Clark 4:01:44
Judith Clark 3:39:17 (est)
Stephen Clouthier 4:06:50
Kristin Collins 3:48:41 -- 2nd fastest of her 20 marathons!
Michael Collins 3:55:33
Jose Contreras 4:46:58
Phillip Deprang 4:01:44
Christelle Gigant 3:23:04 - Boston Qualifier!
Bill Glaser 3:21:44
Tammy Grado 4:31:44
Susan Hardwick-Smith 4:13:08
Jim Harrington 3:30:50
Dustin Harris 3:15:02
Misty Harris 3:51:40
Lisa Hill 3:38:24 - Boston Qualifier!
David Kayda 3:00:14 - Boston Qualifier!
Charlie Knific 3:55:32
Bill Mack 4:24:04
Ron McCauley 4:37:57
Kim McElligott 3:49:55
Jessica Menendez 3:30:11 Boston Qualifier and PR!
Michael Menster 3:13:07 - Boston Qualifier!
Roger Mercier 4:58:08
Julio Morales 4:15:39
Leo Morales 3:07:34 (est)
Quinci Morales 4:30:54 - 2nd in her AG!
Skip Moschell 3:07:13 - Boston Qualifier!
Matthew Murphy 5:19:30
Alan Neely 3:50:04
Scott Pinkston 4:50
Cory Richard 5:21:03 - PR by 22 minutes!
Brandon Sager 2:53:22 - Boston Qualifier!
Colleen Sager 4:32:09
Josh Scott 3:34:24
Robert Simmons 3:26:39
Sandy Vasser 3:59:18

Half Marathon Results:
Manuel Abascal 2:09:27
Rodrigo Abascal 1:44:15
David Barnes 1:44:22
Don Cole 1:37:14
Rich Cooper 2:06:55
Shannon Crowe 1:37:40
Irasema DeAquino 2:14:43
Lindsay Erck 2:25:50
Max French 1:39:55 - 1st for boys 7-11 years!
Jessica Gonzales 1:35:1
Steve Hardy 1:56:04
Michael Lechtenberg 1:35:25
Marshall McInnis 1:56:19
Pam Meaux 1:34:58 - 2nd in her AG!
Mary Mitchell 2:01:41 - PR by 24 minutes!
Kim Neveu 2:15:24 - PR
Louis Neveu 2:32:28
Chris Normyle 1:53:55
Willie Ocejo 1:54:45
Terry Peppers 1:42:45
Scott Peterson 1:18:20
Anne Powell 2:25:49
Rip Reynolds 1:29:41
Tommy Sustala 1:32:51
William Tietze 1:37:33
Way to go, ya'll!!