Thursday, November 26, 2015

GE Run Through The Woods

Happy Thanksgiving!  45 (and counting) Finish Strong athletes enjoyed running at The Woodlands' GE Run Through the Woods with family and friends.  Once again, great turn out and fine results.  (Kudos to Russell Meyer for photos and compiling results for me.)

Belforti family - all run at Run Thru the Woods.  Gabe places 3rd male master's in 3 mile; Julia Belforti win her AG in 3 mile; son Oliver (in FSC run group) places 3rd in his AG, and twin sisters run the 1 mile.

Mike Menster and Bill Glaser

Cindy Byer, Joann Blakely, Skip Moschell

Skip Moschell, Brian and Greg Gohlke

Andreas and Pia Grossman

Rip Reynolds

Gabe Belforti

 Mike Menster wins male masters!

Pam Meaux wins her AG!

Another podium finish for Bill Glaser!

Rip Reynolds podium finish.

Kevin Baker wins his AG

Tim Vibrock podium finish

Results for 2015 - Run thru the Woods - 3 Miler
The Woodlands, TX on Thursday, 11/26/2015
Just of Finish Strong Members as of 10-2015

Female Finishers: 711
Male Finishers: 676
Total Finishers: 1387

Runner's NameChip TimeDivision Award
Carl Holt
3rd Male 45 to 49
Victor Martinez
3rd Male 40 to 44
Yves Puisieux
3rd Male 50 to 54
Ryan Myers
Ileana Carroll
Cesar Patino
Pia Grossmann
Ed York
Jeanette Hagelskaer
Gabe Belforti                 18:23          3rd male master's
Julia Belforti                  23:12           1st in AG

Run Thru the Woods Race Website

Results for 2015 - Run thru the Woods - 5 Miler
The Woodlands, TX on Thursday, 11/26/2015
Just of Finish Strong Members as of 10-2015

Female Finishers: 798
Male Finishers: 889
Total Finishers: 1687

Runner's NameChip TimeDivision Award
Michael Menster
1st Male Master Winners
Kevin Baker
1st Male 40 to 44
Rip Reynolds
3rd Male 45 to 49
Skip Moschell
2nd Male 55 to 59
Alan Jones
Hannah Novelli
3rd Female 20 to 24
Tim Vibrock
3rd Male 50 to 54
Casey Clark
Pam Meaux
1st Female 55 to 59
Andreas Grossmann
Cindy Byer
Sarah Moore
Phillip Deprang
Ann Erickson
1st Female 70 to 74
Adnan Afzal
Nora Wilson
Katerina Savelieva
Sharon Morin
Katherine Powell
Shirley Santangelo
Michelle Irving
Sarah Pietraszek-Mattner
Rebecca Schany
Janet Luna
Kathleen Crea
Sara Vanderford
Jeff Goodwin

Zachary Miller  30:40.1 1st in his AG!
Michael Novelli    36:04.3  
Reagon Alami           39:14.3
Bill Glaser               31:59.3 2nd in his AG

Oliver Belforti                        3rd in AG - 1 mile
Nick Mattner

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Terra Cyclo Cross Race

Congrats to Finish Strong Coach Chantal Requier who got 3rd place in Masters at the Terra Cylco-cross race at Terramount Park on Saturday, November 21.  Chantal reports, "I rode 4 loops in very wet conditions.  At times in ankle deep mud.  It was on of the most challenging 60 minutes of riding I’ve ever done.  My average HR was in the 170’s.  I did however get a free mud body mask."

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bronda's Duathlon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Julio Morales who did back-to-back duathlons this past weekend on November 14 and 15th in Fort Worth.  At Bronda's duathlon, Julio finished 5th in his 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:34:48.  Way to go!

5 Julio Morales 15:58.0 7:59/M 57:49.0 16.6MPH  17:57.0 8:58/M 1:34:48.0

For more results, go to:

Monday, November 16, 2015

USAT Duathlon Long Course Championship

The 2015 USA Triathlon Long Course Duathlon National Championships were held in Fort Worth, Texas on Saturday, November 14.  This event qualified athletes for the 2016 Long Course Duathlon World Championship. Finish Strong Racing was well represented by Dana Lyons, Anna Lyons, Phillip Deprang and Julio Morales.  The event was a 10K run, 40K bike, 5K run.

Anna Lyons wins her AG!

Dana finishes 2nd in his AG!

Anna Lyons won her 17-19 age group with a time of 2:32:31.  She qualified for world's in Switzerland next year!

Julio Morales placed 13th in his 40-44 age group with an overall time of 2:54:46.

Dana Lyons placed 2nd in his 55-59 age group in 2:09:05.  He qualified for world's!

Phillip Deprang placed 12th in his age group with an overall time of 2:38:38.

Dana on the run.

For more on results, go to:

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Luke's Locker Upcoming Events

This week Luke's Locker has a ton of great events that are listed below.

6-7 pm shopping event with a 15% off discount OR you can bring in 5 canned foods to donate to Interfaith of The Woodlands Food Bank and get an additional 5% off* (great way to save 20%!!!); *normal discount exclusions apply.

7-8 pm: "Harvest your fitness" Shopping event & pumpkin workout. Please remember to B.Y.O.P. (bring your own pumpkin.)

GLOW RUN: Join us Thursday November 19 @ 6:15 pm for a 3 mile fun run around the Water Way. There will be free glow bracelets, Nathan running accessories (reflective vests, blinky lights, etc.) to demo, Brooks Adrenaline & Ravenna wear test, raffles for Nathan gear, & giveaways.

**We are encouraging participants to come in BRIGHT & REFLECTIVE gear for the Glow run. There will be a Nathan prize pack given to the BRIGHTEST runner in attendance.

2015 JINGLE BELL RUN: December 10th, 6:30 pm Our annual Jingle Bell is right around the corner. So get those jingle bells ready and join us for a family friendly fun run around the Water Way. As always festive holiday attire is encouraged and a Luke's Locker gift card will be awarded to the most festive dressed. We will finish up the fun run with free cookies and hot cocoa. Don't forget to bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate to our local Toys for Tots toy drive as well!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fairfield Duathlon

Wonderful podium finishes for all three of our Finish Strong athletes participating at Sunday, November 8 at the Fairfield Duathlon.   The race was a 1 mile run, 10 mile bike, 3.1 run race.  Perfect weather, albeit it a little windy on the bike course topped with a beautiful scenic run around two lakes.

Michelle Irving placed first in her age group (45-49) in 1:12:45.8
Gordon Irving placed first in his age group (45-49) in 1:07:53.6.
Ronnie McConachie placed second in his age group (40 – 44) in 1:17:54.7

Ronnie Mcconachie finishes 2nd in his AG!

Michelle Irving tops the podium in her AG!

Gordon Irving wins his AG!

Way to go team!!

Results: 5 7

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Orlando 13.1

Congrats to Finish Strong's Brittney Dio who won her AG at the Orlando 13.1 on November 8.

Brittney reports, "PR'd by almost 8 minutes for my second HM! 1:46:43 @ 8:05/mile πŸŽ‰πŸƒπŸ»And 1st in my age group!! ☺☺☺ I'm elated. Like over the moon. Like, what just happened?! πŸ™ˆ Zero knee pain & a male running buddy who thought he was keeping up with me and vice versa. πŸ‘πŸΌ February 28th this year I ran my first half in 1:54:09 and last night I had said "if I'm under 2:00, I'll be happy. Under 1:54, I'll be excited and under 1:50:00, ELATED." Thank you Finish Strong Coaching for a group of awesome motivators and role models and Stephen Clouthier for being such a supportive coach!"

Austin 70.3

Congrats to Finish Strong Racing athletes who completed the Austin 70.3 race on Sunday, November 8. Kudos to Kent Morris who finished 3rd in his AG in a time of 5:20.  Congrats also to Jesus Carias finished in 6:01; and Yves Puisieux in 6:52.

Kent comesback from a fractured metatarsal to place 3rd in his AG at Austin 70.3

Carias, Jesus HND 97 704 00:45:40 03:13:38 01:51:14 06:01:35

Morris, Kent USA 3 248 00:36:31 02:46:02 01:49:39 05:20:01

Puisieux, Yves FRA 34 1343 00:49:18 03:41:13 02:06:18 06:52:29

Way to go Finish Strong Racing Team!

For more results, go to:

Monday, November 2, 2015

NYC Marathon!

Congrats to Finish Strong athletes completing the always challenging NY marathon on Sunday, November 1st.  Ken Page, Cesar Patino, Alberto Agostini, Sara Jones, and Andreas Grossman got 26.2 miles done!

Alberto on the run!

Elena and Alberto at NY marathon!

Andreas Grossman - NYC was his 10th marathon!

Ken Page saying "Hi" to his wife during NY marathon!

Sara Jones finishes with Mariana.
Cesar Patino.


Congrats to all our 21 Finish Strong athletes who competed in Oilman 70.3 race in Montgomery on Sunday, November 1.  Special shout out to Chantal Requier who was overall female winner of the Aquabike!  Lots of pics posted on our Finish Strong Coaching Facebook page - thanks Manuel Abascal and Carl Holt.  And special thanks to all the FSC volunteers at the finish line!  Great team effort!!

Abraham on the run!

Dale Claudel runs in for 2nd in AG finish!

Daniel Garstang looking strong!

David Kudlak conquers his first 70.3!

Ira competes in Aquabike!

Sisters Janet Luna and Sharon Morin both raced along with brother Keith!

Mike Loudis looking good!

Sara Portilla!

Sarah Moore rocked Oilman!

Sheri Bell getting it done!

Here's results:
7 Jennifer Colerick 31 42:38.8 3:13:25.5 17.4mph 2:21:39.5 10:49/M 6:27:38.2
10 Sarah Moore 37 31:49.6 2:52:21.6 19.5mph 2:21:12.5 10:47/M 5:50:03.6
12 Sara Portilla 37 49:08.1 2:52:50.6 19.4mph 2:22:56.7 10:55/M 6:11:03.5
19   Ashley Byers           35    47:51.8    3:46.9 22 16.1mph  2:17:26.1 10:29/M  6:42:59.9 - 1st 70.3!
24 Sheri Bell         35 51:05.5 3:29:29.9 16.0mph 2:36:03.4 11:55/M 7:06:17.6 - 1st 70.3!
10 Debbie Staton 44 47:13.9 3:14:53.8 17.2mph 2:07:18.3 9:43/M 6:12:48.8
18   Janet Luna               49 1:00:24.6    3:34:34.0 15.7mph  2:55:31.7 13:24/M  7:42:41.6 - 1st 70.3!  12   Sharon Morin          53    48:52.6 3 3:50:11.2 14.6mph  2:06:19.5 9:39/M    6:50:22.8

24 Bradley Finger 36 39:02.1 2:56:26.2 19.0mph 2:12:02.6 10:05/M 5:53:42.5
2      Dale Claudel           44   41:47.2 5 2:27:01.3 22.9mph  1:40:38.1 7:41/M     4:52:39.8
22    Mike Loudis           44    43:45.8   2:48:56.7 19.9mph  2:14:49.8 10:17/M    5:52:37.7
44    Matt Bowman        43     39:24.4   3:17:00.1 17.1mph  2:32:43.5 11:39/M    6:37:40.1
12    Daniel Garstang     45     34:01.1  2:43:03.8 20.6mph   2:25:27.5 11:06/M    5:46:33.8
28    Abraham Hernandez 45   55:21.7 3:07:01.0 18.0mph   2:04:53.5 9:32/M      6:11:49.1
43    Adnan Afzal             48  1:22:30.1 3:10:41.4 17.6mph  2:17:35.3 10:30/M     6:56:51.2
9      Kerry Gordon           52  43:37.3 5  2:53:40.7 19.3mph  1:59:25.0 9:07/M       5:41:35.0
27    David Kudlak           54  41:48.1     3:02:26.8 18.4mph  2:45:38.3 12:39/M     6:40:39.9
2      Jack Alexander         61 32:50.0 2   2:37:50.0 21.3mph  2:05:03.7 9:33/M      5:19:37.5

1 Chantal Requier 43 33:10.1 2 :42:13.1 20.7mph 3:17:39.9
17 Irasema De Aquino 44 56:18.4 3:57:38.4  14.1mph 4:58:36.0
18 Kathy Morris         51 1:04:20.8 3:53:40.1 14.4mph 5:01:34.2

For more results, go to: