Monday, March 21, 2016

Mean Green Tri

Finish Strong Coach Jack Alexander won the Grand Master's and 15th overall at the Mean Green Triathlon held in Dallas on March 20th.  Jack's swim + T1 time was 7:01.  His bike split was 31:40 (23.5/mph) and his final run was 21:34 (6:57/mi pace) for a finishing time of 1:01:14.  Congrats Jack!

Jack wins Grand Champion at Mean Green Tri!

For more on results, go to:

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Run Program Starts Tomorrow - Gear up for Muddy Trails 5K/10K and more!

It's not too late to sign up for FSC's Spring Run Program that kicks off tomorrow (Saturday, March 12) at 8am at McCullough Jr Hi School.  The program is a 17-week structured training program for advanced, intermediate and beginning runners from March 12 through July 9, 2016.

This is a great opportunity to train to get faster for spring and summer 5K and 10K races. The training leads up to Muddy Trails 5K/10K race held in The Woodlands on Saturday, April 2 and Run the Woodlands 5K and any 4th of July 5K race. No matter what your ability, you can expect to improve your race times by training with intensity and following a consistent running regime.

Interested in running at Muddy Trails, go to:

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Woodlands Marathon/Half Marathon/5K

Finish Strong Coaching had a huge presence at The Woodlands Marathon held on Saturday, March 5. In addition to being the sponsor for the post-race Finish Festival, we had over 96 FSC participants race and many more help out as volunteers. 7 podium finishes, many PRs and Boston Qualifiers, and many first time events for our athletes. Our SelecTRI athletes and family members also had a strong showing at the 2K, 5K, and marathon relay.

Team Finish Strong ready to go!
Dutch Thomson takes care of all of our mayo-fascial stretching needs post-race. He's one of a kind!

Good looking group of FSC men!

Bill Glasier enjoys another podium finish - 2nd in his AG in the half marathon! FSC teammate Dale Claudel joins him on the podium with 3rd place.

Gabe Belforti places 3rd in his AG in the marathon!

Amanda Cruise glides to finish 1st in her elite division for the half marathon!

SelecTRI kids show off their medals after the 5K race. Go to for more on the kids results.

Sharon Morin and Deb Lyons enjoy 2nd spot on podium for their AGs in the half marathon.

Two SelecTRI families form awesome marathon relay teams!

Still adding more folks to the results, here's preliminary report:

Results for 2016 - The Woodlands Marathon - 26.2 - The Woodlands
The Woodlands, TX on Saturday, 3/5/2016

TEAM FSC Results for Marathon
Jim Harrington 3:31:35 (8th)
Rebecca Tortorici 3:33:10 (3rd)
Sarah Moore 3:49:36
Alberto Agostini 3:46:47 (8th)
Razvan Dumitru 3:38:32
Michelle Howard 3:53:26 (3rd)
Debbie Staton 3:59:21
Kimberly Pilcher 3:57:02 (7th)

TEAM FSC Elite Half Marathon Runners 
Runner's Name
Chip Time
Division Award
Michael Menster
1st Male 45 to 49
Amanda Cruise
1st Female 30 to 34

3/5/2016 Half Marathon
Adnan Afzal 1:54:45
Alfredo Escalona 2:14:43
Allison Stephan 2:15:49
Amber Brock 2:17:10
Angel Ybanez 2:17:30
Bradley Finger 1:52:21
Bret Strong 1:47:27
Carl Holt 1:32:09 (9th)
Cesar Patino 1:53:03
Cheryl Perry 2:09:45
Chris Normyle 3:05:27
Dale Claudel 1:26:20 (3rd)
David Kudlak 2:16:09
Deb Lyons 1:49:06 (2nd)
Don Hickey 1:59:44
Eduardo Garzon 1:32:09
Ferrie Merrikh 2:20:19
Frank Halter 2:00:20
Gerardo Llanes 1:57:57
Greg Maynard 1:58:01
James Carlson 1:50:42
Jeff Goodwin 1:56:20
Jessica Callan 2:19:38
John Ayre 1:42:56
John Mcgowan 2:03:53
Jonathan French 1:52:41
Karen Goodwin 2:08:17
Kevin Baker 1:26:37 (5th)
Kim Smith 1:54:18
Kyle Quinn 1:50:30
Lee Allen 2:26:08
Ligia Felsen 2:17:11
Marcus Ratcliff 1:48:10
Marta Valenzuela 2:14:27
Michelle Correal 1:44:26
Nelly Hernandez 1:56:40
Pamela Paling 1:58:44
Paul Allan 1:36:22
Radha Vudumula 2:34:13
Richard Zambrano 2:26:08
Ronnie Mcconachie 2:29:25
Roy Fisher 1:54:25
Sara Hartley 2:53:05
Sara Portillo 1:54:05
Scott Schweinsberg 1:53:22
Sharon Morin 1:50:25 (2nd)
Steven Lopez 1:48:48
Yves Puisieux 1:43:40
Zach Miller 1:24:20 (4th)

Robert Bailey       1:58:54
Phillip Deprang     1:52:53
William Glaser             1:26:08 (2nd)
S. Craig Daniell     2:59:07
Kenneth Page         1:49:43
Gaby Coates           can't find your results?
Hernan Martinez     can't find your results?
Manuel Abascal      can't find your results?

TEAM FSC 5K Finishers

Runner's Name
Chip Time
Division Award
Keith Sacchieri

Julia Belforti

FSC Marathon/Half/5K Plan Finishers

FSC Plan Participants
The Woodlands Marathon 
The Woodlands Half Marathon
The Woodlands Marathon 5K
Kenton Erickson


Sadie Davis

Cyndi Bass
3:26:02 (1st)

Gabriela Lopez


Jose Sanchez


Elizabeth Fuller

Ji Sohn


Nina Galeana


Meredith Hill


Richard Lafont

Mark Vines


Michael Sasu-Twumasi

27:17:00 (8th)
Xin Ding


J Patrick Reinert


Federico Mezzatesta


Andy Kretschmer


Celeste Suarez


Kent Nelson


Amber Swan


Tori Chase


Teresa Luna


Enrique Nehme


Mills Bell

Russell Barnett


Jennifer Mckenzie


Isidro Cantu


Brian Sak

Adrian Karter


Michelle Messina


Woodlands Marathon Website
The Woodlands Marathon Website Results

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Du the Polar Bear

Congrats to the 10 SelecTRI and 3 FSC athletes who competed in the Du the Polar Bear race held on Sunday, February 28th.  Five SelecTRI athletes had podium finishes.  Two FSC athletes had podium finishes.  Well done everyone!

SelecTRI and FSC Du the Polar Bear Results
Freya McKinley 0:55:53 1 in under 14 SelecTRI
McKenzie Gunter 1:06:03 2 in under 14 SelecTRI
Alexia Amezcua 1:03:49 2 in 15-19 SelecTRI
Luciana Cueli 1:06:53 3rd in 15-19 SelecTRI
Jeronimo Amezcua 1:00:09 2nd in under 14 SelecTRI
Tavish Quinn 1:09:09   SelecTRI
Gil Garcia 1:10:16 SelecTRI
Jackson Reed 1:24:46 SelecTRI
Ryan Staton 1:06:02 4th in 15-19 SelecTRI
Garrett Rorison 1:07:40 SelecTRI
Kyle Quinn 1:10:55 35-39 FSC
Alan Jones 52:09.9 2nd 45-49 FSC
Ronnie McConachie 1:10:44 2nd Clydsdale FSC
For more results,

Exxon Mobile Heads or Tails Time Trial

Congrats to Finish Strong's Zach Miller who took 4th in his division and Chantal Requier who took 3rd in her division at the Exxon Mobile Heads or Tails 40K bike time trial in Beaumont on Saturday, February 27.

Chantal on the podium!

Gasperilla Half Marathon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Rachael Saldana who did the Gasperilla half marathon in Tampa Bay on February 21.  Rachael shaved 15 minutes off her new PR --  and that's after taking 12 min off her the PR the race before that!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kids Running for Kids

Congrats to our 36 FSC and SelecTRI kids who did a fantastic job racing at Kids Running for Kids 1 mile race in Town Green, The Woodlands at 7:30 am on February 13th. The event had 1,000 participants and raised $10,000 for CISD Reading Initiative.  Lots of awards and good efforts by all! The kids enjoyed climbing rockwall and inflatables after the race. Way to go!!  Y'all rocked it!

Time Grade Award
Isabella Braniff 09:20.4 K
Lyndon Finger 10:04.7 K
Landon Cruise 11:12.9 K
Austin Cruise 11:19.0 K
Emily Reitzer 10:01.0 1
Sam Richardson 08:59.3 1
Alejandro Garcia-Ayala 09:12.5 1
Sofia Menendez 06:43.5 1 1st
Camila Belforti 08:22.5 1
Valentina Belforti 09:02.2 1
Regina Hubard 09:20.4 1
Miles Delzer 08:44.4 1
Maria Hubard 07:43.7 3
Luca Menendez 06:12.7 3 1st
Harris Ledbetter 06:16.0 3 2nd
Oliver Belforti 06:48.3 3
Jackson Reed 08:03.1 3
Hailey Reitzer 06:25.7 4 1st
Maggie McWhorter 07:18.6 4
Paz Garcia-Ayala 07:21.7 4
Isabella Etcharren 08:55.0 4
Taylor Tautenhahn 06:18.7 4 2nd
Millan Fairley 06:49.4 4
Luke Brandimarte 07:38.7 4
Ethan Claudel 07:46.7 4
Whitney Finger 07:54.3 4
Emilia Villela 06:12.7 5 1st
Ian Coates 07:36.8 5
Abraham Hernandez 09:04.5 5
Fernanda Braniff 06:19.1 6 1st
Lily McWhorter 06:49.1 6 2nd
Michelle Lynch 06:52.5 6 3rd
Paulina Braniff 06:59.9 6 4th
Analise Pickard 07:43.9 6
Camille Claudel 08:20.0 6
Gil Garcia 06:17.9 6 2nd

More photos posted on SelecTRI The Woodlands and Finish Strong Coaching FB page.

For more on results, go to: 2 2

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Katy Half Marathon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Ryan Myers who ran the Katy Marathon on Saturday, February 6 in 1:49:46.  Way to go Ryan!  Any pics?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Phoenix Marathon

Congrats to Mike Menster who ran Phoenix marathon on January 17 and placed 3rd in his AG in 2:57:23.  He qualified for both Boston and NYC marathons at this race!  Way to go Mike!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Houston Marathon and Half Marathon

Congrats to all 54 FSC athletes who braved the cold and ran brilliant races at the Houston marathon and half marathon on Sunday, January 17.

Half marathon results
Dana Lyons        01:30:19
Jesus Carias        01:36:54 - PR
Razvan Dumitru  01:37:34 - PR
Rebecca Tortorici 1:47:47
John Tortorici       01:47:47
Roy Fisher            01:48:49 - PR by 10 minutes!
Alberto Agostini   01:51:55
Andreas Grossman 01:53:13 - PR
Casey Clark          01:57:09
Phillip Deprang     01:57:11
Gabriela Coates     01:58:06
Ann Erickson        01:58:51 - 1st Female 70-74
Frank Halter     02:03:46
Shannon Vultaggio  2:09:14 - 5 min PR
James Vultaggio       2:09:14
Cesar Patino            02:10:12
Michelle Irving      02:11:09
Christy Gonzales     02:15:21
Sarah Pietraszek-Mattner 02:22:13
Sara Vanderford 02:23:25
Nicole Smith            02:28:48
Ligia Felsen 02:28:56
Pia Grossman   02:40:08

Marathon results
Bill Glaser               03:06:32
Gabe Belforti         03:11:06
Amanda Cruise      03:11:34 - PR
Kevin Baker             03:13:33    
Eduardo Garzon       03:22.14 - 22 min PR
Alan Jones                03:25:37 - PR
Jim Harrington           03:37:48 - 15th straight HOUSTON Marathon
Yves Puisieux            3:38:34 - New PR by 7 and Boston Qualified
Victor Martinez         3:50:32
Jones Rusty Ramsey 03:52:29
Sara Portilla             03:54:46
Ken Page                  03:57:13
Joseph Tokarz           3:58:18 - PR
Michelle Howard     03:58:44 -  PR and Boston Qualified
Christina Farooq        04:07:06
Adnan Afzal            04:12:30
Jonathan French 04:14:43 - PR
Geno Zicarelli         04:21:12 - 1st marathon
Katerina Savelieva  04:21:41
Paul Daly                 04:21:16
Aisha Hassan           04:24:03 - PR by 21 min
Andy Brock             04:34:20
Don Hickey          04:44:36
Amber Brock           04:49:17
Jeff Goodwin       04:53:04
Pamela Paling     04:54:43
Irina Shikounova      04:55:00 - 20 min PR
Karen Goodwin        04:57:45
Lee Allen                  05:08:25      
Cheryl Perry             05:12:36 - 1st marathon
Senthil Kumar           05:16:32- 1st marathon

Athletes, let me know if this was a PR for you.  Congrats for a great effort!