Sunday, February 28, 2016

Du the Polar Bear

Congrats to the 10 SelecTRI and 3 FSC athletes who competed in the Du the Polar Bear race held on Sunday, February 28th.  Five SelecTRI athletes had podium finishes.  Two FSC athletes had podium finishes.  Well done everyone!

SelecTRI and FSC Du the Polar Bear Results
Freya McKinley 0:55:53 1 in under 14 SelecTRI
McKenzie Gunter 1:06:03 2 in under 14 SelecTRI
Alexia Amezcua 1:03:49 2 in 15-19 SelecTRI
Luciana Cueli 1:06:53 3rd in 15-19 SelecTRI
Jeronimo Amezcua 1:00:09 2nd in under 14 SelecTRI
Tavish Quinn 1:09:09   SelecTRI
Gil Garcia 1:10:16 SelecTRI
Jackson Reed 1:24:46 SelecTRI
Ryan Staton 1:06:02 4th in 15-19 SelecTRI
Garrett Rorison 1:07:40 SelecTRI
Kyle Quinn 1:10:55 35-39 FSC
Alan Jones 52:09.9 2nd 45-49 FSC
Ronnie McConachie 1:10:44 2nd Clydsdale FSC
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