Wednesday, July 30, 2014

TriRaider Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong's Kathy Morris for winning the Athena division at the recent Tri Raider Sprint Triathlon held in Buffalo Springs on June 28.

Kathy Morris 02:18:14 Athena 1  0:11:59 1:19:12   0:41:14

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Jeff and Brede's Triathlon

Finish Strong's mother-daughter duo Carolyn and Katherine Barron took on the 22nd annual Jeff and Brede's Triathon in Katy, Texas on July 27.  It is a 300 meter swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run race.  Katerine won her 15-19 AG in 1:02:49.  Carolyn came in 6th in her 45-49 AG in 1:09:42.  See splits below.  Congrats!

  1 45 Katherine Barron 81 19 4 6:39.4 1 0:39.9 1 34:10.5 17.6MPH 1 0:34.5 3 20:44.8 7:58/M 1:02:49.2

 6 117 Carolyn Barron  69 45 3 6:33.4 1 0:56.7 5 34:19.7 17.5MPH 3 0:53.2 9 26:59.2 10:23/M 8:37.5 1:09:42.4

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Calgary 70.3

Congrats to Finish Strong's Dean Zipse and Don Cole for competing at Calgary 70.3 on Sunday, July 27. Dean reports, "I had a strong race and came in under my goal time @ 5:52:45!"  And Don had a fine race finishing in 5:33:41.  See splits below.

Dean Zipse celebrates at the end of Ironman Calgary 70.3

Dean's splits

Dean Zipse 48 M Calgary AB CAN CAN  37:23  2:54:10  2:11:54  05:52:45
Don Cole 55 M Woodlands TX USA USA  36:53 2:53:29  1:54:59  05:33:41

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Tri Waco

Tri Waco offered both sprint and Olympic distance races on Sunday, July 27.  Finish Strong's Tim Vibrock, Susan Hardwick-Smith, and Tami Fincher participated in the Olympic race.  The race starts with a 1500-meter open water swim in the Brazos River (no wetsuits) followed by a mostly flat and fast 25-mile bike ride on country roads north and west of Waco. The race finishes out with a hilly 10-kilometer run along the Brazos River that leads to the oldest suspension bridge in the United States.

Tim won his M 50-54 AG in 2:18:21. Susan came in 5th in her F 45-49 AG in 2:48:43. And Tami came in 6th in F 50-54 AG in 3:24:24. Way to go!
Susan Hardwick-Smith is all smiles at the end of Tri Waco.  Great race!

Tim Vibrock won his AG at Tri Waco Olympic race!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Junior Olympics Track Meet in Humble

Congrats to Shyla Stone, one of the youth who participate in our Youth Summer Run Camp, for qualifying in all 3 events for Junior Olympics Track Meet in Humble, Texas this week - July 21-25.  Shyla ran a 2:35 last night (July 23) in the 800m but did not qualify for the final & her 4x800 team took 6th on the nation yesterday.  Shyla will run the 4th leg on the 4x400 team at 3:30pm Friday.  Go, Shyla, go!!
Shyla (pictured above far left) with her teammates took 6th in the nation in the 4 x 800 relay!

On the podium!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Katy Flatlander 56 Mile Bike Ride

Finish Strong was well represented at Katy Flatland on Sunday, July 20th!  All rode the 56 mile course!

Ellen Kurtz-Hammond, Debbie Martin, Gaby Coates, Gloria Shrewsbury, John Tortorici, Sara Vanderford, Angel Ybanez, Ileana Carroll, Kathleen Crea, Carmen and Mick Kelleher, Liah Olson completed the Katy Flatland 56 mile bike ride

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Xterra Off Road Tri at Magnolia Hill

Congrats to FSC's Travys Townson who competed at an Xterra Off-Road Tri at Magnolia Hill on Sunday, July 13.  The race included a 0.5mile swim, 10.5 mile mountain bike, and 4 mile trail run.  This was Travys' first race since Ironman Texas. Travys reports, "I struggled a bit with only 1.5 wks of training but I managed my goal of not falling of my mountain bike."  Travys placed 6th in his AG and  25th overall.  He completed the race in 2:13:12. His splits were swim 0:19:43; mountain bike 1:17:00; and trail run 0:33:46.  Well done, Travys!

Travys and his son Jack at the Xterra finish.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Shadow Creek Ranch Triathlon

Houston-area Shadow Creek Ranch held its triathlon on Sunday, July 13th.  This sprint triathlon featured a  500 meter open water swim, 16 mile bike, and 3.2 mile run.  Finish Strong was well represented by Katherine Barron, Caroline Barron, Steve Hardy, and Ann Erickson who did very well in their age groups.

Katherine Barron - 2nd in her 15-19 AG, 12:33.4 swim, 54:05.9bike 18.9MPH. 24:51.5 run 1:32:28.8
Carolyn Barron  - 8th in her 45-49 AG  11:34.2 swim, 53:38.6 bike (19.0MPH), 34:07.5 run 1:41:31.7
Steve Hardy  - 10th in 45-49 AG      10:27.6 swim, 46:19.8 bike (22.0MPH), 26:45.1 run 1:25:27.7
Ann Erickson - 1st in her 70+ AG,      11:52.8 swim, 51:05.5 bike 20.0MPH,  27:04.6    1:35:22.9

Carolyn Barron

Steve Hardy!

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Aquabike in Colorado

Finish Strong's Jim Harrington won the Aquabike (1500 meter swim and 30 mile bike) in Colorado on June 29. Jim's splits were swim 26:43, T1 1:43 and bike 1:30:54 which included racking bike and about 200 yard run. Jim was the first overall finisher with a time of 2:00:33.  Jim reports, "I felt good at the finish!"  Fantastic!

Subaru International Tri - Olympic Distance

Finish Strong Coaching's Kari Gilley headed to Vancouver for the Subaru International Tri Series.  Kari competed in the Olympic distance race and finished in 2:35:24. The Olympic distance was 1.5k swim, 40K bike, 10K run. Keri placed 2nd in her 35-39 AG and 15th among all females.  Her splits were 35:04 swim, 1:09:08 bike, and 46:45 run.  Congrats!  Any pics?

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Flatlands Tri

Congrats to FSC's Lane Barron for his top 10 finish at Flatlands Tri at Raccoon River Park in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday, July 13 finishing the Jr Elite sprint distance tri in 33:59.  

Congrats to Lane on his top 10 finish!

Lane takes off at swim start!
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Texas Star Tri

Congrats to 7 Finish Strong athletes competing at the Texas Star Tri held in Montgomery, Texas on Sunday, July 13.  This race was a sprint tri with a 300 yard swim, 10 mile bike, and 3 mile run. 5 Finish Strong athletes enjoyed podium finishes.  FSC's John McGowan had a great day finishing 10th overall and 3rd in his 40-44 AG in a time of 1:02:06.  FSC's Gaby Coates also put in a podium finish coming in 3rd in her 35-39 AG in 1:16:11. FSC's Tami Fincher and Kathy Morris came in 1st and 2nd in their 50-54 AG. Tami finished in 1:12:36 and Kathy in 1:29:15. Phillip DePrang came in 2nd in his 60-64 AG in 1:05:40. Xochitl Carias competed in the 35-39 AG and finished in 1:47:38.  Pia Grossman came in 6th in her 45-49 AG in 1:18:57. Way to go, team!!  Pia, please send your pic of the group.

FSC's Gaby Coates put in a podium finish coming in 3rd in her AG.

John McGowan

John McGowan with his son after claiming an award for 3rd in his AG.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

King of Grasslands 3 Day Epic Bike Ride

Finish Strong's Jerry Palmer did it!  He is one of the few people who successfully completed the King of the Grasslands 3 Day Epic Bike Ride. Jerry reports,  "7 hours climbing in the sandy and windy trails of Inner Mongolia. Got it done though. King of grasslands! Just over 19 hours total. Probably top 25."

Tri for Old Glory

Finish Strong Coach Richard Mac Namee placed 1st Overall at the Tri for Old Glory sprint triathlon in San Marcos on Sunday, July 6.  Richard's overall time was 57:51 - the only competitor to break one hour. Richard's splits were:  swim 8.36 / 1.08min/100, bike 28.56 / 23.5mph, and run 19.24 / 6.15min/mile.  The race was a 500 meter swim,  11.9 mile bike, and 5K.

Richard on his bike averaging 23.5mph!

Richard has a commanding lead on the run on his way to an overall victory!

Overall winner!
Richard in fine position after the swim.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Buffalo Springs 70.3

Congrats to all who competed at Buffalo Springs 70.3 on Sunday, June 29th.  Our new friend from Australia and pro triathlete, Tim Reed, won the event overall in a blazing fast 3:59:58!  Finish Strong was well represented by Zach Miller and Kent Morris. Kent finished in 5:45:00 placing 15th in his 50-54 AG.  Zach Miller finished 5th in the 18-24 age group with an overall time of 5:12:24.  Zach had a PR on the swim in 31:54.  Zach reports, "The course was hot, windy and hilly just like everybody said it was going to be."

Zach Miller tears it up at Buffalo Springs 70,3
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Estes Park 10K

Congrats to Finish Strong's Pamela Paling and Frank Halter who ran the Estes Park 10K on Sunday, June 22.  They raced from a 7500 ft. elevation!  Pamela Paling finished in 59:15.  Frank Halter came in at 1:01:03 and placed 3rd in age group.  Great job!

Great 10K race in Estes Park, CO by Pamela Paling and Frank Halter!

Dam Tri in Meadville, PA

Finish Strong's Jack Reed wins his AG and 8th overall at the Dam Tri in Meadville, PA on Sunday, June 28th.

Jack finishing the swim split.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Y Freedom Sprint Tri in Pearland, TX

Congratulations to Finish Strong's husband-and-wife tri couple, Gordon and Michelle Irving.  The couple raced at Y Freedom Sprint Tri in Pearland, TX on Sunday, June 29.  The race was a 300 meter swim, 11 mile bike, 3 mile run.  Michelle came in 5th in her 45-49 AG (2nd in both swim and bike).  Gordon finished in 1:11:30 overall placing 13th out of 25 in his 45-49 AG.

Here are the results:
Michelle Irving - 1:13:43 overall; splits 6:37 swim; 33:51 bike (19.5 mph); 30:42 run
Gordon Irving  - 1:11:30 overall, no splits recorded on website for Gordon

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Black Hills 100K

Huge shout out to Finish Strong's Julio Morales who placed 3rd in his 40-49 AG at the Black Hills 100K on June 28.  Julio finished this grueling run in just 19 hours and 12 minutes.  Way to go!

Julio running on the trail at the Black Hills 100K.

Julio places 3rd in his AG!  Great winner's plaque!