Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tri Night at Luke's Locker on April 11 6:30-8:30pm

Luke’s Locker in The Woodlands will be host a Tri Night on Wednesday, April 11 from 6:30-8:30pm. The event will feature nutrition samples, prizes, and shopping discount.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sugarland Half Marathon

Chris Weir (Left) and Skip Moschell have no pre-race jitters at Sugarland Half Marathon.
Skip Moschell (pictured above) wins his age group!!

2nd Annual Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Half Marathon was held on Sunday March 25, 2012. The 13.1 mile course was a double-loop course through Sweetwater. Finish Strong Racing Skip Moschell came away with 1st in his 50-54 AG finishing the race in 1:28:25 at a speedy 6:45/mile pace. Chris Weir just missed the podium and finished fourth in his competitive 25-29 AG. Chris averaged 6:32/mile pace and finished the half marathon in 1:25:29. Edson Jones finished 7th in his 45-49 AG in a time of 1:43:55 (7:56/mile pace). Great job!

Woodlands Marathon Support at Township Meeting on March 28 at 6pm

It looks like The Woodlands Marathon is catching some heat from some residents in the community over the marathon. These residents plan on being at the next Township meeting to complain about these events that cause road closures.

This was an amazing event for our community please do you part to make sure it is not our last! Woodlands Marathon needs your help and support! Please consider coming to the meeting and possibly speaking. The Township meeting is Wednesday March 28th at 6 PM. The meeting is held at The Woodlands Township, 2801 Technology Forest Blvd. All meetings are open to the public.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bahrain Riffa Views Duathlon

Buck Snyder represented Finish Strong Racing at the Bahrain Riffa Views Duathlon on Friday, March 16. The race started with a 3 K run that Buck breezed through in 13:13at 6:36/mile pace. Despite extremely strong 30 mph winds, Buck completed the 20K two loop course in 35:30 at a 19.5 mph pace. Buck finished the last 5K run in 22:41 with an average 6:47/mile pace. Among the individuals who competed, Buck placed 6th overall and 2nd in his 40-44 AG. Buck commented, "I was glad I did the race. I had only done one duathlon before and found it to be quite fun. I would do another."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Rock Marathon

Finish Strong Racing's Chris Weir recently competed in the Little Rock Marathon. Chris finished in 2:58:37 and took 26th overall and 2nd in his AG. Congratulations on a fine race!

HARRA Runner of the Season Results for Fall

Recently, the Houston Area Runner's Association (HARRA) compiled their “Runner of the Season” standings for Fall of 2011. Several Finish Strong Racing athletes ranked high on the list.

Brandon Sager - 7th AG
Skip Moschell – 10th AG
Mike Menster – 17th AG
Edson Jones - 26th AG
Pam Meaux – 38th AG (but only ran 2 races & you
need 3 to get full credit for standings)
For complete listing of HARRA results, go to

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bayou City Classic 10K

Finish Strong was well represented by three athletes who all three had podium finishes at the Bayou City Classic 10k on March 10.

Jennifer Anthony placed 2nd in the F 30-34 with a 41:27 (Her time was even better than her recent Rodeo Run 10K).

Chris Strait placed 3rd M 35-39 with a time of 35:24.

Brandon Sager placed 3rd M 25-29 with a finishing time of 36:17 (a PR by over 30 sec).

The athletes performed well despite rain and 10-15 mile an hour headwind back into town.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Orleans Half Marathon

Finish Strong Racing's Robert Simmons and his daughter took on the New Orleans half marathon on Saturday, March 3. Both achieved a personal best! Robert finished in 1:29:00 which was a PR by 8 minutes and Brittany ran a 1:58:55 which was
a 4 minute best. Congrats to a great father-daughter duo!

Meals Fit 4 Life

Eating healthy meals is important to all athletes. I just discovered Meals Fit 4 Life that recently opened in Sterling Ridge near the Branch Crossing YMCA on 8000 McBeth Way. The shop offers pre-packaged healthy, tasty meals that are ready when you are. The menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and salads. Today I sampled a delicious chicken wrap that had lean chicken breast, parboiled rice, pico de gallo,and black beans in a wheat wrap. A great on the go meal!

Erin Schrier, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, is offering special complimentary consultation to Finish Strong athletes who sign up for the 30-day meal program. Meals Fit 4 Life is open M-F from 5:30am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 7pm. For more info, contact 281-719-0139 or go to

Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Rock Marathon 2012

Finish Strong Chris Weir took 26th overall and 2nd in his 25-29 AG at this weekend's Little Rock Marathon in Arkansas held on March 4. Chris finished the marathon in 2:58:37 at a brisk 6:50/mile pace. He finished 2nd out of 118 in his age group and 23rd out of 1,148 for the men. Way to go! Any pics?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Woodlands Marathon and Half Marathon

Susan Hardwick-Smith enjoying her PR finish at the Woodlands Half Marathon!
Taylor Riall with Coach Dana Lyons at the end of her PR finish at The Woodlands half marathon.
Taylor Riall
Finish Strong's Sandy Vasser running The Woodlands Marathon.
Finish Strong's Jim Harrington has a great half marathon race.
Casey Clark finishes the final leg for his marathon relay team.
Jackie Lewis (middle) and Cindy McManis post PRs at the half marathon.

Finish Strong had an incredible turnout of 70 athletes competing in The Woodlands Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon relay on Saturday, March 3. The cool temperatures made for ideal conditions. At least, 27 people set personal records!!! We also had two elites, three AG wins, six podium finishes and many competing in half and full marathon distance for the first time. Congrats to all!

Marathon Elites
6 Pam Meaux 3:18:15.9 7:34/M - PR!

Marathon by Age Group - Female
5 Rhonda Rohrlich 30-34 3:39:57.6 8:24/M - PR!
92 Tiffany Schultz 35-39 5:28:30.9 12:32/M - Her first marathon!
18 Althea Caldwell 50-54 6:08:00.4 14:03/M - PR by 47 minutes!!!

Marathon by Age Group - Male
5 Riley Young under 18 4:18:06.4 9:51/M - His first marathon!
6 Evan Stevens under 18 4:18:06.6 9:51/M - His first marathon!
41 Tim Peters 30-34 4:32:45.2 10:25/M
74 Tim Taylor 35-39 4:31:30.2 10:22/M
10 Mark Crichton 40-44 3:19:31.4 7:37/M
26 Winston Cervantes 40-44 3:34:55.8 8:12/M
66 Kenny Delgado 40-44 4:23:33.6 10:04/M
13 Jim Harrington 45-49 3:35:02.9 8:12/M
25 Edson Jones 45-49 3:49:19.8 8:45/M
42 Ron McCauley 45-49 4:05:09.6 9:21/M
66 Charles Knific 45-49 4:36:37.4 10:33/M
16 Sandy Vasser 55-59 4:08:18.3 9:29/M
30 Mario Vazquez 55-59 4:47:23.8 10:58/M
5 Phillip Deprang 60-64 3:52:58.6 8:54/M

Half Marathon Elite
14 Skip Moschell 53 1:28:22.1 6:45/M

Half Marathon by Age Group - Female
4 Pilar Glaser 14> 1:50:01.6 8:24/M - 1st half marathon!
5 Aubrey Young 14> 1:50:05.7 8:24/M - 1st half marathon!

48 Sara Hudgens 25-29 1:59:23.7 9:07/M
216 Amanda Fails 25-29 2:54:55.8 13:21/M - 1st half marthon!
3 Jessica Menendez 35-39 1:36:51.2 7:24/M - PR!!
42 Dana Sutter 35-39 1:55:21.3 8:48/M - PR!
139 Kimberly Brown 35-39 2:07:24.7 9:44/M
195 Linda Hopkins 35-39 2:14:56.8 10:18/M

1 Marilee Poon 40-44 1:39:19.5 7:35/M
4 Taylor Riall 40-44 1:42:21.2 7:49/M - PR!
13 Susan Hardwick-Smith 40-45 1:48:00.0 8:15/M - PR!
39 Jackie Lewis 40-44 1:55:42.3 8:50/M - PR!!
111 Irasema De Aquino 40-44 2:08:59.8 9:51/M - PR!
198 Gina Beauchamp 40-44 2:21:37.1 10:49/M
265 April Davis 40-44 2:35:24.5 11:52/M

30 Kelly Clemens 45-49 1:59:23.3 9:07/M -- PR!
48 Karyn Perugini 45-49 2:03:25.6 9:25/M
118 Janet Luna 45-49 2:26:54.1 11:13/M

11 Cindy McManis 50-54 2:00:14.5 9:11/M - PR!
29 Katherine Powell 50-54 2:12:39.2 10:08/M - 1st half marathon!
35 Mary Kerschbaum 50-54 2:17:15.3 10:29/M
69 Sharon Free 50-54 2:31:58.4 11:36/M - 1st half marathon!

Half Marathon by Age Group - Male

11 Rodrigo Abascal 15-19 1:48:37.3 8:17/M
1 Brandon Sager 25-29 1:19:55.3 6:06/M - PR!
11 Bj Tietze 30-34 1:36:18.7 7:21/M
16 Daryl Parker 30-34 1:38:50.5 7:33/M

17 Joshua Scott 35-39 1:37:28.4 7:26/M - PR by 5 minutes!
21 Chris Wendt 35-39 1:38:53.4 7:33/M
38 Michael Flake 35-39 1:43:57.5 7:56/M - PR!
113 Scott Schoenherr 35-39 2:01:12.3 9:15/M
169 Blake Sims 35-39 2:14:53.5 10:18/M
194 Julio Morales 35-39 2:22:45.8 10:54/M
137 Gordy Bunch 35-39 2:06:55.2 9:41/M

5 Leo Morales 40-44 1:30:50.3 6:56/M - PR by over 7 minutes!
7 Bill Glaser 40-44 1:34:18.1 7:12/M
49 Stephen Clouthier 40-44 1:49:05.8 8:20/M

1 Richard Mac Namee 45-49 1:25:58.6 6:34/M
3 Rip Reynolds 45-49 1:28:46.6 6:47/M
4 Ed York 45-49 1:30:08.3 6:53/M
8 Kyle Mays 45-49 1:36:22.7 7:21/M - PR by 2 minutes!
82 Richard Cooper 45-49 2:04:44.3 9:31/M

4 Don Cole 50-54 1:34:44.3 7:14/M
32 Chris Normyle 50-54 1:58:40.0 9:04/M
67 Kirk Langford 50-54 2:11:31.4 10:02/M
37 Mark Tefft 55-59 2:34:02.6 11:45/M

Marathon Relay 3-Person Teams
5 Peace Love Run 3:29:05.8 7:59/M
(Casey & Judith Clark)
13 Goin' for the T 4:04:20.8 9:20/M
(Deb Lyons' team)

Marathon Relay 4-Person Teams
2 In It To Win It 3:04:05.1 7:02/M
(Christelle Gigant & Jennifer Anthony)
14 SWN Right Runners 3:57:28.3 9:04/M
(Randy Barron's team)
26 lululemon athletica 4:19:48.6 9:55/M
(Chelsea Estes' team)
Congratulations to all!