Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Austin Bigfoot 50K

Congrats to Finish Strong's Ronnie Delzer who won the Austin Bigfoot 50K this weekend!  50K trail run in 4:17:38.  Speed + Endurance =  Ronnie

Supported Oilman Bike Ride for FSC on Sunday, Oct 4

We will have a supported group ride on the Oilman HIM bike course on Sunday, October 4.  Let Coach Dana know if you can attend so we can plan accordingly by emailing him at dana@coachlyons.com.

We will meet at the La Torretta Resort, the site of the Oilman HIM.  Please arrive early so that you are ready to ride at 7:30am.

Parking; as you turn off of Walden Road, there is a remote parking lot immediately on your right.  Please park there.  Once parked, you can bike down Del Lago Blvd.  We will meet in a small parking lot (please do not park here) that borders Del Lago and Balboa (the tennis courts are across the street).  Look for my white Expedition with bike rack on the back.  Please be at this parking lot ready to ride at 7:30am.

We will have two support vehicles on course with water and HEED electrolyte drink plus some tubes, pump, etc..  Please bring your own nutrition (we will have emergency backup nutrition for those that need it).  We are planning on having only one major rest stop and that will be in Richards either at the Richards HS located on Guadalupe just north of FM149 or, if the parking lot is assessible, the shuttered country store/gas station at FM149 and Guadalupe.  The support vehicles will stop at other locations along the route and you are free to stop if you need something or simply need a short rest.  I have attached a copy of the race course map.  I have added numbered locations where you can expect the support vehicles to be.  The main SAG vehicle will not leave the FM149/Guadalupe location until all come through there.  The race web site has a great interactive map that you should check out.  Please be familiar with the course.

Please insure that your bike is in good shape prior to ride.  And please be prepared to change your own flats.  You should carry 2 tubes, at least 2 CO2 cartridges (or frame pump), tire irons and a multi tool.

All Finish Strong Coaching athletes are welcome to join us.  The more the merrier on course!

Switch to Forestgate Pool for Saturday Tri Swim Workouts beginning October 3!

Just a reminder we return to Forestgate Pool for the Saturday swim workouts only beginning this Saturday, October 3 from 6:30-7:30am.  The pool is located at  7505 S. Forestgate Dr. The Woodlands, TX 77381.  Coach Chantal will be coaching Saturday swims.  If you are not a coached athlete, please purchase a Tri Swim Punch card - just $70 for 10 sessions at www.coachlyons.com.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Spring Lake Tri

Congrats to another fabulous group of Finish Strong triathletes who took on Spring Lake Tri in San Marcos, Texas on Saturday, September 26.  They enjoyed the 500 Meter Swim in the pristine aquifer, 5K run, and 15 mile bike (Yes, in that order!)

Here are results:
Gloria Shrewsbury - 5th in 45-49 AG - 1:39:51
Ellen Kurtz-Hammond - 2nd in 55-59 AG - 1:38:48
Beth Whitehead - 2:03:20 - 1st TRI!
Carmen Kelleher - 4th in 55-59 AG - 1:51:44
Sara Vanderford - 4th in 50-54 AG - 1:58:30
Kathleen Crea - 5th in 55-59 AG - 1:51:59
Pamela Paling - 2nd in 45-59 AG - 1:34:06
Gaby Coates - 5th in 35-39 AG - 1:43:49
Illeana Carroll - 5th in 50-54 AG- 1:58:46
Frank Halter - 3rd in 60-64 AG - 1:39:56
Mick Kelleher - 5th in 60-64 AG - 1:50:50

Y'all racked up major team points!  Woo hoo!

For more results, go to:

Stonebridge Ranch Sprint Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong Coach Jack Alexander who won the Grand Master at Stonebridge Ranch Sprint Tri held on Sunday, September 27.  Jack finished in 58:05 - his splits were 8:28 swim, 28:56 bike and 16:27 run. Jack was 3rd overall sprint AG group finisher. Congrats Jack!

For more results, go to: http://mychiptime.com/searchevent.php?id=9499

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Redman - USAT National Championships Long Course

What a blast Finish Strong Racing team had at Redman Races at Oklahoma City this weekend!  The Redman 70.3 race was the USAT National Championship Long Course race. 15 FSR athletes competed with 5 definitely qualified for worlds with another 3 possibly qualifying for worlds depending on final list drawn up by USAT. Dana Lyons secured a spot on the podium by finishing 2nd in his AG for USAT National Championships but 1st in his AG for Redman (as 1st person in his AG was 3rd overall.)  Zach Miller finished 4th in his AG and secured a qualifier for world championships. Michelle Howard finished 9th in her AG and secured a spot with her race.  Jones Rusty Ramsey and Rodrigo Abascal also clinched an entry into the world championships for their AGs

Irasema De Aquino participated in the Aquabike and was 10th female overall to complete the race at the half Ironman distances for the swim and bike.

Here are the results with world qualifiers (and possible world qualifiers - final list still to be determined by USAT)

Rodrigo Abascal  M2024 13/16 38:37 2:59:13 2:17:54 - 6:02:08.12  - world qualifier!
Zachary Miller     M2529   4/36 32:02 2:26:50 1:33:06 - 4:33:44.94 - world qualifier!
Chris Hirsekorn     M3539   48/80 40:51 2:41:28 2:08:41 - 5:34:15.49
John Tortorici        M4044 46/81 38:30 2:48:30 2:04:57 - 5:34:24.84
Gabe Belforti       M4044  52/81 46:55 2:49:54 2:03:01 - 5:45:01.19
Manuel Abascal    M4549  50/79 39:00 3:00:34 2:36:08 - 6:21:53.06
Adnan Afzal          M4549  60/79 1:03:30 3:00:22 2:26:49 - 6:37:14.47
Michelle Howard F5054    9/27 41:33 3:11:41 2:03:52 - 6:01:18.88 - world qualifier!
Jones Ramsey       M5054  22/61 40:10 2:42:52 1:53:25 - 5:25:41.48 - world qualifier!
Kyle Hanna          M5054    44/61 58:06 2:53:48 2:16:33 - 6:13:00.88
Keith Sacchieri     M5054  51/61 52:22 3:05:38 2:56:13 - 6:58:46.40
Sharon Morin        F5054   20/27 50:01 3:47:41 2:03:50 - 6:46:25.81 - possible WQ
Dana Lyons          M5559    2/40 39:05 2:24:59 1:34:50 - 4:41:58.55 - world qualifier!
Kenneth Page      M5559    30/40 1:10:50 3:08:14 2:32:34 - 6:57:24.68 - possible WQ
Phillip Deprang    M6064   28/33 43:36 3:06:35 2:48:23 - 6:45:38.27 -  possible WQ

For the Aquabike:
Irasema De Aquino F4044   2/3    51:42          3:32:02 --  4:27:36

More pics to follow.

For more results, go to: www.redmantriathlon.com

Monday, September 21, 2015

Triathlon Grand Prix

Congrats to Finish Strong's Steve Hardy who finished 2nd in his AG in 1:09:53 at the Triathlon Grand Prix at MSR on September 20.  And Stephen Clouthier came in 5th in his AG in 1:15:07.3.  This was a double super sprint. 250 meter swim, 5 mile bike and 1.8 mile run the do it again. Steve reports, "This was a fun and I didn't know what to expect on the second swim. Here's what I learned, the first swim being so short was a nonstop mass of humanity pretty tough. Second swim was much easier. It was really cool to ride on the protected winding race course. Overall fun race and would recommend doing it next year."

Steve Hardy with a podium finish at Tri Grand Prix.
For more race results, go to:

Omaha Half Marathon

Congratulations to Finish Strong's Cheryl Perry who posted a personal best at Omaha Half Marathon in a time of 2:11.  Way to go, Cheryl!

Woodforest Charity 10K

Congrats to seven Finish Strong runners who raced in the recent Woodlands Charity 10K run on Saturday, September 12. Rip Reynolds took 1st in his AG and 7th overall.  Rip's time was 40:13.4 (pace 6:29/mi). Jen Allen took 2nd in her AG (just missed 1st by 10 seconds) finishing in 45:58 (7:24/mi pace).Brittney Dio finished in 48:32.9 (7:49 pace) Yves Puisieux crossed the finish line in 48:41.9 (7:51 pace). Bret Strong ran a 49:51 10K (8:02 pace). Richard Zambrano and Lee Allen joined forces and ran the race in 56:23.7 (9:05). This was a 5 minute PR for Richard! Congrats to all!

Richard Zambrano, Lee and Jen Allen at Woodforest race.

For more results, go to:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday Night Track switches to Thursday Night Track - Sept 17 - Nov 5

With football season upon us, we are moving our Tuesday Night Track sessions to Thursdays at McCullough beginning next week on September 17 - November 5.  We will return to Tuesday nights on November 10.  Please be advised.

Check our website for info.  You may also follow us on Twitter at FSC_Coach.  We will tweet notifications including workout cancellations due to weather, change of venues, and other important information.  You don’t need to have a twitter account to receive these updates on your phone.  Just follow these instructions to receive these as text messages:

To set up to receive tweets send the following text:
·         Text the number 40404
·         Type: Follow FSC_Coach
·         Send


Tri Rock Austin

Congrats to Finish Strong's Brad Finger who competed in the Olympic distance race at the Tri Rock Austin Triathlon on September 8.  Brad reports, "I am very happy with them and even happier that I crossed the finish line with a smile instead of a grimace.  I know for fact that I would not have finished as well as I did with out Dana's training program and coaching."

Brad's overall time was 2:40:09.69

His splits were 29:41.63 swim, 1:11:43.06 bike (20.8 mph/pace), and 54:28.65 run (8:47/mi pace).

For more on results, go to:


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Towne Lake Tri

Thirty-three Finish Strong athletes competed in the heat and humidity at Towne Lake Tri on Labor Day, Monday, September 7.  18 in the Olympic distance race and 15 in the sprint race.  Lots of family and friends came out to support the team. Many exception performances, I will name a few but apologize for not listing everyone's back story.

Special recognition to Ira and Lola who competed together in the Para athletes category.  Big comeback race for Lola who recovered from a coma and is battling back!  Special newbie recognition to Kevin Baker for completing his first triathlon and Sarah P-M for completing her 1st Olympic distance race.  Coaches Dana and Jack did not disappoint in the sprint -- Dana won Grandmaster and Jack won his AG.  Kudos to Scott Peterson who despite bashing his foot on his bike during transition managed a 7 minute PR and finished 4th overall and 2nd in his age group in the Olympic distance race.

Feel free to tell more about your race on our Facebook page and post your pics. Check out Coach John's video of the event posted on our Facebook page.

Mills, Charlie and Sheri Bell, Dana Lyons, Steve Hardy, Casey Clark, Phillip DePrang.  

Celebrating after the race!

Irasema and Lola competed together.  Great comeback race Lola!

Sara, Ana Belem, Kathleen, Ira, Sara, and Ileana - beautiful competitors!

Manuel, Jr., Ira, Manuel, and Ana Belem

Olympic race:

Sarah Pietraszek-Mattner 34:32.6 1:23:27.1        1:18:46.4   3:22:30.5 - 1st Olympic
Susan Hardwick-Smith           33:45.8    1:08:21.9           57:09.9   2:43:36.9
Kimberly Pilcher              1:03:22.6 1:24:24.9 1:10:52.6   3:47:15.9
Sara Binau                              38:49.3    1:10:38.1 1      1:09:59.2   3:03:04.3 - 2nd in AG

Scott Peterson                  23:46.7 1:01:14.1 41:02.1 2:08:36.7  - 2nd in AG; 4th Overall
Gabriel Belforti           33:54.8  1:04:39.0 50:45.6 2:32:51.2
Brent Scott                         35:56.2 1:06:02.9 47:22.0 2:33:38.7
James Vultaggio          33:57.9 1:06:21.9      1:05:14.7 2:50:35.7
Geoffrey Zubay                      25:04.2        58:39.3        24:57.7    2:15:57.4 - 2nd in AG
Troy Cormier                  28:01.3 1:02:43.7 57:16.1 2:31:55.5
Stephen Clouthier                   28:11.7     1:04:41.5     1:07:51.6     2:45:16.0
Steve Hardy                            28:32.0     1:02:49.6     1:11:00.9     2:46:12.4
Manuel Abascal                 28:21.4 1:06:44.2      1:16:36.0  2:55:36.6
Aldo Conde                             43:01.5    1:08:59.9     1:24:46.5     3:28:34.7
Kerry Gordon                          33:08.4    1:08:40.5     1:01:27.2     2:47:06.3
Kyle Hanna                             47:42.5    1:05:25.2     1:03:57.5     3:01:34.3
David Kudlak                   38:56.9 1:04:26.9        37:16.9 3:02:21.5
Phillip Deprang                       35:22.0   1:08:24.7         58:12.0    2:45:02.1 - 3rd in AG


Ana Belem Ceballos Costales 11:06.7 40:03.1 32:07.7 1:30:29.7
Shannon Vultaggio                 13:28.1   38:54.2    30:06.0     1:27:24.1
Ileana Carroll                          13:59.0  38:27.2     33:22.2     1:31:49.1
Sara Vanderford          18:37.0  39:09.2 36:23.7 1:40:07.5
Kathleen Crea                         11:51.1  37:20.4      35:39.9    1:30:07.6 - 5th in AG
Kathy Morris                         12:22.6   37:40.2 45:15.1 1:37:10.7 - 3rd Athena

Dana Lyons                             11:14.7  27:53.5      20:50.8   1:01:05.3 - Grandmaster; 5th overall
Casey Clark                          8:39.0   32:02.4 27:45.8 1:12:01.2
Kevin Baker                            13:09.6  33:23.7     21:24.8     1:13:11.3 - 1st tri!
Michael Everett                       11:41.6  31:39.5    32:04.3      1:17:33.0
Darrell Hubbard                                     34:06.3 37:05.3  1:32:32.0
Jed Beck                                10:39.0 34:24.9       35:00.1  1:25:38.3
Jack Alexander                          7:38.8    28:45.4   23:03.5     1:02:16.0  - 1st in AG

Sprint Para Athletes

Irasema De Aquino and Maria Dolores Costales Alvarez (Lola)
15:54.3 46:50.8 54:24.1 2:08:58.5

(Sheri Bell, I couldn't find your results. And Xochitl Carias, I didn't know your relay team name? )

For more on race results, go to: https://register.lonestartiming.com/results/default.aspx?event=34515&r=11179

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Friday Night Lights Community Open 2 Mile Race

Friday Night Lights Community Open 2 mile race was held on August 28 at Bear Branch Sports Field in The Woodlands.

 Finish Strong was well represented by FSR adults and kids from our youth summer run camp.
Although not on the list, Ronnie Delzer finished 2nd overall.  Three generations of the DePrang/Clark family - Phillip DePrang, his son-in-law Casey Clark, and Casey's son - all participated.  Carl Holt ran and finished in 14:10.6.  Our youth summer run camp had many participants. Here are the results of FSC folks who are included on the online results who pre-registered. Sadly, we don't have times or all the names of those who signed up race day.  The online results only captured names and times of those who pre-registered.

Luis Cavazos 12:48.6
Eric Deluga 12:49.5
Carl Holt   14:10.6
Eric Zapf 18:27.4
Layla on the run course.  She was faster than her mom!

Eric Deluga and Luis Cavazos

FSC youth cross finish line at Friday Night Lights Community Run!

Parents, did you get times for your kids who ran?  Shyla, Tyne, Layla, Abby, Kiera, Sophia, ,...

Congrats to all!

For more results, go to: http://tx.milesplit.com/meets/209617-friday-night-lights-the-woodlands-xc-invitational#.VeYSXflViko

Chicago Triathlon

Congrats to Finish Strong's Alan Jones who won his 40-44 age group and came in 21st overall at the Chicago triathlon on August 30.  The race was sprint distance - 750 meter swim, 15 mile bike, and 5K run.  Alan finished in 1:21:12.  His splits were 13:47 swim (1:43 min/100 meter pace), 38:39 bike (23.29 mi/hour pace), and 22:52 run (7:23/mi mile).  Way to go!!

Alan reports that the day was "Awesome, clear, cold 64 degree swim in Lake Michigan, then an out and back on mild rollers along Lake Shore Drive, with a final run along Lake Michigan ending with a huge finish line crowd! 9,000 racers, great event!!!"