Monday, July 27, 2015

Ironman UK

Congrats to Finish Strong's James Vultaggio who completed Ironman UK on July 19 in 14:15:43. James reports, "This race was much harder than I had planned for as the morning of the race it poured rain with 20+ mph winds till about noon.  The climbing on this course was very intense with three very big hills that you had to do twice as it was a two loop course.  The largest being almost a two mile continuous ascent.   However, this will be as close as I will ever come to feeling like the Tour de France as the crowd support on the ride was overwhelming.  They stood right in the middle of the street yelling and screaming right next to you.  No excuses, this was a tough race and gave it my all."

You are an IRONMAN!! 

Here are his splits:

Vultaggio, James USA 01:22:16 07:31:04 05:02:09 14:15:53

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Tri Waco

Tri Waco sprint and Olympic race was held on Sunday, July 26.  Finish Strong's Dale Claudel won his 40-44 age group at the sprint race in 1:08:15 and placed 6th overall.  And Susan Hardwick-Smith placed first in her 45-49 AG in the Olympic distance race finishing in 3:00:44.

Way to go, Dale Claudel!

Susan Hardwick-Smith  (right) wins her AG in Olympic Tri Waco race.

For more on results, go to:

Cypress Tri

Congrats to all 33 Finish Strong athletes who participated in the Cypress Tri on Sunday, July 27.
Kudos to Ann Erickson and Jack Alexander who won female and male grand master's champion. Scott Peterson and Michael Menster who won their AGs.  Podium finishers Alan Jones (3rd in his AG), Kathy Morris (2nd Athena), female relay team Strong Girls (Sara Portillo and Ellen Kurtz-Hammond) placed second and co-ed relay team FSC (John Tortorici, Maclane Fulvio, and Rebecca Akin Tortorici) placed second.  See below for results with splits.

Amanda Keeter, Rodrigo, Ira and Manuel Abascal!

Ann Erickson - Grand Master's Champ - again!

Hirsekorn family!

Always wearing a smile - Ileana Carroll!

Keith and Jacob Sacchieri


1 Ann Erickson 73 1 13:44.8 2:17HM 37:39.7 20.7mph 26:35.0 8:35/M 1:24:08.2

9 Amanda Keeter 7 13:45.6 2:18HM 42:04.6 18.5mph 32:13.8 10:24/M 1:31:37.0

9    Tiffany Hirsekorn  38 13:56.1 2:19HM 40:19.7 19.3mph  28:07.6 9:04/M 1:25:48.5

23 Sheri Bell 35 17:42.3 2:57HM 41:54.3 18.6mph 29:42.4 9:35/M 1:35:45.1

32 Irasema De Aquino 44 16:32.3 2:45HM 42:38.5 18.3mph 30:34.1 9:52/M 1:34:45.5

5 Jeanette Hagelskaer 49 1 13:18.2 2:13HM 37:12.4 21.0mph 29:19.2 9:27/M 1:23:27.3

21 Sara Hartley 49 16:23.4 2:44HM 38:58.6 20.0mph 34:06.9 11:00/M 1:35:04.0

10 Ileana Carroll 52 17:43.9 2:57HM 41:04.3 19.0mph 31:33.4 10:11/M 1:35:47.2

13 Kimberly Pilcher 52 22:44.5 3:47HM 41:15.2 18.9mph 27:36.2 8:54/M 1:36:42.3

14 Cheryl Perry 51 16:14.7 2:42HM 43:30.0 17.9mph 31:31.4 10:10/M 1:36:57.8

4 Sara Binau 55 16:27.6 2:45HM 38:46.5 20.1mph 31:19.4 10:06/M 1:29:33.8

2 Kathy Morris 51 17:53.4 2:59HM 40:51.1 19.1mph 35:39.4 11:30/M 1:37:53.4


1 Jack Alexander 61 1 9:52.9 1:39HM 32:53.3 23.7mph 22:18.1 7:12/M 1:07:26.5

6 Rodrigo Abascal 22 10:15.6 1:43HM 38:37.8 20.2mph 24:13.0 7:49/M 1:15:09.6

9 Jacob Sacchieri 22 15:22.1 2:34HM 39:52.9 19.6mph 32:55.5 10:37/M 1:32:45.7

1 Scott Peterson   34 9:41.3 1:37HM 33:16.6 23.4mph 19:27.6 6:16/M 1:04:24.9

3 Alan Jones 44 5 11:18.9 1:53HM 32:09.9 24.3mph 22:30.5 7:15/M 1:08:26.0

39 John McGowan 42 11:53.3 1:59HM 38:41.6 20.2mph 26:39.4 8:36/M 1:20:03.3

1 Michael Menster 45 13:31.6 2:15HM 31:39.4 24.6mph 20:37.2 6:39/M 1:08:38.7

8 Steve Hardy 49 11:54.3 1:59HM 33:21.9 23.4mph 24:43.7 7:58/M 1:12:52.0

9 Troy Cormier 47 11:36.3 1:56HM 32:53.3 23.7mph 25:20.9 8:10/M 1:13:16.9

22 Manuel Abascal 48 11:53.8 1:59HM 35:09.9 22.2mph 28:23.5 9:09/M 1:19:35.2

46 Hernan Martinez 48 28 13:56.7 2:19HM 38:57.0 20.0mph 33:09.8 10:42/M 1:31:32.8

37 Jed Beck 52 15:45.6 2:38HM 43:28.7 42 38:08.6 12:18/M 1:37:23.1

41 Keith Sacchieri 54 22:57.3 3:50HM 39:14.3 19.9mph 35:02.3 11:18/M 1:42:24.0

18 Kenneth Page 57 25:37.5 4:16HM 41:16.1 18.9mph 30:17.8 9:46/M 1:40:48.1


All-female (Sara Portillo swim/bike and Ellen Kurtz-Hammond run)
2 Strong Girls 37 F 12:47.6 2:08HM 36:09.9 24:26.4 7:53/M 1:14:17.0

Co-ed (John Tortorici swim, Maclane Fulvio bike, Rebecca Akin Tortorici run)
2 FSC M 1 8:55.7 1:29HM 35:58.4 21.7mph 24:45.0 7:59/M 1:11:31.1

(Zach and Wendy? Miller)
7 1 Fast 1 Slow Miller 2 9:36.8 1:36HM 32:09.2 36:22.0 11:44/M 1:19:17.6

For more results, go to:

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sunday 7am runs with The Woodlands Run Club for August

The Woodlands Run Club has long runs on Sundays at 7am various locations in the Woodlands.  Here's the schedule:

7/26 - Starbuck's in Indian Springs (near Trader Joe's).
8/2 - Brooklyn Bagel in Panther Creek
8/9 Whole Foods in Hughes Landing
8/16 - Brooklyn Bagel in Panther Creek
8/23 - Hubbell & Hudson on Research & Gosling
8/30 - Starbuck's in Indian Springs.

Meet at 6:45am All depart promptly at 7am.   Always two routes offered ranging from 7 to 12
miles (shorter routes can be made).

If you are not a member yet, just go to The Woodlands Run Club website to sign up for annual membership.

Long Run Sundays

<< Sunday Runs for June >>

June 28
Place: Hubble & Hudson
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 7 & 11

<< Sunday Runs for July >>

July 5
Place: Brooklyn Café Panther Creek Village Center
Time: 6:45 am
Mileage: 9& 11

July 12
Place: Whole Foods Market Hughes Landing
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 6.5, 9.2 & 11.5

July 19
Place: Hubble & Hudson Research Forest
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 7 & 11

July 26
Place: Starbucks Indian Springs The Woodlands Parkway & Kuykendahl
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 7 & 12

<< Sunday Runs for August >>

August 2
Place: Brooklyn Bagel
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 9 & 11

August 9
Place: Whole Foods Market
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 6.5,9.2 & 11.5

August 16
Place: Brooklyn Bagel
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 9 & 11

August 23
Place: H&H
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 7 & 11

August 30
Place: Starbucks Indian Springs
Time: 6:45am
Mileage: 7 & 12

NOTE - With up to a 100 runners showing up some Sundays, we can overwhelm the parking lot. Please be considerate and do not park right in front of the business we meet at.

Everybody has different fluid needs so please please bring your water bottles/fuel belts in case some of the routes do not have enough water stops for YOUR NEEDS! ***

With up to a 100 runners showing up some Sundays, we can overwhelm the parking lot. Please be considerate and do not park right in front of the businesses we meet at.

Location Details:

Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen (Research & Technology Forest - NOT the one near the mall Meet at the Hubble & Hudson Kitchen in The Woodlands, TX, located at 4526 Research Forest Dr.

Sterling Ridge Starbucks start & finish point Meet at the Starbucks at Sterling Ridge in The Woodlands, TX, located in the shopping center at Woodlands Parkway and Kuykendahl (South East corner with Walgreens and 24 hour Fitness not the shopping center with H.E.B. Food). Starbuck's address: 10716 Kuykendahl Rd. The Woodlands, TX 77382, Phone: (281) 419-3207 NOTE: not shown on some online maps yet. Link to Starbuck's map:

Starbucks/Jamba Juice Market Street start & finish point Park between Johnny Rockets and the Hyatt Market Street hotel (Original name AVIA hotel) at Market Street shopping center, just west of the Woodlands Mall, between Six Pines Dr. and Grogans Mill Rd, same shopping Center as HEB. This is also near the Starbucks at Market Street where we will meet up after the run. Starbuck's address: 9595 Six Pines 970 The Woodlands, TX 77380 Phone: (281) 465-9257. NOTE: does not show up exactly where it should on some online maps. Link to Starbuck's map: Landmark: The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is about 1/4 miles south of the Starbucks.

Brooklyn Cafe (AKA Brooklyn Bagel) start & finish point Meet at the Brooklyn Cafe in the Panther Creek Shopping center in The Woodlands, TX, located at Woodlands Parkway and Gosling Rd. This is also near the Starbucks at Panther Creek. Starbuck's address: 4775 W. Panther Creek A-160 The Woodlands, TX 77381 Phone: (281) 419-6758. NOTE: does not show up exactly where it should on some online maps. Link to Starbuck's map:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Aspen Valley Half Marathon

Finish Strong's Alan and Sara Jones ran the Aspen Valley Half Marathon on July 18. The run started at 7500 elevation to 6000 feet through an old Rio Grande rail bed.  Alan reports, "The race was beautiful and picturesque despite the lack of oxygen!"  Sara and Alan ran together and finished in 1:43. Sara finished 5th 35-44 and Alan finished 7th in 35-44.

For more on results, go to:

Monday, July 20, 2015

5K Run to benefit Houston SPCA on August 2nd

Friends of League Line Rd. Horses
wants YOU!
to join us in a fund-raising 5K fun run/walk and raffle
to benefit the Houston SPCA’s “Conroe 200!”

When: Sunday, August 2nd 
Time:   6:30 PM Race registration and raffle ticket purchase 
             7:00 PM Race begins 
             Raffle begins as soon as everyone is back from the 5K
Where: Barbara Bush Elementary
              7420 Crownridge Dr.
              The Woodlands, TX 77382

Cost: $1.00 to enter the race

Raffle tickets: $5.00 each, or $20.00 for 5 raffle tickets.  All proceeds will be donated to the Houston SPCA.

We have wonderful items that will be raffled off when everyone is finished with the 5K.  Some of the items include gift certificates from Hubble & Hudson, Luke’s Locker, Fleet Feet, restaurants like Americas, Chick-Fil-A, etc.  Don’t miss out and help raise funds for the HPSCA!

If you can’t make it to our event, you can still donate!

Go to
There is a special area on the home page for the Conroe 200, where donations can be made to the
Cinderella Fund

Monday, July 13, 2015

Santa Barbara

Even on vacation, Finish Strong athletes find a way to work out.  Pictured below is Finish Strong's Conrad Doss at Santa Barbara City College track across from Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara, California.

Shadow Creek Ranch Tri

Congrats to Finish Strong athletes who competed at the Shadow Creek Ranch Tri held in Pearland on Sunday, July 12.  The race featured a 500 meter open water swim, 13.2 mile bike, and 3.2 mile run. Taylor Riall finished 2nd in her 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:15:49. Ann Erickson had her usual stellar performance and captured the female 70+ without difficulty finishing in 1:23:25.  Steve Hardy had a nice day with 1:14:05 overall time finishing 9th in his competitive 45-49 AG.

Taylor Riall 10:07.7swim 36:19.6 21.8mph bike 27:05.2 8:28/M run 1:15:49.6 - 2nd in AG!

Ann Erickson 11:44.1swim 38:23.9 20.6mph bike  28:10.4 8:48/M run 1:23:25.4 - 1st in AG!

Steve Hardy 9:46.3swim 35:09.4  22.5mph bike  26:59.2 8:26/M run 1:14:05.7 - 9th in AG!

Any pics?

For more results, go to:

Texas Star Triathlon

Congrats to eight Finish Strong athletes who participated in Texas Star Sprint Triathlon in Montgomery on Sunday, July 12. Alan Jones, Bret Strong, and Kathy Morris won their AGs.  Others enjoying podium finishes were Carl Holt and Karen Goodwin.  Here are the team results below.

Alan Jones 53:50.9 - 1st in AG and 3rd overall!

Carl Holt - 1:00:35.6 - 3rd in AG
Gordon Irving - 1:04:07.0 - 5th in AG
Andreas Grossmann - 1:05:25.8 - 6th in AG

Bret Strong - 1:00:11.4 - 1st in AG
"Eddie" Daniels - 1:22:26.5 - 10th in AG

Karen Goodwin 1:13:25.5 - 2nd in AG
Pia Grossmann 1:17:04.4 - 4th in AG
Kathy Morris 1:22:04.5 - 1st Athena

For more on results including splits, go to: Star Tri Age Group Results 2015.htm

Monday, July 6, 2015

Buffalo Springs 70.3

 Congrats to Kent Morris who raced Buffalo Springs 70.3 and placed 3rd in his AG and qualified for the 70.3 world championship in Austria in August!  Kent reports, "I ran with extreme pain due to a compressed nerve in my left foot but managed 3rd place and a slot to the world championship in Austria in August! I had a HIM swim PR and a bike PR on that course."  Kent finished with an overall time of 5:16:00.14.

Finish Strong's Karen Thomson also had a fabulous race placing 14th in her AG with an overall time of 6:13:04.87.