Thursday, September 29, 2011

Berlin Marathon

Finish Strong Racing's Don Cole finished the Berlin Marathon on September 25 in 3:20:20. Don reports that despite some fatigue around mile 18, he is pretty happy with his race. Don especially liked celebrating at the Octoberfest in Munich on Tuesday. Herzlichen Glueckwunsch! (That's "congratulations" in German -- can you tell we have an exchange student from Austria contributing to this blog?)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Houston Olympic and Sprint Tris

The Houston International and Sprint distance triathlons held Sunday, September 25 drew 29 Finish Strong athletes - 22 in the Olympic distance and 7 in the sprint. Many podium finishes and personal records were enjoyed by our Finish Strong athletes.

In the Olympic distance, Finish Strong Associate Coach Derek Yorek took 4th overall with a time of 2:01:11. Among the age group finishers, Rodrigo Abascal took first in his 15-19 AG with an overall time of 2:36:28.

Terry Peppers competed in the male 30-34 AG and finished in 2:54:53. Brandi Watterson competed in the female 30-34 AG and finished 16th with a time of 3:08:18.

Chantal Requier took 2nd in her 35-39 AG with a time of 2:39:07. She had the fastest bike in her AG - 1:11:51 averaging 20.0 mph. Also in the 35-39 AG, Maureen Gibbons placed 18th out of and finished in 3:16:42.

Josh Scott placed 4th for the men 35-39 with an overall time of 2:25:24. Josh had the fastest swim time in his AG posting a 27:32. Also in the men's 35-39 AG were Greg Gibbons, David Kayda, and Matthew Murphy. Greg finished 12th in 2:34:06. Greg had the third fastest bike split in his AG recording a 1:01:13 averaging 23.5 mph. David finished in 2:39:33 with a fast final run leg - 46:33 averaging 7:30 per mile. Matthew finished in 3:08:40 in this competitive AG.

Casey Clark came in 16th in the 40-44 AG with a time of 2:42:06. Casey had a consistent effort in all three legs. Leandro Morales and Scott Pinkston also competed in the 40-44 AG. Leo finished in 2:47:33. Scott finished in 2:50:11. Scott had the fifth fastest swim leg in 29:55.

Michelle Nelson came in 9th in her 40-44 AG with an overall time of 2:51:44. Michelle had an excellent bike finishing in 1:09:58 averaging 20.6 mph.

Sharon Morin came in 7th in her 45-49 AG with a time of 3:15:26. Sharon had a strong bike 1:23 (17.2 mph) and run 55:37 (8:58 per mile).

Ed York won his 45-49 AG with a time of 2:21:27. Ed had an amazing bike (1:00:57 averaging 23.6 mph) and the fastest run leg in his AG in 43:30 (7:01 per mile). Jim Harrington came in 4th with an overall time of 2:33:05. Also in the 45-49 AG were David Molthen and Steve Hardy. David finished in 2:47:36. Despite missing a turn and taking a lengthy detour on the bike, Steve Hardy still managed to finish in under 3 hours.

Bruce Smart came in 8th in his 50-54 AG with an overall time of 2:58:37. Kirk Langford also competed in the 50-54 AG. Kirk had the fastest swim in 31:12 and finished overall in 3:31:20.

Phillip DePrang finished 2nd in his 60-64 AG with an overall time of 2:47:45.

In the sprint distance race, Lane Barron came in 2nd in his 14 and under AG with an overall time of 1:11:48.

Finish Strong Coaching's Tuesday Night Track participants, Pamela Ferguson and Jane Foley had nice races. Pamela came in first in her 30-34 AG with an overall time of 1:14:01. She finished with a strong 21:59 5K. Jane came in fourth in her 35-39 age group where she had a PR on her final 5K.

Brian Henderson finished 14th in his 35-39 AG with an overall time of 1:19:44.
Irasema De Aquino finished well in her 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:41:46.

Finish Strong Associate Coach Richard Mac Namee won his 40-44 AG with an overall time of 1:03:34. Richard had the fastest swim time in his AG in 7:44. Not far behind was Tommy Sustala who finished 3rd with a time of 1:04:47. Tommy had the fastest bike split in 31:06 averaging a blazing 23.2mph.

Charlie Schuber finished 4th in his 50-54 AG with a time of 1:25:40. Charlie finished strong with a 25:52 final run. Congrats to all the finishers!!

Redman Aquabike

Finish Strong Racing's Cindy McManis raced the Redman Aquabike on Saturday, September 24 held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Cindy swam the first leg in 1:23:02; then crushed the bike course in 6:43:35 to finish in overall time of 8:19:45. Congrats, Cindy! Any pics?

Fort Hood Tri

Finish Strong Racing athlete, Kent Morris, and his daughters Brianna and Brittany took on the Fort Hood Tri on Saturday, September 24th. The lake was too low for the swim so the race was changed to a mini-duathlon - 1.5k run/12 mi bike/ 1.5k run.

Kent reports, "Brianna is on the Baylor Tri Team and this was their first race. About 27 of them caravanned with us over from Waco. Brianna was 14th out 31 in her very competitive 18-29 year old AG. This was her 2nd race ever. Brittany was 2nd out of 3 in her AG. I was 1st out of 8 in my AG and 19th overall out of about 190. It was held at the park on Belton Lake. Very nice and hilly venue. It was free and not a USAT race so I guess no points. I ran a 6:13 pace on the first run (chasing the Baylor rabbits!) did 20mph on the bike and 6:55 pace on the 2nd run for 1:00:32 total."

Congrats to the Three Morris-keteers!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pre-Race and Race Nutrition for Ten for Texas

Many runners ask me what to eat before a 10-mile race. As you might expect, there is not one fool proof answer for all. Everyone is different. For instance, the amount of time it takes to complete a 10-mile race can vary significantly. Some top runners will complete a 10-mile race in 60 minutes; others may take 120 minutes or more.

That is why I recommend that you plan your pre-race fueling and hydration in the same way you planned your training. Race day is not the time to try eating and drinking something new.

Here are some tips to consider. Plan your pre-race meal and emphasize easily digested carbohydrate foods. Some common foods include bananas, bagels with jam, plain toast and OJ. Many runners prefer liquid pre-race meals using products such as Hammer Nutrition’s Perpetuem. A good time to experiment with pre-race nutrition is before your long training run.

For those taking 90 minutes or less to complete the race, you should not have significant in-race nutritional needs as you’ll be able to tap into stored fuel. For those taking longer than 90 minutes, you should aim to consume 25 to 50 grams of carbohydrates. Gels and sports drinks are two popular options.

Hydration will be critical for all. Faster runners racing in cooler weather may not waste time to stop and drink but as race times and temperatures increase, good pre-race and race hydration becomes essential. Fluid intake will benefit runners taking longer than 60 minutes to complete the race. Take advantage of the water stations and plan to consume 16 to 24 ounces over the race course.

Be sure to stop by the Finish Strong Coaching tent after the race to enter to win a free group training program for your next race. For more details on our coaching programs, go to home page.

Casa 5K

Finish Strong Associate Coach Susie Schreiber finished first among all the women racing at the CASA 5k held on Saturday, September 17. This is a 5K trail run through Jones State Forest that benefits Montgomery County CASA. Way to go, Susie!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Woodforest Charity 10K

Finish Strong Racing's Brandon Sager won the Woodforest Charity 10K race in Conroe on Saturday, September 17. Brandon finished first overall with a time of 37:16. Next up for Brandon, Ten for Texas!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prairieman Aquabike

Finish Strong athlete Jerry Palmer took second in his age group and sixth overall male in the recent Prairieman Aquabike held on September 11 in Houston. Jerry swam the 1.2 mile leg in 45:16 (2:27 pace). He biked the 56 mile course in 2:46:44 averaging 20.2 mph. He had enough energy to sprint the final 200 meters to finish with an overall time of 3:35:46. Way to go, Jerry!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Avia Triathlon Austin

Austin was home to the Avia Triathlon over Labor Day weekend. Finish Strong athletes abounded at the Olympic distance event. Finish Strong Associate Coach Derek Yorek and his wife, Theresa, competed in the elite division. Derek came in 5th overall with a time of 2:00:47. His splits were 24:10 swim, 1:02:06 bike (24.0 mph pace), and 31:09 run (5:01 per mile pace.) Theresa also had a great race placing 10th in her division. She swam 38:35, biked in 1:13 (20.2 mph), and 45:26 (7:20 per mile pace).

Another Finish Strong couple, Brandi and Danny Watterson, competed in the Olympic age group division. Brandi came in 23rd in her 30-34 AG with an overall time of 2:56:40. Brandi swam the first leg in 34:31, biked the course in 1:24:44 averaging 17.6 mph, and finished the day with a 50:59 run (8:13 per mile pace). Her husband, Danny, had to overcome some obstacles but still finished in 3:24:54. His splits were 36:33 swim, 1:30:14 bike, and 1:11:31 run.

Kim Neveu competed in her first Olympic distance triathlon and finished in 3:46:20. Kim's splits were 40:30 swim, 1:46:52 bike, and 1:11:06.7 run. Well done.

Cindy McManis placed 7th in her 50-54 AG with an overall time of 3:01:26. Cindy swam the course in 36:18, powered through the bike course in 1:20:43, and finished strong on the final run to finish in 58:21 (9:25 per mile pace).

Buck Snyder competed in the 40-44 AG. His splits were 33:09 swim, 1:13:23 bike (20.3mph pace), and an even 45:00 final run (7:15/M pace) for an overall time of 2:36:55.

Phillip Deprang took 2nd in his 60-64 AG with an overall time of 2:45:07. Phillip had the second fastest swim in his AG at 32:49.5. He biked the course in 1:17:30 (19.2mph pace) and finished the day with an amazing 49:44 (8:01/M pace) run.

Great job triathletes! Anyone have pics?

Lake Houston 10k

Finish Strong Associate Coach Derek Yorek won the recent Lake Houston 10k held on Saturday, August 27. Derek finished in a blistering 31:57.9 averaging 5:09 per mile. Derek dominated the 10K winning by over four minutes. Way to go, Derek!